Concord Primary School

by | May 22, 2022

Concord Primary School

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Guide to know about Concord Primary School

Mrs. Wong Siew Shan leads Concord, which is currently in its 18th year. Concord will continue to provide a conducive environment for developing our students to be confident, upright, and resilient individuals who possess the ability to face future challenges and the commitment to contribute selflessly to the Concord Primary School and society, based on the commitment and dynamics of its staff.

School Philosophy, Culture, and Ethos:

Every Concordian is an Engaged Learner, and the school has created platforms for our students to participate, succeed, and demonstrate their abilities because Every Individual Matters. The Concord Primary School attempts to provide our pupils with 21st-century skills through its programs and initiatives. As staunch believers in the cliché that it takes a village to raise a child, the school develops a network of high-quality relationships. We want students to enjoy their schooling, develop solid foundations in knowledge, morals, and character, and find their life’s passion. The school has a distinct iGIVE culture that emphasises character development. You can do the following using iGIVE:

* Graciousness entails having respect, harmony, compassion, and an attitude to collaborate and assist a team.

* Integrity is sticking to our goal, going above and above, being responsible and accountable in our activities, and having the bravery to speak up for what is right.

* Vibrancy is about meeting diverse needs by offering a range of venues for learning, exhibiting, and celebrating together with dignity and pride.

* To be bold in innovating and taking measured risks while maintaining a constructive mentality of learning and striving for perfection is to be an entrepreneur.

School Vision:

Hearts of compassion, enlightened minds, and determined spirits

School Mission:

To develop Concordians of character and zeal for study to meet life’s difficulties.

The Curriculum:

English Language, Mathematics, Science, and mother tongue languages are part of the Concord Primary School curriculum. PE & Aesthetics, CCE, and Student Management are all included in the curriculum.

Unique Programs & Services

Concord Primary School’s Interdisciplinary Project Work aims to help children strengthen and enhance their critical thinking skills. These thinking abilities will aid youngsters in being more disciplined and driven throughout their lives.


 In 2006, We won Silver Awards for Angklung, Brass Band, and Choir in 2006, Gold with Honors for Indian Dance, and Bronze for International Dance. The Red Cross came in first place in the Structure Competition. Our junior Sepak Takraw team won the junior West Zone in 2005-6 and finished third in the 2005 Nationals, but won the championship in 2006. Our Senior Takraw squad came in second place in the West Zone. Our senior and junior rugby teams finished third in West Zone. Our volleyball team finished fourth in the West Zone. Our NE Website team placed in the top ten and earned Best in Aesthetics. During the SEF student Oratory Competition, our Environmental Club students received Bronze in the group category and Silver in the individual category.

Co-curricular activities (CCAs):

Physical Sports:

  • Badminton
  • Floorball
  • Sepak Takraw
  • Volleyball

Uniformed Groups

  • Brownies
  • Scouts
  • Singapore Red Cross Society

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Band – Brass
  • Choir
  • Dance – Indian
  • Dance – International
  • Young Artist Club

Clubs and Societies:

  • Environmental Club

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