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What to Know About Citysquare Mall – Playgrounds

The City Square Mall Playground, or, more accurately, playgrounds, is a great place to climb and play. There are three Free playgrounds in City Square Mall! One Citysquare Mall – Playgrounds is located on level B1 and is appropriate for younger children, while the other two are outside the mall and are appropriate for older children.

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Because City Square Mall is a family-friendly establishment, it’s no surprise that there are three Free Citysquare Mall – Playgrounds on the premises.

Young Children’s Playground

The enclosed playground at B1 is safe and suited for Smaller children.

The playground is small, and there isn’t much climbing to get done. The little rides featured here will also appeal to young children. This playground is conveniently located near McDonald’s and other eateries, making it ideal for dropping off the kids while enjoying lunch. It’s also fantastic when the weather prevents you from playing outside at Level 1 because it’s the only sheltered playground at the mall.

City Green Park

The City Green park area is home to more than just the orange elevated playground.

City Green, which complements City Square Mall’s general eco-theme, features many stations with educational boards that teach children about the importance of being eco-conscious and environmentally responsible. Panels introducing the trees located at City Green are among them. A butterfly garden gets created to attract flying butterflies.

City Green also has an outdoor playground. Another set of towers can get found here (albeit lower in height than the orange playground). A green slide gets installed at one end of the wooden tower playground.

An inclusive merry-go-round and Inclusive swings are also available in the City Square Mall playground. There’s also an old-fashioned see-saw in the play area, complete with rubber tires as stoppers below the ends.

Elevated City Square Mall Playground

The newest City Square Mall Playground is an orange tower in City Green, the park in front of the retail center. Children can reach the top of this new play area by climbing up multi-faceted blocks that act as towers on each end. The Two Towers get by an inclined bridge that allows youngsters to pass from one side to the other. A striped, curving tube slide is also available for children to use on the playground. Music-themed play panels for children may get seen across the City Square Playground.

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Fees for entry

  • One-time entry for one hour of playtime – between S$12 and S$15, admits one youngster and one accompanying adult.
  • A one-time entry fee of S$22 to S$26 covers two hours of fun for one child and accompanying adult.

Consider purchasing a value pass if you intend to return more than once. Value passes have no expiration date and can be used during the week, on weekends, and holidays.

  • A 10-hour admittance passport costs S$100 and permits one child and one adult to join them.
  • A 20-hour package costs S$189 and includes a 20-hour admittance passport for one child and one adult companion.

Additional adults (13 years old and above) will be charged S$6 per person for admittance. Socks can get purchased for S$2 per pair.

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