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Compassvale Bus Interchange Facade

All you need to know about the Compassvale Bus Interchange

Compassvale Bus Interchange is a bus junction in Sengkang, Singapore, created to expand the capacity of the existing interchange. Compassvale Bus Interchange is situated directly across from Sengkang Bus Interchange. Sengkang East Way, Compassvale Road, and Sengkang Square encircle it. Despite its name, it is located on Compassvale Road, next to the Sengkang MRT/LRT station, not next to the similarly named LRT station.

The interchange:

As Sengkang New Town expanded, Compassvale Bus Interchange, which is direct across from Sengkang Bus Interchange, was constructed to expand the capacity of the existing interchange to accommodate an extra 4–5 new bus services. Sengkang East Way, Compassvale Road, and Sengkang Square encircle it.The Compassvale Bus Interchange has two boarding berths with lines and one alighting berth. Along with other ancillary rooms, the concourse gets furnished with interchange offices, a driver’s lounge, restrooms, and supplies for a canteen. The bus park has 12 bus parking spaces for motorcycles.

Sengkang Square gets approached via a separate vehicular exit, and Compassvale Road gets reached via a combined vehicular entrance and exit. Compassvale Road and Sengkang Square are other commuter routes that lead to the interchange. An overhead bridge that spans Sengkang Square connects the junction to Sengkang Bus Interchange and Sengkang MRT/LRT Station. In February 2017, drivers engaged in familiarisation activities at the interchange. The bus interchange began operating in March with the introduction of Service 


Sengkang Bus Junction does not have adequate parking spaces for further services. Hence LTA formally stated in November 2014 that the interchange would expand to accommodate future bus services under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) Scheme. Twelve more parking spaces, boarding, and alighting areas, a concourse area, a staff lounge, and a canteen are all included in the development. The third quarter of 2016 is when the expansion projects get expected to finish. The Compassvale Bus Interchange expansion, adjacent to Sengkang Bus Interchange along Sengkang Square, opened formally on March 12th, 2017, with Feeder Bus Service 374 as its only service. In October of the same year, Bus Service 110 was inaugurated as the second route to depart from the junction.

Are you trying to find the station or stop closest to Compassvale Bus Interchange? 

Check out this list of stations that are most convenient for your location: Sengkang Stn Exit C; Pick Up Bay After G17 Taxi Stand; Sengkang East Way – Sengkang Stn Exit D (Taxi Stand G16); Cheng Lim (SW1); Sengkang (NE16|STC); Compassvale Rd – Opp Blk 241 (67189); Compassvale Rd – Blk 240 (67181); Sengkang Sq – Sengkang Int.Compassvale Bus Interchange is accessible by bus or metro. These are the routes and lines that have close stops:

  • Bus: 156, 27, 80, 965
  • North-East Line, the metro

Interchange facilities:

  • Interchange office (SBST)
  • TransitLink Ticket Office
  • lounge for drivers
  • NTWU Canteen
  • Boarding and alighting berths
  • Information boards & Bus departure timing screens
  • Service guide racks
  • Nursing Rooms with diaper-changing facilities
  • Bicycle Racks
  • Toilets

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