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Want To Know About The District 25 Singapore? 

District 25 Singapore, which includes Kranji and Woodlands, is the most direct route between Singapore and Malaysia via the Causeway explains the throngs at bus interchanges for weekend travels to Malaysia. District 25 Singapore is particularly noteworthy in Singapore’s cultural history as a crucial battleground during WWII soldiers from Australia, New Zealand, and the British Commonwealth gave their life in defence of the city-state. The Kranji War Memorial has commemorated this event by serving as the final resting place for these soldiers who served the Singapore nation. Furthermore, Woodlands acquired its name from the rubber plantations that used to be the doorway to Malaysia across the Causeway in the early days.

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The Singapore Turf Club, Singapore’s only racecourse for horse racing, is located in the Kranji Industrial Park area containing industrial buildings. In Malay, ‘Kranji’ means tamarind tree in District 25 Singapore. A railway was established here in 1903, and it later connected to Malaysia. Kranji was an important battleground during World War II, with 40,000 Australian, New Zealand, and British Commonwealth men dying defending Singapore. The Kranji War Memorial is now not simply the final resting place of these courageous troops but also a memorial to them.

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Admiralty is a Sembawang planning area in Singapore. 

The “Admiralty” comes from the area’s connection to a British Naval Base operated from 1923 to 1941. Given the location of the Rear-Admiral of the Royal Navy’s residence, the road name would most likely represent the Naval High Command. The base regards as the most British installation in the region.

Kampung Admiralty, an integrated mixed-use development concept that houses public facilities under one roof, is located in the region. The building’s rooftop has a lush green park where inhabitants may interact, speak, and exercise as a group. The design intended to encourage older people to leave their houses and engage with their neighbours. The neighbourhood’s community centre, known as “ACE The Place Community Club,” is near the Woodlands South MRT Station and opened on March 2, 2014.

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Despite its name, Woodlands is currently devoid of woods; however, the neighbourhood’s name derives from the rubber plantations that once dotted the area. It is well-known as the principal gateway to Malaysia via the Causeway, and it congests with thousands of employees going between Singapore and Malaysia. This district made the Woodlands, Marsiling, and Admiralty zones. Previously, among the rubber plantations, there were also poultry farms and communities.

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There are a lot of zoos and attractions to choose from.

The Singapore Zoo, River Safari, and Night Safari, all located at 80 Mandai Road, are the most prominent attractions in this district. The multi-award-winning animal conservatory park Singapore Zoo, formerly known as Mandai Zoo, followed the practice of showing animals in naturalistic, open displays with disguised borders, giving the animal a sense of unconstrained space. Through research and funding projects in Singapore, the park has made significant contributions to wildlife protection. It has aided a variety of species, including the Raffles’ banded langur, a monkey found by Sir Stamford Raffles himself. In November of this year, the Singapore Zoo witnessed

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