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by | May 20, 2022

Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

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Guide to Know Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

The ACS (Primary) in Singapore is the Anglo-Chinese School family’s first primary school, located on the Barker Road site next to the ACS (Barker Road) block. It began with a secondary school on Coleman Street in 1887 and 1961. It relocated to a substantially expanded Coleman Street site, leaving the Barker Road campus to provide secondary and pre-university students. The Junior School moved to 25 Peck Hay Road in 1985, but the Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) remained to teach until 1994 at Canning Rise. 

It joined the Barker Road school but was temporarily relocated to 9 Ah Hood Road in December 1998, while the Barker Road site gets rebuilt in that year. On 4 December 2002, it returned to Barker Road, and its students take the local PSLE in Primary 6 and have the option of continuing to the ACS Secondary Schools with affiliation benefits. Mr. Richard Lim Chew Hiong, the current principal, is not a former student of ACS. There are nine GEP centers in the area. From P4-6, each level has two GEP classes: H and I.

ACS (Primary) Mission:

Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) believes in offering a well-rounded education in an environment that strives to maximize each student’s potential while also instilling a solid moral character endowed with Christian values and principles that will guide and prepare him for the future.

The Curriculum:

Unique Programmes and Services:


The planned programs depend on the iHOPEFUL values and a 6-year program that strives to create socio-emotional competencies and a solid moral character in our students, grooming them to be hopeful Leaders who will always do their best. Pupils will have opportunities to lead themselves, their peers, and the community.


The school has embraced major focal areas to enhance the child’s cognitive domain, including Curriculum Differentiation, Information and Communications Technology, Experiential Education, Creativity Tools, Subject-Based Pedagogies, and Values Infusion.

  • Aesthetics
  • English
  • Gifted Education
  • Innovation Programmes
  • Mathematics
  • Mother Tongue
  • Science
  • Social Studies


The school promotes a strong ethos of care, social responsibility, and a heart of service that will eventually lead to the learner becoming a Community Collaborator for the child’s social development. For students to learn social responsibility, green projects and opportunities get offered. Here, the child learns social skills such as interacting with people and forming positive and meaningful relationships.

The following CCE programs contribute to the social domain’s development:

  • Leadership Development Programme
  • 6-Year Lifeskills Programme
  • Values in Action (VIA) Programme
  • Citizenship Programme


The overall physical development of our students at ACS (Primary) strives to improve their physical well-being and instill a desire for sports, arts-related activities, and other physical activities in them.

  • Physical Education
  • Program for Active Learning

Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) Achievements:


The school’s results in all disciplines (English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil) outperformed the national average in percentage passes and percentage of boys receiving A*s and As in the 2015 PSLE Results. A total of 67 students received a score of 255 or above.

On the 2012 PSLE Results, the highest student received an overall score of 279 points.

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