Changkat Changi Secondary School

by | Jun 20, 2022

Changkat Changi Secondary School

Changkat Changi Secondary School Entrance

Know All About Changkat Changi Secondary School

Changkat Changi Secondary School first opened its doors in 1966 as an integrated school on Jalan Tiga Ratus. The mission of Changkat Changi Secondary School is for every kid to learn with zeal, serve with humility, and succeed with honor. They get dedicated to stimulating brains, developing character, and empowering individuals. They provide every child a chance to succeed in life. The pupils at Changkat Changi Secondary School have excelled in academic and non-academic areas and get supported by a caring and professional staff. They grow each child into a citizen who is a collaborative learner, an effective communicator, a self-directed individual, and a service leader.

Changkat Changi Secondary School Track 1


Changkat Changi Secondary School began as an integrated school on Jalan Tiga Ratus in 1966, housing students from three streams: English, Chinese, and Malay. From 1970 to1980, the school was the overall divisional champion for girls in track and field. The Malay and Chinese streams get phased out in 1983 and 1986.

On December 28, 2001, 870 students moved into a new 3.3-hectare campus at 23 Simei Street 3 with fully equipped facilities, marking the 35th anniversary of the university. Accessible amenities are also available at the school. Changkat Changi Secondary School has grown in popularity since its relocation to its current location.

Changkat Changi Secondary School is part of the East Coast GRC (Changi-Simei), part of the South East Community Development Council District (CDC). The school gets involved in cooperative community initiatives and other enrichment activities due to the council’s efforts.

Changkat Changi Secondary School 1

Academic Departments

  • English
  • Mother Tongue
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • PE and Music
  • Humanities
  • Craft and Technology

National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP)

Personal Learning Devices (PLD) will get used in conjunction with the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) and other educational technology to personalize and enhance students’ learning. Students will be able to learn and use digital skills as they navigate an increasingly digital world.

Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

School to Nation is a Learning for Life program that emphasizes service and leadership. The program’s goal is to develop Changkateers who can make a constructive contribution to society, who can use their leadership talents to serve their community and country, and who are willing to speak up for topics they care about

Project Work

Project Work is a topic that Secondary 1 and 2 students study that allows them to develop their character and their 21st Century Competency Skills. After the two years, the Changkateers will have acquired the abilities necessary to be self-directed and reflective learners, think critically and communicate effectively, be civic-minded and engaged citizens, innovate, and interact effectively with others.

School CCA Policy

  • Throughout their 4 or 5 years in school, every student must complete at least ONE CCA.
  • Students who intend to have multiple CCAs should seek permission from the HOD/SH CCA.
  • Students can only change CCA with the agreement of the HOD / SH CCA, and only those with serious medical reasons will be considered.
  • The student may face disciplinary action if they exhibit frequent absenteeism and disobedience.
  • All students must be dressed appropriately for PE/CCA when reporting and participating in CCA activities.

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