Bukit Panjang Methodist Church

Bukit Panjang Methodist Church

Facts About The Bukit Panjang Methodist Church 

The Bukit Panjang Methodist Church (BPMC) was founded in 1937 as a primarily Hokkien church serving the Bukit Panjang district and is part of the Singapore Methodist Church’s Chinese Annual Conference (CAC) (MCS). God has grown His tent throughout the years, as shown by the rising Hokkien, Mandarin, English, and youth congregations. We are a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church with campuses at 488 and 496 Upper Bukit Timah Road.

Our Mission: 

To become genuinely committed, deliberate disciples of Jesus to complete the Great Commission in our lifetime.

Our Vision:

It is to become a true disciple-making church.

What We Believe:

As one church, one frame of Christ, we proportionate a set of values:

  • Grow as a diverse church network ministering to a network of multi-technology houses and a diverse range of languages, dialects, and ethnicities.
  • Make the Bible our authority, the Methodist subculture our workout, and the Great Commission our calling in our religious life.
  • Develop as a single, united neighborhood convention with a unique vision, consensus management, and resource sharing.


Beginning around 1885, the employment for Chinese immigrants in Singapore was along Telok Ayer Street, which was especially popular among Hokkiens. It resulted in the first Chinese Methodist Church on Telok Ayer Street. The creation of institutions such as the Anglo-Chinese School and the Chinese Girls’ School also contributed to advancements in the Chinese community (later Fairfield). Following that, other groups founded their ministries and churches in their dialects, such as Foochow, Highwa, and Hakka, to serve immigrants from China, Malaya, and elsewhere. These ministries expanded under the Cantonese and Teochews.

While the work of the Bukit Panjang Methodist Church gets facilitated initially along dialect lines, English-speaking groups were eventually developed inside the CAC in tandem with Singapore’s educational policy and focus on bilingualism. While English-speaking congregations have been a prime ministry of CAC churches, Mandarin worship has not waned in prominence. The CAC is reaching out to the Chinese community, whether they speak English or a dialect. The CAC’s strength and individuality remain in the variety of work and service in dialects among Singapore’s varied ethnic and linguistic populations.


Worship services:

At 9 a.m., our morning service begins! With tea/coffee and refreshments, allowing you the opportunity to meet new people and interact! Join us on the patio for some fun and fellowship. You can join the men’s or women’s groups for Bible study and prayer while the Youth Worship Service (WOW) is at 11 a.m. on the Shrine’s second floor.

Worship Service in Mandarin:

In addition to classic hymns, we will progressively introduce some current worship music into our Mandarin Worship Service. Since 2007, BPMC has pursued a “goal-oriented” church strategy with a comprehensive growth model. 

Children’s service:

The subject of the Chinese children’s liturgy is loving God, loving others, and loving the church. We hope that God would use Bible stories, worship, games, and snacks to educate children to fear God, engage in God the Lord’s ministry of serving and preaching God’s gospel and accomplish God’s purpose.

WOW, Worship Service: 

WOW began in the main building with a modest worship service and small youth groups. WOW established the WOW Room on the Sanctuary’s second level as the number of people rose. It underwent another round of refurbishment to fulfill modern requirements. Whether via song or preaching, our worship attempts to engage our postmodern youth in meeting one another’s audience. If you are an NS student or lad, join us every Sunday till 12:30 p.m. 

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