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District 28 Singapore includes Seletar and a portion of Yio Chu Kang in District 26, a historical and residential neighbourhood with a rich history and culture. It is where the British naval and air bases used to be. The Seletar Aerospace Park will be created in the future to service Singapore’s aviation industry. The Seletar Aerospace Park will start here to commemorate this historical relic while also serving Singapore’s aviation industry in District 28 Singapore. Landed homes, such as semi-detached houses and bungalows, are popular in this area, which is somewhat isolated from the district’s other urbanised areas.

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Seletar, named after the local coastal residents, lived at the edge of the Johor Straits and the mouth of the Seletar River. It is home to Singapore landmarks such as the British naval and air bases, the Upper Seletar Reservoir, and the future Seletar Aerospace Park. People from Seletar eventually moved to Sungai Pulai in southwest Johor. Seletar is a Chinese word that signifies “naval base” or “koon kung.” The Seletar Air Base began construction in 1927 and finished in 1929. After nine years as an air base for international airlines such as KNILM, KLM, Qantas, Empire Airways, and British Imperial Airways, it is used as an aviation training centre for the Singapore Youth Flying Club’s prospective pilots.

The aboriginal coastal people living along the orang Seletar River and at the edge of the Johor Straits refer to as Seletar. It has created the Lower Seletar Reservoir, which is currently open to the public. Abu Bakar of Johor claimed to have urged these coastal people to relocate to Sungai Pulai in southwest Johor during the pre-colonial era. Seletar translates to “koon kung,” Chinese means “naval base.” The Seletar Air Base was completed in 1929 and used for the next nine years by major airlines such as KLM, Empire Airways, and British Imperial Airways. Currently.

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With a never-ending array of activities, Seletar can never be bored.

  • There are several sites to visit for recreation:
  • Lower Seletar Reservoir is a reservoir in Seletar, Malaysia.
  • Lower Seletar Reservoir Park is a park in Seletar, Malaysia.
  • Seletar Reservoir (Upper)
  • Seletar Base Golf Course is a golf course located in Seletar, Malaysia.
  • Seletar Country Club is a golf course in Seletar, Malaysia.

At the Himalayan Centre for Yoga Meditation in Yio Chu Kang, find peace of mind o visiting the disabled at one of MINDS’ 12 branches (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore).

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Volume of Transactions

When comparing District 28 Singapore to other prominent landed housing districts, we’ve discovered that D28 is one of the top land transactors. Aside from the existing supply, the brand-new landed houses that Bukit Sembawang has created contribute to the high volume of transactions. Its final phase of the house sale is in 2020, after being released over the previous ten years. Then likewise sold within a month of the preview news site The Business Times. The volume has skewed in favour of D28 due to the release of new units at various stages.

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