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District 5 Singapore which covers Clementi New town, Buona Vista and West Coast has most often than not been perceived as the most elusive region of Singapore. Landed properties are plentiful, particularly in the town’s western reaches. There will be a commercial and residential area, a public library, and an air-conditioned bus interchange. District 5 Singapore will be finished in 2010 and known as The Clementis. West Coast, a component of Clementi New Town, is located south of Clementi and east of Pasir Panjang.

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The name Clementi comes from Sir Cecil Clementi Smith, the Governor of the Straits Settlement from 1887 to 1893, who put laws on Singapore’s secret societies.

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What can internet companies do to boost District 5’s real estate investment potential?

Software engineers are mobile and adaptable. The smartest and brightest will go where they believe will give them higher work satisfaction and access to cutting-edge research and technology. And right now, there are quite a few of them in District 5 Singapore: Shoppee is in Kent Ridge’s 5 Science Park Drive, Google and Unilever are at Labrador Park’s Mapletree Business City, and Grab has an office at one-north. Pass work visa, which gets geared at recruiting tech entrepreneurs and executives. As a result, an inflow of tech talent gets expected to come to Singapore to execute disruptive and frontier advancements. If a consequence, as they relocate closer to their offices, they may be able to increase the standard of living in regions like District 5 Singapore.

Furthermore, real estate has always been a playground for the wealthy. The real estate market will benefit from the wealth increase of people in the technological sector, including healthcare, fintech, logistics, and software. They might continue to increase their investment portfolios in sync with their income by investing in real estate, mainly residential properties, which could provide more steady returns.

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    • There are several stores and hawker booths in Clementi. The Clementi Bookshop at the Clementi Town Centre sells inexpensive tertiary textbooks. A four-level shopping complex called “CityVibe” opened beside the MRT station in the first quarter of 2009.
    • Fong Seng nasi lemak, Niqqi’s The Cheese Prata Shop, and Ai-Takeaway, all open 24 hours a day, is located near Pasir Panjang. Students from the National University of Singapore patronize these late-night cafes.
    • The Singapore Police ‘D’ Divisional Headquarters is located at Clementi Avenue 5, ensuring security and order. A fire station gets also located on Commonwealth Avenue West.
    • West Coast Plaza is a small shopping complex on Singapore’s west coast that was renamed Ginza Plaza in 1993 and closed for redevelopment in 2007, reopening in November 2008 with the name West Coast Plaza. An HDB estate with a Neighbourhood Centre, which includes a Market & Food Centre, shophouses, a temple, and the West Coast Community Centre, is located in the core section of the West Coast. Clementi Stadium, Clementi Swimming Complex, and parks such as West Coast Park and Clementi Woods are also great places to work out. Children can also have playgrounds located throughout the HDB estates.

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