Grace Methodist Church

Grace Methodist Church

What to Know About Grace Methodist Church

Since Grace Methodist Church is a family church with well-linked communities, they assure you that you won’t be a stranger for very long. There are various methods to interact with others and seek assistance in figuring out where you fit in. GMC is fortunate to have gifted musicians who enjoy using their artistic talents to serve God’s church. They use the music as part of their preparation for hearing the Word and responding to it as an expression of worship of God. Every week, Grace Methodist Church also hosts a program for children. Your children will enjoy themselves in a secure atmosphere while learning about Jesus’ love and His purpose for their lives from the enthusiastic, qualified volunteers.


The English congregation of the Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church at Telok Ayer Street was the church’s original location for Grace Methodist Church (GMC), which had modest beginnings in the 1960s.

Alfred Yeo Chee Heng, a recent graduate of the United Kingdom’s London Bible College, served as its leader. As the supply pastor, he gets chosen. Over time, the congregation expanded, and on November 8, 1970, Grace Methodist Church was formally established.

The church’s pastor was still Rev. Alfred Yeo. Nearby its current location, the Telok Blangah Chinese Methodist Church hosted the church service. Despite being young and tiny, the church was known for being aggressive in encouraging missions through weekend mission trips to West Malaysia. Additionally, the church dispatched several missionaries to many nations, including Thailand, Pakistan, Brazil, Turkey, Cambodia, Indonesia, and European countries.

The Building 

Church began seeking a suitable plot of land to construct its facility in 1985 after launching a sizable church construction fund. From 1992 to 1998, GMC provided its services at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), where it was able to sign a lease for its current location and begin work on a new building.

The church’s history was altered on April 5, 1998, when it relocated into its freshly constructed church structure at Telok Blangah. 

Their Beliefs

Methodists are the Church of England’s heir to John Wesley’s renewal ministry from the 18th century. His ministry was different and involved a “method” for societal and personal purity even though he was heir to the church catholic (universal) tradition. A Strong Christian revival gets sustained in England thanks to the “connection” that Wesley built up among neighborhood organizations and small groups, which finally resulted in the establishment of the Methodist Church.

John Wesley’s view that the world could and ought to be changed by the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Spread Scriptural holiness throughout these regions, he pleaded in an urgent, evangelical letter to early Methodist preachers. It was a missionary movement, preaching the gospel to heal the nation’s converted hearts.

Pastors and laypeople who identify as Methodist Christians must study the scriptures to interpret them. Theological work for the church does every time they open the Bible to read the texts in search of meaning for the present. It is the job of Christians in today’s conditions and facing today’s realities to extract the truth. They decide how the holy books and the established church ideas fit into the modern world.


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