Unlocking Success: Your Comprehensive Guide to HDB Intent to Sell – Register an Intent to Sell on the HDB Resale Portal for Maximum Impact and Results

by | Oct 25, 2023

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Housing Development Board HDB Intent to Sell Overview

What is HDB Intent to Sell?

HDB Intent to Sell is a process in which homeowners who wish to sell their HDB flats in Singapore need to register their intent with the Housing and Development Board (HDB), a government agency responsible for housing in Singapore.

This registration is done through the HDB e-Services portal using SingPass, the government-issued login system.

The purpose of registering an intent to sell is to notify HDB and potential buyers about the homeowner’s intention to sell their residential property.

The registration process involves providing details such as the HDB block and flat number, the billing status of the current flat, and the intended selling price.

This information helps both HDB and potential buyers in assessing the availability and pricing of HDB flats in various housing estates across Singapore.

The intent to sell registration also allows HDB to determine the eligibility of homeowners to sell their flat based on conditions such as the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) and other relevant criteria.

Why Register an HDB Intent to Sell?

Benefits of Registering an Intent to Sell

Registering an HDB Intent to Sell is a crucial step for homeowners who want to sell their HDB flats. Here’s why:

  1. Smooth Resale Application: By registering your intent to sell, you ensure that the resale application process goes smoothly. It serves as the initial step before submitting the full resale application, allowing HDB to gather necessary information about your flat before buyers start expressing interest.
  2. Notify Interested Buyers: Once your intent to sell is registered, potential buyers searching for HDB flats can view your registered intent and express interest in your flat. This helps you gauge market demand and initiate the selling process effectively.
  3. Access to Resale Information: Registering the intent to sell also gives you access to useful information, such as the resale transactions of nearby flats and the upgrading status of your block or estate. This information can help you make informed decisions about pricing and positioning your flat in the market.
  4. Resale Application Submission: Upon receiving an offer from a buyer, you can proceed with submitting the full resale application to HDB, attaching the necessary documents and fulfilling the required procedures.
  5. Resale Approval: Once the resale application is submitted, HDB will process the application and issue an approval letter if all conditions are met. This letter confirms that the resale of your HDB flat is approved, allowing you to proceed with the sale transaction.

Who is Eligible to Register an HDB Intent to Sell?

To register an HDB Intent to Sell, homeowners need to meet certain eligibility criteria.

Here are some key points:

  1. Buyers and Sellers: Both buyers and sellers of HDB flats can register their intent to sell, as this process helps facilitate the resale transaction.
  2. Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) Sellers: SPR sellers can also register their intent to sell their HDB flat, but they need to assess their eligibility to sell under the Non-Citizen Spouse Scheme (for SPRs who have since become Singapore citizens) or the Enhanced Contra Facility Scheme (for sellers who intend to buy another HDB flat).
  3. Eligibility Conditions: The eligibility conditions for selling an HDB flat include fulfilling the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP), not owning other residential properties locally or overseas, and not previously enjoying any housing subsidies or grants.
  4. Non-Malaysian Permanent Resident (PR) Seller: Non-Malaysian PR sellers also need to undergo the “Plan, Source, and Contract” (PSC) process to ensure that their flat prices are aligned with the transaction process for non-Malaysian PRs.

By meeting the eligibility conditions and registering your intent to sell, you can navigate the resale process smoothly and ensure compliance with HDB regulations.

The HDB Intent to Sell process is an essential step for homeowners in Singapore looking to sell their HDB flats.

By registering their intent with HDB, they can notify potential buyers, gather important information about the market, and initiate a smooth resale application process.

Understanding the importance of HDB Intent to Sell registration and meeting the eligibility criteria is crucial for a successful and hassle-free selling experience.


Key Takeaways

  1. HDB Intent to Sell Process: The HDB intent to sell process is a critical step in the flat purchase and resale journey, ensuring access to important resale documents and adherence to proper procedures.
  2. Secure Websites and Official Links: Utilizing secure websites and official HDB links is crucial for staying informed throughout the selling journey, promoting transparency and preventing fraudulent communication.
  3. Temporary Extensions: Sellers with outstanding payments can request temporary extensions through the HDB’s official website, providing flexibility in completing the sale.
  4. Authorized Communication Channels: During the resale process, buyers and sellers must communicate through authorized channels and forms to prevent fraud. Suspicious communications should be reported immediately.
  5. Use of Cash Proceeds: Sellers should use cash proceeds from the sale to settle outstanding payments, including stamp fees and loans, ensuring a smooth transaction.
  6. Resale Market Conditions: Both buyers and sellers should understand resale market conditions, considering resale statistics and sale prices of similar flats for informed decision-making and pricing adjustments.
  7. Importance of Resale Procedures: Understanding resale procedures is essential for a smooth and transparent transaction, protecting the interests of both parties.
  8. Legal Compliance: Following specified procedures and using authorized forms ensures legal compliance for both buyers and sellers, preventing disputes and issues.
  9. Transparency in Pricing: The HDB intent to sell process provides transparency in resale market conditions, preventing unfair pricing practices and promoting a level playing field.
  10. Smooth Transactions: Proper processes, secure websites, and official links contribute to smooth and efficient transactions, reducing delays and complications in the resale journey.

How to Register Intent to Sell

Tips for Resale Selling Your HDB Flat

Step-by-Step Guide to Registering an Intent to Sell

If you are considering selling your HDB flat in Singapore, you will need to register your intent to sell with the Housing and Development Board (HDB). Here is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process:

  1. Register: Begin by logging in to the HDB resale portal. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one. Once logged in, select the option to register your intent to sell.
  2. Submit Resale Application: After registering your intent to sell, you will need to submit the resale application. This application includes details about your flat and your preferred selling price.
  3. Upload Supporting Documents: As part of the resale application, you will need to upload supporting documents such as your identification documents, the floor plan of your flat, and any renovation permits you may have obtained.
  4. Set a Resale Appointment: Once your resale application is submitted, you will need to set a resale appointment with the buyers. This appointment is conducted at the HDB Hub and involves completing and signing relevant documents.
  5. Attend Resale Appointment: On the day of the resale appointment, all parties involved, including both the sellers and buyers, will need to be present. During this appointment, the sellers will sign the Resale Agreement and buyers will provide the option fee.
  6. Obtain Resale Approval: After the resale appointment, HDB will process the resale application and conduct necessary checks. If everything is in order, you will receive the Resale Approval Letter, which allows you to proceed with the sale.
  7. Exercise the Option: Once you have obtained the Resale Approval Letter, the buyers will need to exercise the option and pay the option exercise fee. This fee is typically 1% of the agreed-upon purchase price.
  8. Complete the Resale: Finally, complete the resale transaction by signing the Sale and Purchase Agreement and paying the requisite fees. The completion date is usually within 8 to 10 weeks from the date of the resale appointment.

By following these steps, you can successfully register your intent to sell your HDB flat and navigate the resale process in Singapore.

Remember to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements and guidelines set by HDB to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

It is also recommended to seek professional advice from a real estate agent or legal advisor to assist you throughout the process.



Benefits of Registering an Intent to Sell


Priority Access to New HDB Flats

Registering an HDB intent to sell your HDB flat comes with several benefits, one of which is priority access to new HDB flats.

When you register your intent to sell, you gain access to the HDB Buyer’s Portal, where you can view upcoming launches and apply for new flats before they are made available to the general public.

This gives you an advantage in securing a new HDB flat in a desired location, as you get a head start compared to those who have not registered their intent to sell.

Furthermore, by registering your intent to sell, you become eligible for various housing grants offered by HDB.

These grants, such as the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant and the Family Grant, can significantly reduce the purchase price of your new HDB flat.

This can make a considerable difference in affordability and increase your chances of obtaining your dream home.

It is important to note that once you have registered your intent to sell, you are required to sell your current HDB flat within a specific timeframe.

Failure to do so may result in penalties or the need to reapply for priority access to new flats.

Shorter Waiting Time for BTO Flats

Another benefit of registering an intent to sell is the shorter waiting time for Built-to-Order (BTO) flats.

BTO flats are highly sought after, as they are brand new and often come with modern amenities.

By registering your intent to sell, you can submit your resale application within a shorter time period, allowing you to proceed with the purchase of a BTO flat earlier.

Additionally, registering an intent to sell also affects the minimum occupation period (MOP) of your current HDB flat.

The MOP is the duration you are required to reside in your flat before you can sell it in the open market.

By registering your intent to sell, the day of resale completion marks the start of a 7-day cooling-off period where you can finalize the purchase of your new HDB flat.

This gives you the flexibility to move into your new home without having to wait for the full MOP.

Furthermore, if you require more time to complete the transaction for your new flat, you can apply for an extension period of up to three months.

This allows you to seamlessly transition from your current HDB flat to your newly purchased BTO flat.


Higher Chance of Getting a Flat in Your Desired Location

Registering an intent to sell your HDB flat increases your chances of securing a flat in your desired location.

When you register your intent to sell, HDB provides you with valuable information regarding the transacted prices of nearby flats.

This information allows you to make informed decisions about the pricing and market for sale of your current flat.

Additionally, registering your intent to sell attracts buyers who are actively searching for an HDB flat in your area.

This increases the demand for your flat and may result in a faster sale at a competitive price.

By leveraging the market for sale, you can optimize your selling strategy and potentially sell the flat at a desirable price.

In conclusion, registering an intent to sell your HDB flat offers numerous benefits.

It grants you priority access to new HDB flats, reduces the waiting time for BTO flats, and increases your chances of securing a flat in your desired location.

By taking advantage of these benefits, you can navigate the HDB resale process more effectively and enhance your overall housing options.


Tips for Resale / Selling Your HDB Flat

Selling your HDB flat can be an important decision in your homeownership journey.

To ensure a smooth and successful resale process, it is crucial to follow some essential tips.

In this article, we will provide you with valuable information and guidance on how to effectively sell your HDB flat.

On 1 January 2018, the Highly Favored Ethnic (HFE) sellers will have an opportunity to submit and receive crucial information.

This receive information about the ethnic pertains to the Ethnic, One-Time Password otp to the buyers, and an estimated computation of their selling price.

Sellers can submit will be able to provide the Ethnic information, which will assist buyers in making informed purchasing decisions.

The otp and compute you’re estimated will enhance security measures, ensuring smooth and trustworthy transactions.

Additionally, sellers can compute an estimated price, enabling buyers to plan their budgets accordingly.

It is imperative for sellers to ensure that the information they provide is accurate and up-to-date.

This includes all details, such as product descriptions, pricing, and any other relevant information.

By maintaining accuracy, sellers can build trust with buyers, leading to successful and satisfactory transactions for both parties involved.

January 1, 2018, marks the beginning of a new era for HFE sellers, allowing them to effectively communicate and transact with buyers, also receive information while upholding utmost transparency and reliability, otp and compute your estimated to make sure details are accurate.


Price your flat competitively

One of the most critical factors in selling your HDB flat is pricing it competitively.

To determine the appropriate price, you can refer to the Option to Purchase (OTP) and transacted prices of nearby flats.

Understanding the market value will guide your selling decisions and help attract potential buyers.

You can use the Resale Price and Sale Proceeds Calculator provided by HDB to estimate the probable resale price and sale proceeds of your flat.

Evaluating the prices of similar flats in your area and considering factors such as location, condition, and amenities can help you set a competitive price that appeals to flat buyers.

Make your flat look its best

Presentation is crucial when it comes to attracting potential buyers.

To make your HDB flat more appealing, ensure it looks its best.

Start by decluttering and organizing your space to make it appear more spacious and inviting.

Remove personal items such as family pictures to allow buyers to envision themselves in the space.

If you are going through divorce proceedings and need to sell an HDB flat, consider engaging in HDB After Divorce Selling services.

This program provides solutions and resources for selling your HDB flat after a divorce.

Market your flat effectively

Effectively marketing your HDB flat is essential to reach a wide pool of potential buyers.

Begin by submitting your resale application through the HDB Resale Portal.

Additionally, consider listing your flat on various property websites or engaging a property agent or housing agent to assist you in marketing your flat.

Stay informed about current government policies and regulations that may impact the resale process.

The HDB e-Service provides information on upgrading and estate renewal programs, which can add value to your flat and attract buyers.

By following these tips, you can increase the chances of a successful resale and attract the right buyers for your HDB flat.

Remember to stay updated with the latest information and seek professional advice when necessary to navigate the resale process smoothly.


Need to Register an Intent to Sell?

Tips for Resale Selling Your HDB Flat

If you are planning to sell your Housing & Development Board (HDB) flat in Singapore, it is important to be aware of the process and requirements involved.

Registering an intent to sell is a crucial step in the resale application process.

In this article, we will discuss when you need to register an intent to sell and how to check if you are eligible to do so.

When it comes to sharing sensitive information online, it is crucial to prioritize security.

This is especially true when dealing with official websites, such as those related to the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

For instance, when checking your eligibility to sell an HDB flat, it is important to ensure that you are accessing the official secure website.

By doing so, you can be confident that your personal details and transaction information are safeguarded.

Additionally, when it comes time to login to the HDB resale system, it is recommended to take added precautions.

This may include using a secure network, ensuring that the website address starts with “https,” and being vigilant against phishing attempts.

It is worth noting that it is mandatory to wait for 12 months after taking possession of an HDB flat before selling it, except for specific situations as outlined on the gov.sg websites.

By understanding the rules and regulations, as well as the eligibility criteria and quota set by HDB, sellers can ensure a smooth and lawful transaction process.

HDB will then assess conduct an assessment, through its own platform, starting from 1st January 2018, to evaluate eligibility for the sale and registration of flats.

Before being granted approval by HDB, homeowners need to utilize the HDB resale portal to register.

This process serves as a means to ensure the eligibility to sell a flat is met.

Additionally, it allows homeowners to obtain crucial information regarding upgrading costs and guidelines, just like the resale checklist.

The serious tone of this matter emphasizes the importance of adhering to the regulations and procedures set by HDB.

This assessment ensures that only those who meet the criteria set by HDB are allowed to sell their flats in the resale market.

It also gives homeowners a comprehensive understanding of the financial obligations that come with selling a flat, such as the upgrading costs required to make their property eligible for sale.

When do you need to register an intent to sell?

When you decide to sell your HDB flat, you must register an intent to sell before submitting the resale application.

This means that you must declare your intention to sell your flat to the HDB. The resale application cannot proceed without this registration.

There are a few important factors to consider regarding the registration of intent to sell:

  1. Eligibility conditions: Before registering your intent to sell, you need to ensure that you meet certain eligibility conditions set by the HDB. These conditions include fulfilling the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) and any ethnic integration policy requirements for your flat.
  2. Timing: It is essential to register your intent to sell within the validity period of the Option to Purchase (OTP). The OTP is the agreement between the buyer and seller that grants the buyer the exclusive right to purchase the flat within a specified period.
  3. Involvement of housing agent: If you are engaging a housing agent to help you with the resale process, they can assist you in registering your intent to sell. They will guide you through the necessary steps and ensure that the registration is completed accurately.
  4. Flat prices: During the registration of intent to sell, you will need to provide the price at which you intend to sell your flat. This price should be based on prevailing market conditions and should not exceed the HDB’s valuation of the flat.
  5. Processing fee: There is a processing fee involved when registering your intent to sell. As of January 2022, the fee is S$10 (Singapore Dollars). This fee can be paid online or through other available payment modes specified by HDB.

How to check if you are eligible to register an intent to sell

To check if you are eligible to register an intent to sell your HDB flat, you can follow these steps:

  1. Login: Visit the official HDB website and log in to your account using your SingPass.
  2. Assess your eligibility to sell: Once you have logged in, navigate to the “My Flat > Resale > Register Intent to Sell” section. Here, you will find an eligibility checklist that will help you assess whether you meet the criteria for registering your intent to sell.
  3. Eligibility checks: The checklist will cover various aspects, such as MOP fulfillment, ethnic eligibility, and any other specific requirements based on the type of flat you own.
  4. Buyer eligibility: Apart from your own eligibility, it is also important to consider the buyer’s eligibility. Ensure that the potential buyer meets the eligibility criteria set by the HDB for purchasing resale flats.
  5. Housing & Development Board (HDB) appointment details: If you are deemed eligible to register your intent to sell, you will be provided with information regarding the next steps and the required documents for submission. You may also be given an appointment date for completing the registration process.
  6. Ethnic details: As part of the registration process, you will need to provide your ethnic details. This is necessary to ensure compliance with the ethnic integration policy.
  7. Flat selling process: Once your intent to sell is registered, you can proceed with the resale process, including finding a buyer, negotiating the price, and completing the necessary paperwork.

It is important to note that the processing time for registering an intent to sell and receiving approval from HDB is typically around 8 weeks.

This timeframe should be considered when planning your resale timeline.

By following the guidelines provided by HDB and ensuring that you register your intent to sell within the required timeframe, you can smoothly navigate the resale process and sell your HDB flat with ease.



Final thoughts and key takeaways

In conclusion, the HDB intent to sell process is a crucial part of the flat purchase and resale journey.

It ensures that both the buyer and seller have access to important resale documents, have obtained the necessary housing loan if applicable, and are aware of the proper procedures to follow.

By utilizing secure websites and official HDB links, individuals can stay informed and aware of the necessary steps and requirements throughout the selling journey.

It is important to note that the HDB intent to sell process provides temporary extensions for sellers who have outstanding payments or other issues that may delay the completion of the sale.

Sellers can request for a temporary extension through the HDB’s official website and will be notified via the hdb when the application is approved.

During the resale process, it is vital for both buyers and sellers to communicate through authorized channels and forms.

Any suspicious form of communication claiming to be from HDB should be reported immediately.

Sellers should ensure that any cash proceeds received from the sale are used to settle outstanding payments, including stamp fees and outstanding loans.

Understanding the resale procedures and being aware of the resale market conditions is essential for both buyers and sellers.

Prospective buyers should carefully consider the resale statistics and sale prices of similar flats in their desired location to make an informed purchasing decision.

Sellers should also be mindful of the current state of the resale market and adjust their sale price accordingly.

Overall, the proper flat purchase and resale processes, including the HDB intent to sell procedure, play a significant role in ensuring a smooth and transparent transaction.

By following the guidelines and utilizing the resources provided by HDB, individuals can navigate through the resale journey with confidence and peace of mind.

Once logged in, users can put their flat on the market by navigating to the flat dashboard.

Here, users can provide details about their flat, upload relevant documents, and set a price for resale.

The flat will be determined will then be determined based on the information provided and the valid resale checklist.

The resale checklist ensures that all necessary documents and information are provided by the seller, ensuring a smooth and transparent transaction process.

Additionally, users can find helpful information such as the ethnic and cultural diversity of the neighborhood, nearby amenities, and the estimated billing of upgrading costs.

This detailed information allows sellers to present their flat accurately, and helps potential buyers make informed decisions about the property they are interested in.

In order to guide their selling decisions, sellers have the ability to submit and receive valuable information about the ethnic integration of their target market.

This allows them to gain insights into the cultural nuances and preferences of their customers, enabling them to make more informed and targeted sales strategies.

Download the otp and compute to the buyers (other transactional platforms), sellers can access various data and metrics that provide a comprehensive understanding of the ethnic makeup and integration patterns within a specific region.

Armed with this knowledge, sellers can tailor their sales approaches to effectively reach and engage with diverse ethnic communities, ultimately increasing their chances of success in the marketplace.

Additionally, sell before they put and analyze this information to identify trends and patterns, empowering them to make data-driven decisions that could have a significant impact on their sales performance.

By utilizing these tools and resources, sellers can maximize their potential and navigate the complexities of selling in a diverse and multicultural society.

When it comes to the importance of providing accurate and reliable estimates, the use of an OTP (One-Time Password) is crucial.

This unique code serves as a key factor in computing the estimated OTP to be provided to the buyers.

Careful consideration must be given to ensure that your details in this calculation is precise and valid for 12 months.

Failing to do so may result in complications and mistrust from both parties involved.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for one of you will need either the sell and register or the estimator, to take responsibility for generating the OTP accurately.

Any negligence or errors in the process can lead to dire consequences.

Additionally, it is essential to ensure that all necessary details are provided and that they are correct.

Failure to do so may result in an immediate rejection of your application will be rejected.

Thus, every precaution must be taken to guarantee the authenticity and reliability of the estimated OTP, as any discrepancy can significantly impact the buying process.

It is imperative to note that the information presented may be different from that indicated.

Therefore, users should take this into consideration before making any decisions based on the provided details.

Additionally, it is crucial to understand that the time of publication of the information must be taken into account.

As the circumstances might have changed since the initial release, it is recommended to verify the accuracy of the details with more up-to-date sources.

Users should also keep in mind that any preliminary assessment made based on the information provided may need to login to be re-evaluated as more relevant information becomes available.

Furthermore, it is advisable to double-check the accuracy of the details submitted and to re-apply any necessary validation processes to ensure the reliability of the data.

Significance of proper flat purchase and resale processes

The proper flat purchase and resale processes are of utmost significance to ensure a fair and transparent housing market.

These processes help protect the interests of both buyers and sellers, providing a structured framework for transactions to take place smoothly.

Here are some key reasons why these processes are essential:

  1. Protecting buyers: Proper processes ensure that buyers have access to all necessary information through the submission of resale application and the availability of resale documents. This allows buyers to make informed decisions and avoid any potential issues or disputes in the future.
  2. Ensuring legal compliance: By following the specified procedures and utilizing authorized forms and communications, both buyers and sellers can ensure that they are complying with the relevant laws and regulations.
  3. Transparency: Through the HDB intent to sell process, buyers and sellers can have a clear understanding of the resale market conditions, including the sale price of similar flats in the area. This transparency helps prevent any unfair pricing practices and promotes a level playing field for all parties involved.
  4. Smooth transaction: Following the proper processes and utilizing the available resources, such as secure websites and official links, facilitates a smooth and efficient transaction. This reduces the chances of delays or complications during the resale journey.

By recognizing the significance of proper flat purchase and resale processes, individuals can ensure a fair and well-regulated housing market in Singapore.

These processes serve to protect the interests of both buyers and sellers, promoting transparency, compliance, and smooth transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HDB Intent to Sell?

HDB Intent to Sell is a document that indicates the flat owner’s intention to sell their HDB flat.

Who needs to submit HDB Intent to Sell?

All flat owners who wish to sell their HDB flat are required to submit the HDB Intent to Sell.

How can I submit HDB Intent to Sell?

You can submit the HDB Intent to Sell online through the HDB flat portal.

What are the documents required for resale?

The documents required for resale include the Resale Checklist, recent transacted prices of nearby flats, and any relevant supporting documents.

Can I submit my HDB Intent to Sell in person?

No, HDB Intent to Sell can only be submitted online through the HDB flat portal.

How long does it take to process the HDB Intent to Sell?

The processing time for HDB Intent to Sell is approximately 3 working days.

What is the status of upgrading and how does it affect resale?

The status of upgrading refers to the upgrading works that are being carried out by HDB in certain areas. It may affect the resale of flats in those areas.

What is a resale levy?

A resale levy is a payment that flat sellers have to make when they sell their subsidized flat and buy a new flat from HDB.

How can I compute my estimated sale proceeds?

You can compute your estimated sale proceeds by using the HDB Resale Portal’s sale proceeds calculator.

Are there any online payment modes available for the payment of resale fees?

Yes, you can make payment for resale fees through various online payment modes such as internet banking and mobile payment apps.

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