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Central Christian Church

Central Christian Church worship

Do You Know About the Central Christian Church?

A small group of believers who had congregate in Central Singapore at the time founded the  Central Christian Church in 1988. The church had steady development throughout the years founding church of South East Asia sent out numerous mission teams to other cities in the region. The SEA region had 65 churches and more than 8000 members as of the most recent count.


The  Central Christian Church continued to grow despite obstacles and setbacks, including the need to locate meeting places in Singapore that could fit the size of our congregation. By the grace of God, the church was able to purchase land in Punggol, and the structure finished in late 2004.

Since then, the Punggol property has blessing not just the lives of the members and their families but those people residing in the neighbourhood and beyond. The CCC’s mission statement, “We Gather Here to Know God and Make God Known,” succinctly expresses the organization’s current social and community service initiatives for families and individuals. The CCC is dedicated to up-reach to God, in-reach within the spiritual family, and outreach to the larger community for God’s glory.

Teen Ministry

Our youth must form solid spiritual friendships in the church because the Bible encourages us to create such relationships within the body of Christ. Fitting into young people’s busy schedules midweek is a chance for them to catch up with friends and take a breather from their demanding school schedules. Additionally, it gives them support one another’s spiritual development. Each young person matched a mentor an adult from the church as part of Reach In crucial aspect. Mentoring sessions scheduled so that young people have a reliable adult they can talk to and walk within the spirit of older disciples assisting the younger ones.


Our name the idea that our relationship with God is the most crucial aspect of our life. Additionally, it expresses our desire to “live on the edge” – to experience adventure, fun, and all aspects of life! Young married couples and single working professionals make up the EDGE ministry. We are all unique! From Christians in their 60s to those who have just graduated from polytechnic, we represented. We have followers in all spheres of life and from eight different countries. With us, you will undoubtedly feel at home and meet someone with whom you can relate. Our goal is to create a community is spirit-led and robust in small groups.

Family Ministry

The Parents Ministry’s beating heart made small family support groups gather around Singapore. Based on their geographic regions or needs age their children, the nature of their vocations, each of these devoted groups made a small number of families. Every organization is different and offers its members excellent assistance, even single-parent families. Our group activities include family devotionals, bible studies, and parent-child time. These activities work to develop the bonds between members of the family between families in our church community.

Chinese Ministry 

Our Sunday worship services feature a range of components, including hymns, praise & worship, and concerts, making them suited for people of all ages and life-enriching. Preaching in Mandarin is both spiritual and helpful. Locals and foreigners of various backgrounds congregate here in a sizable multigenerational crowd. Despite our differences, we are one and care for one another like a giant family.

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