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All you need to know about the District 10 Singapore

District 10 Singapore has some of Singapore’s most lavish residential projects may find. The expanses of greenery that offer local inhabitants open parks, leisure centers, and nature reserves are the most commonly ignored vistas in this area. Holland Village is the heart of District 10, and the recently constructed Holland Village MRT Station has made it more accessible to both locals and visitors. Tanglin Road, which takes its name from the home of William Napier, a notable barrister and newspaper editor in Singapore in the 1800s, is another essential part of District 10 Singapore. Tanglin has been transformed into a leisure and education hub, as seen by the colonial structures along Minden Road that get converted into dance studios or childcare centers.

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Bukit Timah:

Bukit Timah, Singapore’s tallest hill, stands at 164 meters above sea level and dominates the Bukit Timah Planning Area. It is around 10 kilometers from the Central Business District and is part of the Central Region (CBD). District 10 Singapore features a lot of luxury bungalows and condominiums in the neighborhood, making it a popular choice among property owners. There is also the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which adds to the area’s high land value due to the abundance of vegetation compared to other regions of Singapore. The hill gave its name to Singapore’s longest road, the 25-kilometer-long Bukit Timah Road, which spans from north to south of the island. The Bukit Timah Race Course began in 1933 and operated as a Thoroughbred horse racing venue until 1999.

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Farrer Park:

Farrer Park, which gets bordered by Dorset Road, Hampshire Road, and Northumberland Road, was named after R.F. Farrer, the President of the Municipal Commissioners in the 1920s, and was the site of Singapore’s first racetrack, which opened in 1842. The Farrer Park Tennis Centre, which contains eight tennis courts and two tennis practice walls, is a great place for tennis enthusiasts to perfect their skills. The Citron, a mixed-use development with 36 freehold stores and 54 residential apartments, get set to open in 2019.

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Holland Village:

Another popular ex-pat hangout is Holland Village, which has a big hawker center, various trendsetting cafés, pubs, health and beauty businesses, and gets affectionately known among ex-pats as “Holland V.”

The Holland Road Shopping Centre and the Holland V Shopping Mall are two shopping malls in Holland Village retail enterprises. Commuters use the Buona Vista MRT Station and the Holland Village MRT Station to move about Holland Village, bordered by high-rise HDB apartments.

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The urban planning region in Singapore’s Central Region is known as the Tanglin Planning Area. The building will transform into a lifestyle, education, and arts center. By the end of 2006, two bids will issue, one for the revitalization of six blocks of colonial buildings, including the construction of a fencing school and a pet café, and another for the solitary colonial building adjacent to Minden Road, which will utilize as a dance studio or childcare center.

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