Changi Airport PTB2 Bus Terminal

Changi Airport PTB2 Bus Terminal Departing

Guide to know about the Changi Airport PTB2 Bus Terminal

Changi Airport Terminal 2’s Basement 2 houses the Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) 2 Bus Terminal. Similar to the bus stops at Terminals 1 and 3, the Changi Airport PTB2 Bus Terminal get located in Basement 2 of the terminal structure. The bus bays at PTB1 and PTB3 get referred to as “virus Terminals,” but only PTB2 has a terminal office and dedicated berths for each route. Auxiliary police officers will board buses as they approach the Changi Airport PTB2 Bus Terminal to conduct a security check and look for unsecured items. Previously, bus drivers would leave their vehicles parked at their designated berths to exit the automobiles and update their trip information at Terminal 2. The bus driver will return, so passengers must wait on board till then. When the airport’s services 24, 27, 34, and 53 get converted to loops, this practice gets discontinued. Service 36 uses the “crew layover without a bus,” or “CLOWbus,” concept, in which the driver of the just-completed journey takes a break before handing the bus to another driver to drive on to the next destination.

Facilities in the bus terminal at Changi Airport:

The Changi Airport Bus Terminal is ideally situated inside Changi Airport and has several amenities for general use. It is simple to access amenities like a transit hotel, luggage storage, and cozy passenger lounges. Even before arriving in the city, the airport offers a wide variety of duty-free shops, handmade stores, dining options, and entertainment options to satisfy your want to purchase. Since they are all widely dispersed in the airport’s vicinity, visitors can also stop by several exciting sights. Changi Airport PTB2 Bus Terminal  offers access to a cactus garden, while Terminal 2 features a beautiful orchid garden. A butterfly garden may find in Terminal 3 of the airport.

Top Features:

  • Washrooms
  • Passengers lounge
  • Food courts
  • Car parks
  • Pharmacy
  • Transit Hotel
  • Baggage Storage

How to Get to the Bus Terminal at Changi Airport?

Due to Changi Airport Bus Terminal’s prominent location within Singapore’s primary transportation hub, getting to the bus stop will be simple by using a variety of regular public transportations. Several shuttle buses run frequently and with convenient timetables toward the bus interchange to Singapore’s robust public transportation system. Through Tanah Merah Train Station, Eastbound trains can utilize train services to get to the bus interchange.The Changi Airport Bus Terminal is constantly busy because it offers a speedy and convenient way to go to and from the airport. Every year, the bus interchange accommodates millions of locals and visitors from abroad and gives a variety of fun diversions.

Favorite bus companies:

You can select from several bus companies operating via the Changi Airport Bus Terminal, including Transtar Cross Border (Transfer CB).

Popular Bus Routes:

Popular routes from Singapore’s Changi Airport Bus Terminal:

  • Buses departing from the Changi Airport
  • Bus Terminal and traveling to Johor and Woodland

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