Henry Park Primary School

by | May 24, 2022

Henry Park Primary School

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Know About the programmes of Henry park school

Henry Park Primary School, located on Holland Grove Road in Singapore, is a relatively big primary school. On March 22, 1977, the school welcomed its first 287 students. On April 7, 1978, it formally opened by Dr Chiang Hai Ding, Member of Parliament for Ulu Pandan. Around 2,200 students, ranging in age from seven to twelve, attend  Henry Park Primary School. The current structures were inaugurated in 2013. The school offers co-curricular and enrichment activities.

Learn based on Inquiry

Inquiry-based learning is a student-centred learning method based on John Dewey’s constructivism learning philosophy. At Henry Park Primary School, we use the following approach to scientific learning: 

  • Constructivist method to concept development – pupils build concepts through hands-on activities as they make connections with their surroundings.
  • Inquiry-based activities in and out of the classroom engage our students in problem-solving, decision-making, and investigative processes. Authentic outdoor learning, use of ICT, and self-direct collaborative learning activities provide an opportunity to apply concepts in various circumstances.
  • Our Learning Framework connects with the skills and attitudes we seek to foster via our Science programme. The Science curriculum also includes developing ingenuity and talent, allowing our pupils to demonstrate their abilities.

Sports Modular Program (P4-6)

From P4 to P6, kids are introduced to sports and games that foster collaboration, effective teamwork, and strategic gameplay as part of their PE curriculum. It accomplish through our Modular Sports curriculum, which teaches pupils sports such as tchoukball, frisbee, floorball, rounders, basketball, and football. Our children gain specific abilities over time by learning different sports through games; in P4, they learn about spatial awareness, teamwork, and gaming; in P5 and P6, they learn about teamwork and gameplay. Intra-school sporting competitions, such as the Interclass Games, a platform for our students to put their Modular Sports technical skills and strategies into practice.

National Education And Discipline (NE)

We strive to instil the value of self-discipline in all students. We believe that by developing self-discipline, students will be able to overcome any challenges they may face. Self-discipline is a lifelong value that will serve and benefit them as they grow and mature. To demonstrate self-discipline are expected and encouraged to govern their behaviour.

National Education (NE) is a component of a well-rounded education. Its goal is to promote national unity and increase students’ faith in our country’s future. It also stresses the need to build a sense of belonging and emotional ties to Singapore. The elementary school curriculum incorporates national education. 

Character Development

The Character-Building program’s goal is to instil character values in every student through the use of the school values. Every student has a six-year roll-out plan. The following are the activities that each student participates in:

Explicit Instruction:

During Assembly, teachers teach character qualities in the classroom. Students given case studies and scenarios in which they can apply the values they’ve learned to address problems.

Unintentional Infusion:

Teachers instil desired character traits in their students.

Ip and Non-IP Subjects Receive Infusion:

Character values defined in the Scheme of Work will teach subject teachers.

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