Clementi Woods Park

Clementi Woods Park Entrance

Want To Know About Clementi Woods Park?

Clementi Woods Park is a lush green spot that many people ignore. A playground, a nature play garden, and a dog run can be found on the park’s lush slopes. The majority of Clementi Woods Park locates along West Coast Road. The little neighbourhood park on the west side of town is ideal for a quick run or a connection to the nearby West Coast Beach. Even in the middle of the day, the park’s tree-lined trails provide ample shade, making it a perfect running route. This park is also great for hill training because of the slopes and stairs. A fitness centre, a children’s playground, and a café are also available at the park.

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Clementi Woods Park is a Singapore community park located on Clementi Road near Kent Vale and along West Coast Road near West Coast Plaza.

Clementi Woods Park Ampitheater

About Clementi Woods Park

Clementi Woods Park is a welcoming sanctuary for anyone wishing to get near nature, with its tall mature native trees and natural greenery. Nature lovers can stroll through the woods while listening to the chirping of birds and the calming murmur of insects on tree-lined trails. The park’s woodland setting is ideal for a peaceful stroll in the morning or evening. A tower locates at one end of the park provides visitors with a bird’s eye perspective of the surrounding area. Alternatively, dine at the tower block’s restaurant and enjoy the tranquility of Clementi Woods Park.

Garden on the Allotment

Are you looking for a place to practice your green thumbs? For those who want their own space to plant, NParks offers allotment gardening sites. Each allotment plot is a 2.5 m × 1 m raised planter bed that can lease for a fee for three years. Clementi Woods Park’s allotment gardening sites have all subscribed.

Clementi Woods Park

Nature’s Playground

The Nature Playgarden at Clementi Woods Park surround by greenery and the sounds of nature, and it is created for preschoolers to encourage them to spend more time outside and reconnect with nature. As they explore the various play components designed to stimulate senses, engage in imaginative play, develop motor skills, and discover the greenery around the play garden imagination- can run wild.

Playground at Clementi Woods Park

The playground at Clementi Woods Park is a little affair. It will satisfy kids who want to have fun, but it pales comparison to West Coast Park’s enormous Adventure Playground, which is just a short walk away. The playground in Clementi Woods Park isn’t the only place kids can have fun. A nature play garden can be found at the park’s top end. This playground, designed for young children, incorporates natural materials such as logs to encourage youngsters to reconnect with nature. The nature play area at Clementi Woods is next to the park’s car park and is accessible via Clementi Road, directly across from the National University of Singapore.

Clementi Woods Park Playground

Information for Visitors

The 12-hectare park, which is densely forested and rich in natural vegetation, is a delightful and welcome respite for anyone wanting a peaceful stroll in the mornings or nights. As they walk along the walkway, is lined with Acacia, Wormia, and Tembusu trees, they are greeted by the lovely sounds of birds and insects. At the park’s far end is a tower from which one can get a bird’s eye perspective of the surrounding area.

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