Battleship Playground at Sembawang Park

Battleship Playground at Sembawang Park Singapore

Things to do in Sembawang Park’s Battleship Playground

Sembawang Park is a park away from the hustle and bustle of the city, located in the north of Singapore and facing the Johor Straits. It is a popular fishing spot and a terrific area for family and friends to get together, with a gorgeous beachside and a stunning outlook. Shelters and BBQ pits may be found around the park and on the beach, allowing families and friends to enjoy a meal by the water. Alternatively, wander along with one of Singapore’s few surviving natural beaches and enjoy the mild sea breeze and sound of the waves. This quiet and serene park, which combines nature and history, also gives tourists a glimpse of Singapore’s naval legacy. The Admiralty House, Kampong Wak Hassan, Masjid Petempatan Melayu Sembawang, Sembawang monument, and the Sembawang Shipyard, which was a British Naval Base from 1938 to 1968, are all within walking distance of the Battleship Playground at Sembawang Park.

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Family-friendly activities to do:

Work out with your fam:

Get your family down for a jog around the Battleship Playground at Sembawang Park to spend quality time together if working out is an essential part of your weekend. The garage men in your menage can also use the pull-up bar exercise area to improve strength. After your workout, relax and have lunch on the beach at one of the numerous picnic tables with views of the Johor Straits. Instead of carrying home damp sand, there are beach bathrooms with showers, so you’ll bring home excellent memories.

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Have a grill-off at the BBQ pits:

Have a grill-off with your friends to determine who can sizzle the most delicious meat. Singaporean beachgoers congregate near the picnic tables on weekends, and you can reserve a BBQ pit through AXS. Remember, however, that all BBQ activities must finish by 10.30 p.m., and the eight-person limit must follow.

Reel in a fish or two at the jetty:

For some, fishing is the ideal way to unwind from the stresses of contemporary life. Travel to the Sembawang Jetty, another popular fishing spot in the park, to throw your lines and see what you can catch. You can cook your catch if you’ve reserved a pit for a self-prepared seafood feast.

Children’s playground modeled after a battleship:

The maritime-themed battleship playground beckons children with its towering structure outfitted with gun turrets and propellers, and Northies have first dibs on one of Singapore’s nice outdoor playgrounds. It not only fulfills your child’s sailor fantasies, but it also pays homage to the estate’s naval past, with Sembawang Naval Base – now Sembawang Shipyard – playing an essential role in British defense during the world wars.

Visit historical places of interest:

In this park, there are also historical landmarks that represent a period of our history. Built-in the 1910s, the rustic and tranquil Beaulieu House is now a beachfront restaurant providing a variety of cuisines from Western to local fare, yet it nevertheless exudes nostalgia. There are various historical sites around the park, including the Old Admiralty House, which historically housed key British military officers.

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