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All You Need To Know About Church of St. Vincent de Paul

Vincent de Paul, or Saint Vincent de Paul, was a French Catholic priest who dedicated his life to aiding the poor. Vicente was appointed chaplain to the galleys in 1622. After spending some time in Paris ministering among imprisoned galley, he was appointed superior of the Congregation of the Mission, or the “Vincentians.” These priests, who have taken the vows of chastity, obedience, poverty, and stability, should devote their entire lives to the inhabitants of the smallest towns. Vincent became passionate about organizing clergy retreats when there were a lot of laxities, abuse, and lack of understanding amongst them. He was a pioneer in clerical education and was crucial in the seminaries’ establishment. He was also the founding father of the Congregation of the Mission and Daughters of Charity of the Church of St. Vincent de Paul.


To develop a community based on Christ and consistently nurtured by His love, with parishioners walking in faith together, helping one another to grow in connection with Christ, and to be a living picture of Christ in all we do, everywhere they go. Let’s Get Together on the pastoral front. The Church of St. Vincent de Paul hopes to provide programs that will assist and guide each parishioner in finding Christ and growing steadily in a loving relationship with His unique calling and path of holiness, which God desired for everyone. And to bring out the best in us by utilizing the gifts that God has given to everyone.

About Vincent de Paul:

Vincent de Paul was born in 1581 in the village of Pouy, Guyenne and Gascony, Kingdom of France, to farmers, father Jean and mother Bertrande’ de Moras de Paul. There was a brook nearby called “Paul.” It is said to be the origin of the surname. He had three brothers named Jean, Bernard, and Gayon, and two sisters named Marie and Marie-Claudine. He was the third of three children. His father sent him to a seminary at 15 years, which he paid for by selling the family’s cows. Vincent was educated for three years in a college in Dax, France, next to a Friars Minor monastery where he and others lived. In 1597, he enrolled in the University of Toulouse’s Theological Faculty.

The foundation of religions and communities:  

Vicente encounters the Daughters of Mercy in 1617, him to homeless families. Then Vincent gave them food and comfort. He united these affluent Parisian ladies to generate finances for missionary initiatives, create hospitals, raise funds for war victims, and rescue 1,200 galleys from North Africa. With the assistance of Luisa de Marillac, this involvement of women eventually led to the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, a community of apostolic living for women within the Catholic Church. He was the spiritual director of the Santa Maria de monastery Los Angeles for 28 years. Vincent died on September 27, 1660, in Paris.

Schedules for Mass:

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Confessions are accepted 30 minutes before Mass.

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