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District 19 Singapore is of these three regions and is in northeast Singapore. All three sections are residential, with recreational and commercial activity. Punggol is well-known for its water sports, but Hougang is known for its charitable activities. Sengkang has a few retail centers where you may do your daily shopping.

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Get involved in the lives of people in need by volunteering at one of Hougang’s many organizations. The Surya Facility, a nursing home for the mentally ill elderly, is behind the IMH. SIRLA, a rehabilitation institution for healed leprosy patients, is also nearby. Within the IMH complex, there is a Salvation Army branch and the Pelangi Home. The prime industrial zone in Hougang is Defu Industrial Park. These companies specialize in low-skill manufacturing, such as furniture, automobiles, and ice cream, and they often sell wholesale rather than retail. Moreover, clearance sales to the general public do occur on occasion.

Punggol is abundant in parks and water activities. A 15-meter-wide coastal route along Sungei Serangoon and Sungei Punggol, and a new river between Punggol and Coney Island, are proposed. Punggol’s seafood eateries are also well-known. Sengkang is home to various facilities, including elementary and secondary schools, three retail malls, a public library, a polyclinic, and community centers. Sengkang residents may enjoy unique shopping experiences at Compass Point Mall, Rivervale Mall, and Rivervale Plaza. 

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The MRT stations at Punggol, Hougang, and Sengkang connect these districts to the city center. District 19 Singapore has buses and taxis to make travel easier.



Hougang is seven sub-districts: Hougang, Trafalgar, Rosyth, Lorong Ah Soo, Tai Keng, Defu Industrial Park, and Sungei Serangoon. The name “Hougang” is the literal Hanyu pinyin of “Ow Kang,” which means “beyond the river” in the Chinese dialect Hokkien. Hougang was once a town filled with Chinese Teochew or Hokkien immigrants. In 1928, the British blocked off Trafalgar Street in Hougang. It is now known as Buangkok and has a hospital for people suffering from chronic and mental diseases.

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Under the “Punggol 21” initiative, the City Redevelopment Board intends to turn Punggol into Punggol New Town. Like many other areas Punggol in Singapore, called after Malay terms, gets its name from the Malay word “Punggol,” which means to hurl sticks at the branches of fruit trees to pull the fruit off the trunk. The term also refers to a wholesale market for forest fruits and goods. Before the 1970s, Punggol was known for its rubber, poultry, and pig farming. It is now a new development with HDB apartments, condos, and private residences facing the sea.

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The Sengkang planning area contains Sengkang New Town, a satellite city of the Housing and Development Board, and the rural region of Jalan Kayu. In Chinese, Sengkang means “rich port.”  In 2005, dismantling the old Punggol Rural Center was to make room for new high-rise residential structures. Sengkang is now a suburban residential neighborhood with smaller HDB houses than the surrounding districts. The spectacular vistas and water activities along the shore get enjoyed by Sungei Serangoon and Sungei Punggol residents.

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