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Churches in Singapore

How many Methodists are there in Singapore


Christians in Singapore make up about one-third of the population. Singapore is home to 31 Roman Catholic parishes. Beautiful Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Methodist churches and Bible-Presbyterian churches may be in Singapore. Christians make up 18.3% of the population of Singapore. Christians are Singapore’s fastest-growing religious group, according to the 2010 census. Buddhists of Chinese ethnicity have converted in large numbers to Christianity.

How many temples are there in Singapore? 

Singapore’s St. Andrew’s Cathedral

The largest Christian faith Cathedral in Singapore is St Andrew’s Cathedral. The Anglican Diocese of Singapore’s prior Church and the oldest Anglican Church in Singapore is St Andrew’s. Since Scottish traders provided the initial funding for the clergy, the patron saint of Scotland as its name. St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Singapore is a magnificent example of Neo-Gothic and British colonial architecture. It has a tower, a spire, and exquisite stained glass. 

The first Clergy construction began in 1835. It was twice destroyed and rebuilt. In 1861, the modern St. Andrew’s Cathedral opened for business. A national monument listed in the gazette is St. Andrew’s Cathedral.

Singapore’s Saint Joseph’s Church

A Well-Known Church in Singapore is Saint Joseph’s Church143,Victoria Street, Singapore. Singapore’s Central Business District is a stunning Gothic-style church called Saint Joseph’s Church. Two smaller octagonal towers, stained glass, lofty arched windows, beautiful statues, and the central octagonal tower with a dome are characteristics of Saint Joseph’s Church’s

Saint Joseph’s Church in Singapore is well-known for its Good Friday and Easter activities. St. Joseph’s Church was the Portuguese Mission and was in 1912. It was over the site of the “Church of So José,” another Portuguese church. National monument status has to do with Saint Joseph’s Church. Nearby is the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

Church of Armenia in Singapore

The oldest Church in Singapore is the Armenian Church. In Singapore, at 60 Hill Street. The oldest Christian church in Singapore is the Armenian Church of Saint Alphonsus the Illuminator, in 1835. As its name suggests, Singapore’s Armenian Church is both British neoclassicism and Armenian church architecture. 

The Armenian church is notable for its striking front portico supported by substantial columns, its towering spire, and its lovely garden. In the nineteenth century, Singapore’s Armenian Community had a significant impact. A National Monument for the Armenian Church.

Singapore’s Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

Singapore’s Cathedral of the Good Shepherd is where the Archdiocese of Singapore is. The primary Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Singapore is the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. St. Paul’s, Covent Garden Church, and St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Three bells in the church are concave decorative ceilings, and two piped organs are some of the cathedrals of the Good Shepherd’s most notable characteristics. The cathedral will be until 2015 for significant renovations.

Singapore’s St. Teresa’s Church

One of Singapore’s Best Churches is the Church of St. Teresa510 Gilstead Road, Singapore. The Church of St. Teresa in Singapore is a lovely Catholic church with a neo-Byzantine design that draws inspiration from Paris’s renowned Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Montmartre. A dome and two smaller domes on towers are features of the stunning Church of Saint Teresa. French missionaries donated the church’s initial funding. The Church of St. Teresa is close to a monastery and a high school (St. Teresa’s High School).

Singapore’s Holy Family Church

In Singapore, the Church of the Holy Family has a sizable Catholic parish at 6 Chapel Road, Katong. The Holy Family church building in Singapore is a Roman Catholic institution. The church has a magnificent sloping roof that shows praying hands on the outside. Behind the altar in the church is a beautiful 16-panel circle stained glass window. Each of the 16 glasses features a scenario from the life of Jesus Christ. One of the biggest parishes in Singapore is that of the Church of the Holy Family. 

The church features a kindergarten, classrooms, a room, a choir room, a 200-space parking lot, and a columbarium in the basement in addition to the main prayer hall. The church of the Holy Family complex consists of three more buildings.

Singapore’s Church of Our Lady of Lourdes

Church of Our Lady of Lourdes50 Ophir Barker Road, Central Business District Singapore, is a popular destination for Tamil Catholics in Singapore.

The clergy of the Lady of Lourdes in Singapore is a neo-gothic Catholic building. 

A grotto (cave) with figures of Our Lady appearing to Saint Bernadette is inside the clergy. The first Tamil Catholic church in Singapore, the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, was established in 1888. It resembles Chennai’s “San Thome Basilica,” which was also about the same time (1893). It offers mass services in Tamil and occasionally Singhalese in addition to English.

Singapore’s Church of the Holy Trinity

The largest Christian parish in Singapore is Church of the Holy Trinity20 Tampines Street 11, Singapore. This well-known, three-story Roman Catholic church has an angelfish-like design. The Church of the Holy Trinity features 16 activity rooms, a café, a book shop, a parish hall, and administrative offices in addition to the clergy. The depiction of Jesus Christ behind the altar is of the “Risen Christ,” not the “Crucified Christ,” in contrast to the other churches in Singapore. Strong ties exist between the local community and the Church of the Holy Trinity.

Singapore’s Church of the Sacred Heart

Chinese Catholics in Singapore are the Church of the Sacred Heart111 Tank Road, Singapore. The main is a seven-and-a-half-story community facility, and a three-story parish welfare hall makes up Singapore’s Church of the Sacred Heart. The Church of the Sacred Heart was initially constructed in 1910 to serve Singapore’s Cantonese Catholic minority. The Church of the Sacred Heart offers its parishioners Sunday Mass Services in Mandarin English.

Singapore’s Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Singapore The Chinese Saints Peter and Paul are at 225A Queen Street in Singapore’s Central Business District. The Chinese Catholic Mission and the Indian community collaborated to construct the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul between 1869 and 1870. Later, this Assembly served Singapore’s Chinese Catholic community. The Church of Saints Peter and Paul offers Mandarin and Cantonese mass services on Sundays in addition to its English-language offerings. 

What is the name of the biggest church in Singapore? 

Fresh Start Church

Christian megachurch New Creation Church, also known as NCC, was established in Singapore in 1984. The Star Performing Arts Centre is where it hosts services. According to a 2019 article by The Straits Times, the rule of faith church was one of three megachurches to make it to a list of Singapore’s largest charities.

What is the name of the biggest church in Singapore


Construction in Singapore

In 1983, a small group led by Joseph Prince, Henry Yeo, David Yeow, and Jack Ho established the church. In October 1984, it was with the Registrar of Societies. It started with an average Sunday attendance of 25 individuals. When Prince was appointed the church’s senior pastor in 1990, the congregation gradually increased to roughly 150 members.

To accommodate its expanding membership, the church utilised a variety of worship spaces between 1984 and 1999, including a hall on the grounds of the Young Women’s Christian Association of Singapore and ballrooms in nearby hotels.


The church sends its pastors, leaders, and volunteers to many Asian nations each year as part of its outreach and missions efforts throughout the Asian is in Prinsep Street

In 2007, 10% of the church’s annual budget, or approximately $4 million, was designated for missionary activity. The church is to support missionaries today. Additionally, the church contributes to regional charities every year. In particular, the church gave SGD581,500 to community organisations and charities between April 2007 and March 2008. 

Star Vista

In November 2019, the church paid S$296 million to purchase The Star Vista after learning that CapitaLand was with purchasers for a prospective sale.

Travel agency Omega Tours & Pte Ltd.

A company in the package and private excursions to Holy Land locations in Israel, Jordan, Turkey, and Greece is Omega Tours & Travel Pte Ltd. In the past, Pastor Joseph Prince has given speeches on high-profile Holy Land trips alongside other eminent pastors Joel Osteen.

Place of worship

On December 23, 2012, the church relocated to a new 5,142-seat theatre at The Star PAC in Buona Vista, which is currently its primary place of worship.

The Star PAC is on floors 3 to 11 of the Star building and is officially open as of November 1, 2012. 

These levels are the civic and cultural zone. The Star PAC has a 5,000-seat theatre, a multi-purpose hall, an outdoor amphitheatre, occasion rooms, and other amenities. 

It is owned and managed by Rock Productions, the church’s business arm. 


The Star Performing Arts Centre hosted Adam Lambert’s performance.

The NCCS received a complaint that “the gay lifestyle may be promoted at the concert,” according to Lim K. Tham, general secretary of the council. “The NCCS has expressed this issue to New Creation so that it can make a response,” he added.

The church issued a statement that the venue had to operate “on a commercial basis and will not implement any leasing or pricing policies that will discriminate against religious groups, institutions, or organisations from hiring the venue,” following requirements from the authorities before the tender was to Rock Productions. 

The church stated that it had “utmost faith” in the regulations and capacity of government organisations like the Media Development Authority to “guard the interest of the general public” and that all public events required a police public entertainment licence. Any activity at the performing arts centre “should not be misconstrued or misunderstood” to mean that the church “approves of its artistic presentation or endorses the lifestyle of the centre’s patrons,” he continued.

Which church should I go to in Singapore? 

Which church should I go to in Singapore

Bible-Presbyterian Church of Singapore is a list of Singapore’s  churches.

1. Singapore’s St. Andrew’s Cathedral

The oldest and biggest Anglican church in Singapore is St Andrew’s Cathedral. It is a stunning Neo-Gothic architectural landmark in Singapore’s Civic District. Breathtaking with its white-stone walls, sky-rising tower, lancet-shaped windows, exquisite embellishments, and vibrant stained glass windows.

2. Singapore’s St. Joseph’s Church

The St. Joseph’s Church was designated a National Monument in 2005 to host modern art exhibitions inside its Gothic-styled walls. A welcome sight among Victoria Street’s concrete jungle is that the church was in the shape of a Latin cross with a wooden barrel-vault roof and stained glass accents. The Traditional Portuguese is renowned for adhering to Portuguese religious customs.

3. The St. Teresa’s Church

The Church of St. Teresa, Singapore’s first rural church, was designated a National Monument in 2009. The building stands based on Montmartre’s Basilica of the Sacred Heart and incorporates Romano-Byzantine characteristics to serve Singapore’s Hokkien-speaking population. The five bronze bells at this church were from the French company Cornille-Havard Bell Foundry and are a point of interest. building 

4. The Good Shepherd Cathedral

The oldest Catholic church in Singapore, the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, is situated in the Civic District’s Museum Planning Area. It was established in 1832 by the Paris Foreign Missions Society and is a recognized Singapore National Monument. It is between Queen and Victoria Streets, which run parallel to each other.

5. The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Nativity

The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the only church in Singapore to provide a Teochew mass, was established in 1898 to strengthen links between Catholics and the nation’s Teochew population. The church is still a part of various schools today after playing a significant role in teaching underprivileged people. It received status as a “national monument” in 2005 and is renowned for producing an exceptionally high number of priests.

6. Saint Alphonsus Church

This marvel of Gothic construction is the Novena Church, a Catholic church in Singapore that is well-known for its devotion to the novena prayer. On Saturday, people attend its novena rituals from the nation and even the world. This church was constructed in the 1950s and has undergone several restorations to reach its current Francigena opus form.

7. The Virgin of Lourdes

In  Paya Lebar Singaporean culture, the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes represents the height of secularism and inclusiveness. The first Tamil Catholic Church in Singapore was founded there in 1888. Today, it accepts individuals of all religions and offers in English, Tamil, and Sinhalese. 

8. The Sacred Heart Church

The Church of the Sacred Heart is one of the oldest parishes in the world and served briefly as the Vatican’s embassy in Singapore. It is well renowned for the activities held on holidays and feast days like All Saints Day, Good Friday, and Maundy Thursday. The adaptable building was established in 1910 and is still among the most significant Roman Catholic churches.

9. The Holy Family Church Singapore

The Church of the Holy Family is a four-story Roman Catholic building with an eye-catching white and grey front in Katong, Singapore, at the intersection of East Coast Road and Chapel Road. The 16-panelled, multi-colored stained glass window above the altar that shows the Holy Family and scenes from Jesus Christ’s final days is the building’s main attraction.

10. Armenian Church in Singapore

The oldest church in Singapore is the Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator, often known as the Armenian Church. The church today serves as a lovely location for couples to enter into holy matrimony, and the Armenian population of Singapore regards it as their spiritual home.

Which is the oldest church in Singapore? 

Turkish Church

At 60 Hill Street, you may find the Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator. The Armenian Church is Singapore’s oldest remaining church structure, finished by March 1836. It was created and constructed in 1835 by colonial architect G. D. Coleman4 with assistance from the affluent yet small Armenian community. The most elaborate Element of early Singaporean architecture is the Armenian Church. 

Which is the oldest church in Singapore


Life BPC in the early 1820s, the little Armenian community in Singapore—which was never more than 100 people—began holding religious services. The first priest of Armenian descent to serve in Singapore was Rev. Ingergolie Eleazar.

A temporary chapel with the arrival of the first resident priest, Reverend Gregory Ter Johannes, in July 1827. 12 The initial service was held at an unofficial location13 behind John Little & Co.; by September, it had a modestly sized rental space at Merchant Square. The Armenians started collecting donations in 1827 to construct their church. The majority of the $5,058.30 in Spanish money used to build it came from 12 Armenian households, showing how wealthy the neighbourhood was.

In 1835, the Supreme Archimandrite, Reverend Thomas Gregorian, consecrated the foundation stone. At this point, there were two Christian chapel structures: one constructed by the London Missionary Society in 1824 and the other by Roman Catholics in 1833. 21 In a three-and-a-half-hour ceremony in 1836, Reverend Johannes Catchick dedicated the church. The first leader of the Armenian Apostolic Church, St. Gregory the Illuminator, was honoured with a dedication.

The church was one of Singapore’s first structures to have electric fans and lights installed in 1909. Looters stole various priceless objects from the church, including a huge embossed Bible, the priest’s vestments, and hymn and prayer books printed in the middle of the 19th century during the Japanese occupation of Singapore (1942–45). Few Armenians remained in Singapore after the war, and Father Aramais Mirzaian, who was not based there, only held services once a year. The church hasn’t had a resident priest to lead mass regularly since the end of World War II.

Following developments

Nowadays, Armenian services are on special occasions or when an Armenian priest is in town, like in 1986 when the church celebrated its 150th anniversary. However, other Christian organisations frequently use the church premises for private worship. Quek Associates, an architectural firm, oversaw a project to renovate the church in 1994.

Among the repairs were the roof’s waterproofing, the electrical system’s replacement, the building’s lightning conductor, the patching of cracks, the replacement of termite-infested windows, the replastering of some areas, the damp-proofing of the walls, and the painting of the exterior. The repairs finished in time for a special ceremony celebrating the Armenian Orthodox Christmas led by the visiting Bishop Oshagan Choloyan. 

How many Catholic churches are there in Singapore? 

In Singapore, you can visit malls, resorts, and parks. But also several religious buildings for some time alone or meditation. Devout Filipino Catholics living in Singapore have access to several Catholic parishes where they can participate in eucharistic festivities. Singapore currently has a beautiful Catholic Church

The Good Shepherd’s Cathedral

Built-in 1847, it is the earliest Catholic church in Singapore. It serves as the Roman Catholic Archdiocese’s Cathedral Church as well. The National Museum and National Library are close to the church’s location in the heart of  Ibis Singapore Bencoolen

The St. Teresa’s Church

Based on the drawings of Father Jean Marie Ouillon, the church has Romano-Byzantine architecture. The church was in Southwestern Singapore, where the people were about Hokkien. It had a rising need for a church. It was designated a National Monument in 2009.

The Holy Family Church

The Holy Family was the first Roman Catholic building along the eastern seaboard. Older generations also name it the Katong Church. When the church was founded in 1932, the congregation was Eurasian and Peranakan. The church currently offers Peranakan masses alone among Catholic churches.

Holy Trinity Church

The distinctive architectural style of this fish-shaped chapel symbolises Jesus. To serve the more than 8,000 Catholics residing in the Pasir Ris, Simei, and Changi areas, The Holy Trinity, Singapore’s 30th Catholic church, was inaugurated in October 1990. Weekday masses, kid’s masses, and confessions are in the church.

Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Nativity

St. Mary’s Chapel, the original name of the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, was established in 1853. When the current church was alongside Fr. The parish priest who gave the church name was Jean Casimir Saleilles. The Mary’s Immaculate Conception statue is in the church. The church also offers religious services like confirmation, holy communion, ill anointing, adult and infant baptism, and more.

Novena Temple

The Novena Church in the Redemptorists of 1935. However, the first devotions started in 1949. The construction of the new church started the following year, and as its congregation grew, it had to expand. The renovated Novena Church was in 2017.

Religious Institutions List 

Ecclesia and Denomination: The Church

B-P churches are a sizable, highly structured, religious institution in the fabric of society. There are two types of church organisations. The first is the ecclesia, a sizable, bureaucratic religious institution with the majority or all of a state’s residents as members that is a formal element of the state. The ecclesia is the nation’s or state’s official religion. The Catholic Church in Spain, the Lutheran Church in Sweden, and the Anglican Church in England are among the few ecclesiae that still exist in the globe today. 

Big Church

The rise of the so-called megachurch, like the Elim Church, a church where more than 2,000 people worship each weekend, is a relatively new trend in the religion. Many have at least 10,000 worshipers (Priest, Wilson, & Johnson, 2010; Warf & Winsberg, 2010); Houston’s largest megachurch, known as a “megachurch,” has more than 35,000 worshipers. Only 5% of the megachurches in existence today are in the Northeast; only about 50% are in the South.


A sect is a relatively small religious group that is not well integrated into society as a whole and frequently opposes at least some of its standards and principles. Typically, a sect has split out from a larger denomination to restore what its adherents believe to be the denomination’s original beliefs. Proselytising and recruiting new followers are practices among members of numerous sects.


A cult is a tiny religious group that veers significantly from societal norms and ideals. It’s crucial to remember that major world religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, as well as denominations like the Mormons, all had their beginnings as cults name “cult” today conjure up negative ideas of crazy, violent, small groups of people. Several common misconceptions regarding cults, such as the notions that they manipulate people into joining them and that their members are mentally sick, are refuted by research. 

How many Anglican churches are there in Singapore? 

Asian Diocese of the Anglican Church

The  Anglican Church of the Diocese of Singapore is called St Andrew’s Cathedral. The Diocese of Singapore, which includes 27 Anglican parishes in Singapore and deaneries spread around Asia, is a diocese of the Province of the Anglican Church in South East Asia (Chinese; pinyin: Shènggnghu Xnjip Jiàoq; Tamil: ).

It has a long history of starting new churches and offering social, medical, and educational services in Singapore and the surrounding area. The See of Canterbury is in communion with the Diocese of Singapore. The diocese’s cathedral church is St. Andrew’s Cathedral. 


The Anglican Community in Singapore began in 1826, not long after Sir Stamford Raffles established the modern city-state in 1819 and the first English settlers from the British East India Company arrived.

In his Town Plan of 1822, Raffles designated a plot of land between Hill Street and North Bridge Road for the location of an Anglican church. In honour of the Scottish community, which had contributed to the building fund, the church was given the name Saint Andrew after the patron saint of Scotland.

St. Andrew’s Cathedral was the diocese’s cathedral church in 1870 after the diocese (and no longer the bishop of Calcutta) was given jurisdiction over it in 1869 by the bishop of Labuan and Sarawak. 

How many Methodists are there in Singapore? 

The South India Conference (Methodist1885 )’s missionary campaign is where the Methodist Church in Singapore got its start. It first became a conference, then conferences spanning South-East Asia, and in 1950 it established the South-East Asian Central Conference. In 1968, the Singaporean and Malaysian parts gained independence, forming an Asian church with a bishop chosen from among its ministers. 

  • Three annual conferences, namely the Chinese Annual Conference (CAC), the Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference (ETAC), and the Trinity Annual Conference, make up the Methodist Church in Singapore’s general conference (TRAC). Singapore is the biggest Protestant denomination. There are 15 educational institutions: 1 junior college, 13 elementary and secondary schools, and a music school. Together, the institutions have 22,000+ students and 1,200+ faculty members.
  • The church has significantly benefited the country. According to the census of 2000, 33.5% of people with a university degree are Christians. Numerous local and national authorities are Christians. Through its social branch, the Methodist Welfare Services, the MCS is also actively concerned with assisting the less fortunate (MWS). The Bethany Independent-Presbyterian Church is one of the 13 social service centres administered by MWS. 

What is the biggest Catholic church in Singapore?

  • The Catholic church in Singapore is the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. 
  • The cathedral grounds are parallel to Queen and Victoria Streets and Bras Basah Road. Its design is the St. Paul’s, Covent Garden, and St. Martin-in-the-Fields churches in London. 
  • The cathedral church is Faith Seminary and administrative headquarters of the Singaporean Roman Catholic Archdiocese are the Cathedral of the Good. In addition to housing the relics of Saint Laurent-Marie-Joseph Imbert, to whom the cathedral owes its name, it is also the final resting place of Bishop Edouard Gasnier, the first bishop of the restored Diocese of Malacca.

The Good Shepherd Cathedral

The chapel was too tiny by the end of the 1830s. The newly appointed Parish Priest, Father Jean-Marie Beurel, convinced Bishop Jean-Paul-Hilaire-Michel Courvezy, the Vicar Apostolic of Siam, to keep the land for a school and to erect a church elsewhere instead of considering expanding the chapel. The bishop declined the Governor’s suggestion of a location on the slopes of Government Hill, which is today Fort Canning. 

The Good Shepherd Cathedral

When the Diocese of Malacca was in 1888, the church was the title of a cathedral. The first bishop of the restored Diocese of Malacca, Bishop Edouard Gasnier, passed away in 1896 and was buried there. The first bishop to be consecrated at the cathedral was his successor, Zion Bishan BPC Bishop René-Michel-Marie Fée, in 1896. 

What’s the difference between a church and a cathedral?

Cathedral versus Church

  • As there are various Christian faith ,so do the venues where Christians gather for worship. The Mormons have temples or meetinghouses, while the Jehovah’s Witnesses have kingdom halls, which are also churches. Cathedrals, basilicas, and chapels are other names for churches.
  • A chapel is a smaller church or an independent structure used for worship and often houses relics. A place of worship that has received special ceremonies from the pope is a basilica. These are a church’s and a cathedral’s distinguishing features.
  • A place of Christian worship is a church. Churches served as meeting spaces and banquet halls for guilds in the early days of Christianity. Even grain has been kept there in the past. Additionally, it serves as the diocese’s meeting venue and hosts three daily mass celebrations in addition to additional services on Sundays.

How many Methodists are there in Singapore

How many Methodists are there in Singapore

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