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Do You Know About District 26 Singapore?

District 26 Singapore serves the primary region and Upper Thomson, including Thomson Plaza, a local shopping centre noted for its numerous instruction and enrichment facilities, and other music and dance schools such as Yamaha. In addition, Upper Thomson has acquired a swarm of well-known roti prata booths in pockets of cafés such as Little Part 1 and Little Pancakes, which draw crowds on weekends. The Upper Thomson Longhouse dining centre serves various delectable local dishes, like chicken rice. The Island Golf Course, Singapore Polo Club, and several plant nurseries such as Far East Flora cater to the upper-middle-class lifestyle.

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Upper Thomson

District 26 Singapore estate is an extension of the Thomson district and is alive with activity at its golf courses, reservoirs, plant nurseries, and historical sites. Upper Thomson’s residential area is made of the landed property. In Upper Thomson, there is a place named Teacher’s Estate. It is now home to the Singapore Teachers’ Union, which used to house public teachers and city officials. Tagore Avenue, named after Nobel Laureate poet and artist Rabindranath Tagore, is another boulevard. It is now an industrial park. Kalidasa Street is named after another legendary Indian literary talent close to Tagore Avenue. The Caldecott neighbourhood at the end of Upper Thomson is home to the former Singapore Broadcasting Corporation.

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Thomson Plaza, the local shopping centre, serves Upper Thomson. Upper Thomson’s roti prata is perhaps the best in Singapore.  The Mount Alvernia Hospital, Mount Alvernia Medical Centre, Tampines Home, Assisi Home, and Hospice are all located in Upper Thomson. Little Sisters of the Poor, St. Theresa’s Home, and the Riding for the Disabled Association of Singapore are charitable organisations in Upper Thomson. Visit the plant nurseries along Lornie Road for sightseeing and recreation. Far East Flora, for example, is a well-known company that provides garden landscaping plant and flower delivery. Businesses horse-riding aficionados and country clubs such as the Island Golf Course and Singapore Polo; offer golf and equestrian sports.

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Yio Chu Kang

Yio Chu Kang is a historic residential district in Singapore. There are no shopping malls, commercial buildings, or other than residential estates and schools in this part of Singapore. A section of Yio Chu Kang spans into District 28, and the two areas overlap.

Interestingly, the name “Yio Chu Kang” did not allude to any historical figures but rather to the Kangchu clan in Singapore, which means “a region ruled by the Chu [tribe] that positioned around a river.” The north of Singapore was divided and assigned to many Kangchu clan heads, each with their surname.

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Finally, Springleaf is a neighbourhood towards the top of Upper Thomson and is close home to the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and River Safari. This region is ideal for those who prefer living in the country, are surrounded by nature, and don’t mind coming face to face with wildlife. Because the neighbourhood is free of high-rise structures, inhabitants may enjoy a tranquil existence. Springleaf Prata Place is one of the most well-known local eateries.

Springleaf, like Upper Thomson, is currently without any MRT stations. Khatib MRT Station on the North-South Line is the closest MRT station, which is around 10-15 minutes away. The future Springleaf MRT Station, on the other hand.

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