Far East Organization Children’s Garden - Gardens By The Bay

Far East Organization Childrens Garden Gardens by the Bay Playground

The Guide to Know About the Far East Organization’s Children’s Garden 

The Far East Organization Children’s Garden – Gardens By The Bay is an interactive water playground surrounded by lush flora. The open playground gets meant to engage your children’s minds and bodies via sensory stimuli present in the numerous water play areas. The Toddler Play Zone is designed for children aged one to five years and includes carefully designed play equipment such as stepping springs, a sway bridge, and a fish fountain with an interactive environment of fish sculptures and water tunnels.The programmable water play area connects to sensors that detect movement to generate a spectacular series of water effects and allows kids to romp and splash around. Educational programs get occasionally given up in the covered amphitheater seats of up to 300 people. The Far East Organization Children’s Garden – Gardens By The Bay is located at 18 Marina Gardens Drive in Singapore.

Things to do:

The Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay is usually a favorite with youngsters, featuring numerous play zones. Far East Organization Children’s Garden – Gardens By The Bay is one of Singapore’s largest outdoor playgrounds. The Children’s Garden surround by lush foliage, and its play features blend into the natural environment.

There are four primary zones to play in:

  1. Water Play area
  2. Toddler Playground
  3. Rainforest Tree Houses
  4. Adventure Trail

Water Play Area:

This water play area will be the primary draw for little children! My 3-year-old daughter has always enjoyed water playgrounds, but she had never been so eager to play that she raced right into the puddles of water from the orchid-shaped water buckets.This water play area gets designed to detect the children’s movement using sensors and produce water effects in response!

Toddler Play Area ( 1-5 years old):

It is an interactive play area featuring water tunnels and sway bridges. Many youngsters clamber over the fish sculptures and attempt to avoid the water jets that spit water out of their mouths in the fish fountain area. A cushioned playground is also available for curious, energetic toddlers to develop motor skills such as climbing, jumping, and running in a secure atmosphere.


The sheer height and challenge of climbing up to the tree house, which stands at 7.5 meters, never fails to inspire a sense of adventure and bravery in any youngster! The less brave one chose to begin with the sand play at the bottom of the tree house, and thoroughly enjoyed the idea of creating her sandcastles and playing out pretend play scripts about princesses, monarchs, and fairies. 

Adventure Trail:

Several play areas, including an arch tunnel, grasshopper stepping stairs, a spider web, rock climbing on a steep slope, tube, and high slides, are flanked by fig trees. We like how each dedicated play area pushes children to utilize their motor muscles to complete physical activities and offers them a sense of accomplishment when they reach every hopping, jumping, leaping, or motor coordination milestone.

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