Church of Divine Mercy

Church of Divine Mercy

All You Need To Know About The Church of Divine Mercy

Archbishop Nicholas Chia’s declaration in 2003 that a new parish formed to serve the Pasir Ris – Loyang area welcomed relief because the churches in the East were at capacity. A new Church of Divine Mercy with a seating capacity of 1,300 people would construct on a modest 3,000 square metre property alongside classrooms and other parish facilities. The Archdiocese of Singapore launched a fundraising campaign to raise the $18 million required. On Gaudete Sunday (the Third Sunday of Advent), the parish held its inaugural Mass, attended by some 1,500 Catholics from all across Singapore, including parishioners and Divine Mercy prayer groups. 


Mass attended by some 1,500 Catholics from all across Singapore, including parishioners and Divine Mercy prayer groups. On January 9, 2010, the new Church of Divine Mercy was consecrated and inaugurated. The parish has the name of a Catholic devotion connected to St. Faustina Kowalska’s series of recorded apparitions between 1934 and 1938, during which she received communications from Jesus. The parish’s patron saint is St. Faustina. Order brings a relic of St. Faustina to Singapore and installs it in the altar arrangements made for Fr. Piotr Prusakiewicz, a well-known lecturer on Divine Mercy devotion and the life and spirituality of St. Faustina.

Buildings & Features

This Church

Any building’s whole structure hinges on the stability of its foundation, with each component supporting and supported by the others. Each person in the CDM community is viewed as a living stone by us, and the entire organisation is “constructed as a building of spirit,” resting securely upon Jesus Christ, “an accepted stone,” who is “value to you who have faith.”

Divine Mercy Stained Glass

The Church entryway, a stained-glass lamp depicting the Divine Mercy is hanging. Italian artist Roberto Fasio received the commission. When asked what the two beams represented, “The pale ray represents the Water that makes souls righteous.” The red light represents the Blood, the lifeblood of souls. Whoever chooses to live in their shelter will be content.

The Room Of Adoration

The chapel is close to the adoration room. The Blessed Sacrament is kept here in a tabernacle or exposed monstrance.

Our Church

Similar to the main Church but with a significantly smaller congregation for weekday masses, weddings, and burial services. It can accommodate 180 people and situated in basement one.

An altar

The altar representation of Christ, the Lamb of God, is “a Lamb standing, a Lamb that has killed,” as the stone of sacrifice. Christians who died as martyrs pictured as being “neath the altar” in the Book of Revelation (6:9). As a result, on the day of the Church dedication, a relic of Saint Faustina, the patron saint of the Divine Mercy, was put beneath the altar.

The Crucifix and Crown

Over the altar hangs a massive crown with a 5 m diameter and a stark 3 m figure of our Lord on the cross. It is already reaching out and giving the world the gift of His life still fastened to the cross. Two nails in the shape of vertical and horizontal wood bars give the impression that they are coming from above, like a lightning bolt. The large crown serves as a reminder that hardships are a natural part of life and that followers of Christ called to overcome them.

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