Exploring Different Types of Property HDB in Singapore: A Guide to 4-Room HDB Flat Types, Type of HDB, and Floor Plans for Singles

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Understanding the Different Flat Types

Step into Singapore’s Types of Property HDB, where HDB flats blend affordability with comfort.

Explore a range of flats catering to diverse dreams – from the promise of BTO schemes to the echoes of generations in resale flats.

Uncover architectural marvels like maisonettes and jumbo flats, embracing spacious living and harmonizing lifestyles.

Dive into multigenerational homes, where bonds flourish under one roof.

Key Takeaways

  1. HDB Flats Overview: HDB flats are public housing apartments managed by the Singapore government, known for their affordability and amenities.
  2. Benefits of Ownership: Owning an HDB flat offers affordability, access to amenities, communal facilities, and promotes community bonding.
  3. Housing Options: Singaporeans can choose between new flats through the HDB BTO scheme or opt for resale flats in the open market.
  4. Flat Types: Different flat types, including 4-room, 5-room, and 2-room flexi, cater to diverse family needs.
  5. Resale Market: The HDB resale market offers a variety of flat types and sizes, catering to location preferences and configurations.
  6. HDB BTO: Build-To-Order flats are new homes offered directly by the government through regular exercises.
  7. Application Process: Applying for HDB BTO flats involves checking eligibility, choosing location, and applying online.
  8. Executive Apartments: Larger, premium HDB flats provide spacious living options for families.
  9. Maisonettes and Jumbo Flats: Unique housing options with distinctive features for larger families.
  10. Multigenerational Living: HDB flats are suitable for multigenerational families, offering amenities to accommodate various generations.

Introduction to HDB Flats in Singapore

HDB BTO Building for the Future

Overview of HDB Flats

HDB flats, or Housing and Development Board flats, are public housing apartments built and managed by the Singapore government.

They are popular among Singaporeans due to their affordability and excellent amenities.

HDB flats are available in various flat types and sizes, catering to the diverse needs of Singaporean families.

Benefits of Owning an HDB Flat

Owning an HDB flat comes with several advantages:

  1. HDB flats are priced significantly lower than private properties, making them more affordable for the average Singaporean.
  2. HDB flats are located in well-planned housing estates, offering convenient access to amenities such as schools, parks, shopping centers, and public transportation.
  3. HDB flats are equipped with various communal facilities, promoting community bonding and interactions among residents.

Housing Options for Singaporeans

Singaporeans have different options when it comes to public housing.

They can choose between new flats offered under the HDB BTO scheme or resale flats in the open market.

The HDB BTO scheme allows Singaporeans to apply for new flats directly from the government, while the resale market provides a broader range of options for those who prefer already-built homes.

Let’s take a closer look at each type of HDB flat.

Understanding the Different Flat Types

Exploring Different Types of Property HDB in Singapore A Guide to 4 Room HDB Flat Types Type of HDB and Floor Plans for Singles

4-Room HDB Flats

4-room HDB flats are a popular choice for families.

They typically have three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and two bathrooms.

The size of a 4-room HDB flat is around 90 square meters, providing ample space for comfortable living.

These flats often have a balcony or a service yard for added convenience.

5-Room HDB Flats

For larger families or those who prefer more spacious living, 5-room HDB flats are an excellent option.

These flats have four bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and two bathrooms.

With approximately 110 square meters, these flats offer generous living and dining areas, making them ideal for family gatherings and entertaining guests.

2-Room Flexi HDB Flats

2-room flexi HDB flats are designed for singles, elderly couples, or small families.

These flats consist of one bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

One unique feature of 2-room flexi flats is their flexible lease options.

Depending on their preferences and needs, buyers can choose between a short lease (15 to 45 years) or a longer one (99 years).

Exploring the HDB Resale Market

Exploring Executive Condominiums as an Alternative

Resale Flat Types

The HDB resale market offers various flat types, including 2-room, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room, executive flats, and even niche options like 3Gen flats and jumbo flats.

These previously owned resale flats allow buyers to choose from various locations, sizes, and configurations based on their preferences.

HDB Flat Sizes and Floor Plans

HDB flats come in sizes, from compact 2-room flats to spacious executive flats.

The size of the flat determines the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and overall living space.

The floor plans of HDB flats are carefully designed to maximize functionality and comfort, with considerations for natural light, ventilation, and privacy.

Resale Market Trends

Various factors, including location, flat size, and demand, influence the resale market for HDB flats.

Flats located in mature estates or those with excellent amenities and accessibility tend to command higher prices.

However, conducting thorough research and consulting property experts is essential to ensure informed decision-making when navigating the resale market.

HDB BTO: Building for the Future

What is HDB BTO? 

HDB BTO stands for Build-To-Order flats.

These are brand-new flats offered directly by the government.

The BTO flats are built in response to the anticipated demand in specific housing estates.

Aspiring homeowners can apply for BTO flats during the regular BTO exercises and enjoy the perks of owning a new home.

Applying for HDB BTO

Applying for HDB BTO flats involves several steps.

Interested individuals or families must check the eligibility criteria, select their preferred location and flat type, and submit their application during the BTO exercise.

The application process is done online through the HDB portal.

Successful applicants will be notified and invited to book their desired apartment.

Eligibility Criteria and Considerations

Eligibility for HDB BTO flats is subject to several factors, including citizenship, age, income ceiling, and the formation of a family nucleus.

It’s essential to familiarize oneself with the specific eligibility requirements and consider financial factors such as housing grants and loan affordability when applying for a BTO flat.

Executive Apartments: Spacious Living for Families

Features and Benefits of Executive Apartments

Executive apartments are more significant, premium HDB flats designed for families wanting even more living space.

These flats often have an additional study room or utility room, allowing homeowners to customize their living arrangements more flexibly.

With well-designed layouts and generous floor areas, executive apartments offer comfort, privacy, and luxury.

Floor Plans and Configuration Options

Executive apartments are available in several configurations, including 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, and even 5-bedroom options.

The floor plans are carefully crafted to optimize space utilization while maintaining a sense of openness and brightness.

These flats are perfect for families looking for a spacious and comfortable home.

Buying an Executive Apartment

Buying an executive apartment involves a slightly different process compared to regular flats.

As executive apartments are classified under the HDB Executive Condominium (EC) scheme, buyers must meet specific eligibility criteria, such as income ceiling and private property ownership.

The buying process for executive apartments might include additional steps, such as booking a unit through public launch events.

Maisonettes and Jumbo Flats: Unique Housing Options

Maisonettes and Jumbo Flats Unique Housing Options

The features of Maisonettes

Maisonettes are distinctive HDB flats that offer a two-story living space, providing residents with the feel of a landed property.

These flats feature an internal staircase that connects the two levels, offering privacy and functionality.

Most maisonettes are designed with four bedrooms, making them suitable for larger families.

The characteristics of Jumbo Flats

Jumbo flats are another unique housing option offered by HDB.

These flats are created by combining two adjacent units, resulting in a larger living space.

Jumbo flats are typically spacious and have at least six bedrooms, making them an excellent choice for extended or multigenerational families.

Comparing the pros and cons of Maisonettes and Jumbo Flats

Both maisonettes and jumbo flats have their advantages and disadvantages.

Maisonettes offer the charm of a two-story living space, but they can be more expensive compared to other flat types.

On the other hand, jumbo flats provide ample space but may require more maintenance due to their larger size.

It is crucial to consider your family’s needs and budget when choosing between these options.

The Evolution of HDB Housing Schemes

Understanding the 99-year lease terms

One of the key characteristics of HDB flats is the 99-year leasehold tenure.

This means that HDB flats are sold on a leasehold basis, with a lease duration of 99 years.

Understanding the lease terms is essential as it impacts the resale value of the flat and the eligibility for housing subsidies.

Exploring the different housing layouts

HDB offers a range of housing layouts to cater to different family sizes and preferences.

There are many options, from 3-room flats suitable for smaller families to 5-room flats designed for larger households.

There are also executive maisonettes, terraced houses, and semi-detached houses available for those looking for more spacious and luxurious living spaces.

The impact of land constraints on HDB development

Land constraints in Singapore have always been a challenge for HDB.

As a result, HDB has to carefully plan and optimize land use to provide sufficient housing for the growing population.

This has led to the introduction of innovative housing designs such as loft units, condominium options, and executive condominiums.

These developments maximize land use and offer modern and upscale living experiences.

Single Singapore Citizen Scheme: A Solution for Singles

Multigenerational Living in HDB Flats

Eligibility Requirements for the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme

The Single Singapore Citizen Scheme aims to provide affordable housing options for single individuals.

To be eligible for this scheme, applicants must be Singapore citizens aged 35 years and above, with a monthly income within the specified income ceilings.

Benefits and considerations for singles applying under this scheme

The Single Singapore Citizen Scheme offers several benefits for singles, including the opportunity to purchase their own HDB flat and enjoy government housing grants.

However, it is essential to consider factors such as financial commitments, location preferences, and the responsibilities of owning a property before deciding.

Exploring the floor space and bedroom sizes for single individuals

HDB flats under the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme typically come in sizes, including 2-room and 3-room flats.

These flats are designed to provide comfortable living spaces for single individuals, with well-designed layouts that maximize the available floor space.

Some flats also feature balcony spaces, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor views and create their oasis.

Joint Singles Scheme: Sharing the Housing Journey

Single Singapore Citizen Scheme A Solution for Singles

Eligibility Criteria for the Joint Singles Scheme

The Joint Singles Scheme is tailored explicitly for two to four single Singapore citizens who wish to live together.

To qualify for this scheme, all applicants must meet the eligibility criteria set by HDB, including age requirements and income ceilings.

The advantages of applying for a flat under this scheme

One of the advantages of the Joint Singles Scheme is the sharing of financial responsibilities.

By pooling their resources together, applicants can enjoy a more affordable housing option.

Additionally, this scheme allows individuals to foster closer relationships and create a sense of community within their living environment.

Sharing the rental income potential of Joint Singles Scheme

The Joint Singles Scheme offers an additional advantage of rental income potential.

If one or more flatmates eventually get married or move out, the remaining occupants can choose to rent out the vacant rooms, generating a steady stream of rental income.

Multigenerational Living in HDB Flats

Understanding the concept of multigenerational living

Multigenerational living refers to the practice of several generations living under one roof.

HDB flats are well-suited for multigenerational families due to their affordability and various flat types that accommodate different family structures.

This arrangement allows for better care of elderly family members and promotes closer family ties.

Exploring the housing features suitable for multigenerational families

HDB flats designed for multigenerational living often include features that cater to the needs of different family members.

These features may consist of larger common areas, specially designed bathroom facilities for older people, and flexible room configurations that can be adapted to changing family dynamics.

Tips for making the most of the available floor space

Optimizing the available floor space becomes crucial when living in a multigenerational HDB flat.

Residents can utilize intelligent storage solutions, multifunctional furniture, and adequate space planning to maximize the limited space.

These strategies ensure that each family member has private space while fostering a sense of togetherness.

Valuation and Pricing of HDB Resale Flats

Understanding the Valuation Process for HDB Resale Flats

The valuation process for HDB resale flats involves assessing the property’s market value based on factors such as location, size, condition, and recent transactions in the area.

This evaluation is crucial for buyers and sellers to ensure a fair and accurate price.

Tips for Negotiating the Price of an HDB Resale Flat

If you’re planning to buy a resale HDB flat, it’s important to negotiate the price effectively.

We provide helpful tips to help you secure a better deal and save money.

Factors Affecting the Pricing of HDB Resale Flats

Several factors can influence the pricing of HDB resale flats, including location, lease remaining, amenities, floor level, and renovation status.

Understanding these factors will enable you to make informed decisions when purchasing an HDB resale flat.

Comparing Different Home Loan Packages for HDB Flats

When financing your HDB flat, exploring various home loan packages offered by banks and financial institutions is essential.

We break down the options available and provide insights to help you choose the best option that suits your needs.

Tips for Securing the Best Interest Rates for HDB Home Loans

Interest rates play a significant role in determining the affordability of your HDB home loan.

We share some valuable tips on securing the best interest rates, ensuring you can manage your monthly repayments comfortably.

Understanding the Eligibility Criteria for HDB Home Loans

Before applying for an HDB home loan, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria set by HDB.

This ensures that you meet the requirements and increases your chances of approval.

Housing Affordability and Subsidies in Singapore

Exploring Housing Affordability for Singaporeans

Housing affordability is a significant concern for many Singaporeans.

In this section, we delve into the current situation and discuss various measures and initiatives introduced by the government to make housing more affordable for citizens.

Understanding the Different Subsidies Available for HDB Flats

HDB offers several subsidies to eligible buyers, including the CPF Housing Grant and Additional CPF Housing Grant.

We provide a detailed overview of these subsidies and how they can help reduce the cost of purchasing an HDB flat.

Eligibility Requirements for Housing Subsidies

To qualify for housing subsidies, there are specific eligibility criteria that applicants must meet.

We outline these requirements to give you a clear understanding of your eligibility for various grants available.

Exploring Executive Condominiums as an Alternative

Differences Between Executive Condominiums and HDB Flats

Executive Condominiums (ECs) are a popular alternative to HDB flats.

We highlight the key differences between these properties, including ownership restrictions, facilities, and potential investment opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria for Purchasing an Executive Condominium

Purchasing an Executive Condominium comes with specific eligibility criteria, such as income ceiling, citizenship status, and family nucleus requirements.

We discuss these criteria in detail to help you determine if ECs are a suitable option for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Executive Condominiums

Like any other housing option, there are pros and cons associated with Executive Condominiums.

We provide an unbiased assessment of the advantages and disadvantages to help you make an informed decision.

Future Trends in Singapore’s Housing Development

Emerging Trends in Multigenerational Homes

Multigenerational homes are gaining popularity in Singapore, with families opting for properties that cater to their evolving needs.

We highlight the emerging trends in multigenerational homes and discuss the advantages of living in such a setup.

Latest Housing Market Trends in Singapore

The housing market in Singapore is ever-evolving.

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, including property prices, demand for different housing types, and emerging locations for future developments.

The Development of New Housing Areas in Singapore

As Singapore continues to grow, new housing areas are being developed to provide more options for homeowners.

We discuss upcoming housing developments and the benefits of investing in these areas.


Are you intrigued by the idea of finding your perfect home in the vibrant city of Singapore?

Prepare to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery as we delve into the captivating world of HDB flats.

These Housing and Development Board apartments are not just structures; they embody Singapore’s commitment to providing quality living spaces for its citizens.

Picture yourself in the heart of it all, surrounded by excellent amenities, parks, schools, and convenience.

HDB flats are designed to cater to various needs, ensuring that every family finds their ideal haven.

From the cozy comfort of 2-room flexi flats to the spacious luxury of executive apartments, there’s a place for everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of HDB flats in Singapore?

Several types of HDB flats are available in Singapore, including 4-room flats, 3-room flats, and executive maisonettes.

Each type offers different bedroom configurations and layouts.

How do I qualify to buy an HDB flat?

To be eligible to buy an HDB flat, you must meet specific criteria, such as being a Singapore citizen or permanent resident and meeting the income eligibility requirements.

You can find more information about the eligibility criteria on the HDB website.

Can singles buy HDB flats?

Yes, singles who are Singapore citizens can buy HDB flats under certain conditions.

Specific housing schemes are available for single Singaporeans, such as the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme and the Joint Singles Scheme.

How do I apply for an HDB flat?

To apply for an HDB flat, you must go through the housing application process.

This involves submitting an application online or through a physical form and providing the necessary documentation.

You can find detailed instructions on the HDB website.

What are the housing options for multi-generation living in Singapore?

HDB offers housing options for multi-generation living, such as executive maisonettes and jumbo HDB flats.

These flats provide additional space and amenities to accommodate multiple generations living under one roof.

Are there any private property options in Singapore?

Yes, in addition to HDB flats, private property options are available in Singapore.

These include condominiums, landed properties, and apartments.

Private properties are owned and managed by property developers and are not subsidized by the government like HDB flats.

What is the proximity housing scheme?

The proximity housing scheme allows eligible HDB flat owners to buy a flat near or with their parents or married child.

This scheme aims to promote family support and closer ties by enabling families to live nearby.

Can non-Singaporeans buy HDB flats?

Non-Singaporeans are not eligible to buy HDB flats directly.

However, they may be eligible to purchase private properties in Singapore.

Non-Singaporeans who are permanent residents may also qualify for specific HDB schemes, such as the Non-Citizen Spouse Scheme.

What are the master bedroom layouts in HDB flats?

The master bedroom layouts in HDB flats vary depending on the flat type.

For example, some 4-room apartments may have a more oversized main bedroom than 3-room flats.

You can refer to the floor plans provided by HDB for specific details.