Bishan MRT

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Bishan MRT

bishan mrt entrance

Did You Know The History Of  Bishan MRT?

Bishan MRT station is an MRT interchange station in Bishan, Singapore, serving the NSL and CCL lines. It connects to the Junction 8 shopping centre adjacent to the Bishan Bus Interchange. It located along Bishan Road in the town centre area. Raffles Institution, Catholic High School, and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary and Secondary Schools are just a few of the nearby schools. It was first named Kampung San Teng, then San Teng, and finally Bishan MRT. Bishan NSL station opened on November 7, 1987, and the MRT’s first five stations. The original NSL island platform separated into two distinct side platforms during the construction of the CCL station and the station CCL.

Meta Description

Bishan MRT Station (NS17/CC15) is an (NSL) and (CCL) interchange station located at the intersection of Bishan East and Marymount planning subzones.


 Since 2008 the current platform (Platform A) handling northbound trains.

Bishan station (previously known as Kampung San Teng) was one of the first MRT stations to be considered during the planning stages.

 In November 1982, the station was called San Teng and built in a Chinese cemetery. In December 1983, a Belgian and Singaporean joint venture (Hytech, Franki, and Compagnie Francois d’Entreprises) was awarded Contract 103 for the construction of the San Teng MRT station and 3.2-kilometre (2.0 mi) of tunnels between the San Teng and Braddell stations for a contract sum of S$32.88 million (US$15.56 million). MRT Corporation’s first contract involves cut and cover construction (MRTC).

B3 Circle Line:

Bishan MRT station has four platforms the North South Line (NSL) and the Circle Line (CCL). Begin with the North South Line platform has two side platforms for trains travelling in both directions. An additional southbound platform (Platform B) as part of station upgrading works to satisfy increased passenger demand preparatory to the launch of the Circle Line and opened on July 27, 2008. Platform B of the North South Line links immediately to Basement 1 of Junction 8 via Exit E, with faregates and a ticketing machine. The derelict southbound platform edge was walled up and restored with new internal equipment such as Full-height Platform screen doors and air-conditioning, and work was complete in May 2009. Escalators, staircases, and lifts connect NSL platforms to the concourse above and the Circle Line transfer linkway. The Circle Line platform, on the other hand, is laid out like a traditional island platform. As seen from the platform level, the B2 station concourse wraps around the platform providing the station with a vast interior two floors high. 


Level 1 and Basement 2 house the North South Line and Circle Line ticket concourses. They include faregates for automatic fare collection and access between paid and unpaid portions of the station, at least one bidirectional wide-swinging gate for passengers in wheelchairs, those carrying heavy objects, or those travelling with prams. General Ticketing Machines TransitLink Add Value Machines (NSL) and Top-up Machines (CCL) allow commuters to purchase tickets for single or many rides. During operational hours, travellers can make travel queries at the station offices on each concourse.

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