Dazhong Primary School

by | May 23, 2022

Dazhong Primary School

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Welcome to Dazhong Primary School, where all Dazhong students grow holistically as Self-Directed Learners, Serving Leaders, and Concerned Citizens throughout their six-year primary school adventure! This revised vision recent discussions with our staff, students, and other stakeholders to distil and focus on the essential student outcomes we aspire to accomplish in today’s increasingly volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment. Collectively, we think that self-direction, a servant’s heart, and concern for concerns in the community and nation provide a solid foundation that will ensure that every Dazhong Primary School student has a successful start in their secondary school of choice.

Unique programs and services:

Apart from academics, the Dazhong Primary School places a strong emphasis on Character and Citizenship Education. They focus on four areas under this program: student management, student leadership, outdoor education, cyber wellness, and new media libraries.

The Dazhong SOAR Program allows students to improve their cognitive, social, emotional, physical skills, aesthetics, and social consciousness. This Talent Development program gets based on Dr. Sally Reis and Dr. Joseph Renzulli’s Enrichment Triad Model, which includes three forms of enrichment:

  • Fundamentals
  • Customised
  • Enrichment

Philosophy, culture, and ethos in the classroom:

Dazhong Primary School (DZPS) has a more than 80-year history. We try to prepare every student to serve beyond themselves and tackle problems with fortitude based on our deep belief that every kid can learn and offer their all. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed with a student-centred approach to assist every student with our school’s principles of IREAP: ‘Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence, Acceptance, and Perseverance.’ ‘Howard Gardner’s 5 Minds for The Future’ – The Disciplinary Mind, The Synthesizing Mind, The Creating Mind, The Respectful Mind, and The Ethical Mind’ get cultivated in every student through the six-year organised curriculum of our LLP-Arts Education program.

School Vision:

Achievers rooted in values, soaring beyond limits

School mission:

To encourage and motivate students to be self-directed learners who are kind and resilient and serve others above themselves.


The English language, Mother Tongue Languages (Chinese, Malay, and Tamil), Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Art, Music, and ICT are all part of Dazhong’s curriculum.

Dazhong Primary School Achievements:

  • 11th National Youth Chinese Calligraphy Competition – Merit Prize for Primary  School
  • Merit Prize for P4 and P5 in the National Chinese Calligraphy Competition 2019
  • 1st Prize in the Burgmuller Etude Class, 2nd Prize in the 9-12 years old Category in the 2019 Singapore International Piano Competition
  • Netball Championship of the Singapore Primary Schools Sports Council 2019 – 3rd place in the Top 4
  • Booth Design for the Bicentennial Scout Carnival – Gold
  • 2018 Puan Noor Aishah – Gold
  • Champion of the 2019 Brownies World Thinking Day Dance Competition (Girls Got Talent)
  • 2nd place in the Brownies West Division Day Competition (Captain’s Ball) (Zonal)
  • 2nd Zonal Sahiba (Scrabble) Competition in the West Zone
  • Bronze in the National Club Scouts Mind Quiz
  • Top 3 Tamil Literacy Competitions in Tirukkai Vizha 2019
  • Top 3 and Consolation in the Hong Kah North CC Story-Telling Competition (Tamil Culture)

Co-curricular activities (CCAs):

Uniformed Groups

  • Brownies
  • Scouts

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Art Club
  • Choir

Physical Sports

  • Football
  • Netball

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