CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)

by | May 22, 2022

CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)

CHIJ Primary Toa Payoh Music

How They Do Programs In The  CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)?

The school moved to a temporary location in Jalan Rajah in November 2002, while the 18-year-old structure in Toa Payoh received substantial renovations.

The school relocated to Toa Payoh Lorong 1 in January 2006, to a brand new building with the most up-to-date facilities. In November 2012, the school relocated to a temporary location while upgrades completed. On May 30, 2014, the CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) reopened its newly renovated facility.

 IJ Venture Program 

The IJ Venture Programme is a follow-up to the LLP (Learning for Life Programme) support by the Ministry of Education in 2017. The IJ Venture Program is part of the curriculum because it allows IJ girls to have authentic learning experiences outdoors while also promoting school-wide opportunities in multi-sport focus on gymnastics and athletics for a strong foundation in fundamental movement skills. The pupils expected to learn and apply the necessary skills and values in CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh). As described in the school’s vision, this process will include a character education component mindset for excellence – the traits required for them to be future-ready and capable of meeting life’s difficulties.

Sexual Education

To assist students in making sensible, responsible, and informed decisions by providing accurate, current, and age-appropriate information on human sexuality and its repercussions; To assist students in becoming more aware of themselves and developing healthy and rewarding relationships through the development of social and emotional skills such as self-awareness, management of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, empathy for others, effective communication, problem-solving, and decision-making; and Through the installation of positive mainstream values and attitudes about sexuality, to assist students in developing a moral compass, respect for themselves and others as sexual beings based.

Information and Communication Technology

  • Students must be able to use technology actively, learn about their surroundings and select appropriate IT tools for diverse reasons.
  • Students will get a broad range of communicative, technical, and aesthetic abilities while gaining a diverse learning experience.
  • Students will use images, text, video, sound, and animation in any combination to illustrate their knowledge and communicate their opinions.
  • Students will be allowed to build IT skills and resources that will enable them to pursue autonomous life-long learning.

Computer Skills Acquisition Programme (CSAP)

The CSAP online encourages learners who are self-directed and who:

  • Have a strong desire to learn and take charge of their education. Self-manage and monitor own learning.
  • Go beyond the curriculum to explore and maintain their interests.

Learners who stay connected and keep learning by:

  • Work together with their peers, the community, and the rest of the globe.
  • Bring together a variety of online and offline data sources.

Theatrical Arts

Our arts strategy is intended to allow each student to discover, engage in, and expand her capacity in the arts, specifically in Music, Dance, and Visual Art. 

The school hosts a variety of arts performances for the Assembly to encourage students to explore the performing arts. Students have the opportunity to see choral, instrumental, dance, and theatrical performances put on by professionals in these professions every year. Our Primary 1 and 2 students are taught movement and dance as part of the Dance Curriculum to deepen their involvement. 

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