Haig Girls’ School

by | May 24, 2022

Haig Girls' School

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Guide to Know About Haig Girls’ School

HGS is one of Singapore’s two government-run all-girls primary schools. In September 1951, HGS opened its doors to 200 students in a two-story school structure on Jalan Tembusu, just off Haig Road. The school moved to its present location on Koon Seng Road in November 1999. HGS now has over 1000 students enrolled. The Haig Girls’ School has recently received accolades for its achievements in arts education, character education, and curriculum innovation. 

The school’s visionary leadership, dedicated instructors, and supportive parents, past and present, have contributed to HGS’ success in fostering confident and creative young women leaders of character. The Haig Girl is known for her bravery and tenacity.

School Mission and Vision

Mission – to develop self-directed learners, critical thinkers, and compassionate leaders and servants.

Vision – Character-driven leaders pursuing excellence in a thriving school

The Curriculum

English, mathematics, science, and mother tongue languages are among the primary courses offered at Haig Girls’ School. To further enrich the children’s education, the school promotes strengths in Arts Education, Character and Citizenship Education, Information and Communication Technology, and Holistic Assessments.

Distinctive Programs & Services

Applied Learning Program (ALP) – Innovation and Service Learning through Integrated Project Work

Integrated Project Work (IPW) at Haig Girls involves interdisciplinary, place-based learning and authentic problem solving, service learning, and value creation. Each initiative infuses character and citizenship education while fostering 21st-century skills like self-directed learning, collaboration, critical and creative thinking, and civic literacy.

Learning For Life Programme (LLP) 

Character and Leadership through the Performing and Visual Arts

LLP strives to foster character and leadership through various arts-based learning opportunities. They use a three-tiered strategy to guarantee that students develop their creativity, self-expression, and awareness of Singapore’s multi-cultural history through the arts across the entire school. These learning opportunities are also carefully designed to allow students to demonstrate ideals in action while also developing leadership abilities.

Haig Girls’ School Academic Achievements

Academic – 9th International Young Whizzes Challenge 2018

Gold – Asha MEredith Solomon. Clarabelle Tan Shih Jieh

Silver – Janya Kaur Bajaj, Lee En Jia

Bronze Medal – Resham Rachhpal Singh, Lee Tse Yee Megan

Co-Curricular Activities 

CCA is an ideal component of a student’s overall education. It aids in the development of attributes such as tenacity, confidence, and perseverance in our students, preparing them to adapt and succeed in a quickly changing environment. We offer a diverse choice of CCA at Haig Girls’.

Clubs & Enrichment

  • Drama Club
  • Science Club

Performing & Visual Art

  •  Art Club
  • Chinese Dance
  • Indian Dance
  • Modern Dance
  • Gamelan
  • Handbells
  • HGS Chorale

Sports & Games

  • Badminton
  • Bowling
  • Netball
  • Soccer
  • Wushu

Uniformed Groups

  • Brownies
  • Red Cross

Invest time in discovering, developing, and committing to your talent (D3T2)

Haig Girls’ established D3T2, a school-based talent development program, to cultivate and recognize the varied students’ abilities. Pupils who excel in the visual arts, music, dance, theatre, English and Chinese creative arts, mathematics, science, or athletics get provided an opportunity to further their skills and interests in these areas. In the D3T2 program, students ‘dedicate’ their abilities to the school and community.

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