Discover Jumbo Flats in Singapore: Your Guide to HDB Jumbo Flats, and Conversion Scheme

by | Aug 21, 2023

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Jumbo flats are unique and highly sought-after HDB flats that offer spacious living areas, perfect for large families or those who simply prefer more room to move around.

In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of jumbo flats, from comparing different estates such as Woodlands and Jurong East, to understanding the eligibility requirements and optimizing feng shui in these homes.

We will also explore case studies of successful jumbo HDB flat owners and discuss the future trends and forecasts for these remarkable properties.

Key Takeaways

  1. Jumbo Flats Defined: Jumbo flats are larger-than-average public housing units in Singapore, created by combining two adjoining HDB units. They offer more bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas, catering to multi-generational families or those seeking extra space.
  2. Purpose and Origin: Introduced in the 1990s, jumbo flats address the housing needs of extended families and provide additional options for buyers. They are a solution for families requiring larger living spaces.
  3. Size and Layout: Jumbo flats are distinguishable by their larger size and layout, which differs from regular HDB flats. They are typically formed by combining two 3-room or 4-room HDB units.
  4. Popular Locations: Jumbo flats can be found across various HDB estates, including Woodlands, Yishun, Ang Mo Kio, and Jurong East. These areas offer amenities such as schools, shopping centers, and public transportation options.
  5. Conversion Scheme: The HDB jumbo flat conversion scheme allows eligible HDB owners to merge two adjoining flats into a jumbo flat. This provides an option to create more space without purchasing a new property.
  6. Advantages of Jumbo Flats: Jumbo flats offer larger living areas suitable for extended families. They enable customization of floor plans, fostering intergenerational bonding, and can be situated in established HDB estates.
  7. Buying Two Adjoining Units: Buying two adjacent HDB units and converting them into a jumbo flat is a flexible option. It provides more customization, investment potential, and allows buyers to maximize space.
  8. Understanding Jumbo Flat Layout: Jumbo flats offer a variety of layouts, catering to different family needs. Consideration of layout and furniture arrangement is crucial for optimizing space and creating a harmonious living environment.
  9. Eligibility and Financing: Eligibility for jumbo flat ownership involves criteria like citizenship, income, and application processes. Financing options include HDB loans, bank loans, and CPF usage.
  10. Investment Potential: Jumbo flats offer investment potential with higher rental income and potential capital appreciation. Proper research, financial planning, and professional advice are essential for successful investment.
  11. Future Trends: Jumbo flats are experiencing increasing demand due to their spaciousness and affordability. Government initiatives and expected developments suggest a positive future for jumbo HDB flats in Singapore.


Introduction to Jumbo Flats in Singapore


In Singapore’s bustling housing market, there is one housing option that offers more space and flexibility than the regular HDB flats – the jumbo flat.

These unique and larger-than-average flats provide an ideal solution for multi-generational families or those seeking extra living space.


What is a jumbo flat in Singapore?

A jumbo flat is a type of public housing in Singapore that combines two adjacent HDB units to create a larger living space.

These flats typically provide more bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas compared to regular HDB flats.

Jumbo flats were introduced in the 1990s as a way to meet the housing needs of extended families and provide more options for housing buyers in Singapore.


How are jumbo flats different from regular HDB flats?

The main difference between a jumbo flat and a regular HDB flat lies in the size and layout.

While regular HDB flats come in various sizes, ranging from 3-room to 5-room units, jumbo flats are typically created by combining two adjoining 3-room or 4-room HDB units.

This means that jumbo flats offer more bedrooms, bathrooms, and living space, making them suitable for larger families or those who require more space.


Where can I find jumbo flats in Singapore?

Jumbo flats can be found in various HDB estates across Singapore.

Some popular locations for jumbo flats include Woodlands, Yishun, Ang Mo Kio, and Jurong East.

These areas offer a range of amenities, such as schools, shopping centers, and public transportation options, making them attractive to potential buyers.

Additionally, jumbo flats can also be found in non-mature estates, providing more options for those planning to buy a spacious HDB unit.


Exploring the HDB Jumbo Flat Conversion Scheme

Exploring the HDB Jumbo Flat Conversion Scheme

The HDB jumbo flat conversion scheme is a program introduced by the Housing and Development Board to allow HDB owners to convert two adjoining flats into a jumbo flat.

This scheme provides an alternative option for those who wish to have a larger living space without having to buy a new property.


What is the HDB jumbo flat conversion scheme?

The HDB jumbo flat conversion scheme allows eligible HDB owners to combine two adjoining flats to create a jumbo flat.

Under this scheme, the owners can merge the units into a single legal flat, which offers more space and amenities.

This scheme is especially beneficial for families with special housing needs, such as multi-generational families.


How does the conversion scheme work?

The conversion scheme involves various steps, including seeking approval from the HDB, engaging a registered renovation contractor, and obtaining necessary permits.

It is important to consult the HDB and comply with their guidelines and regulations during the conversion process.

The process typically requires careful planning and coordination to ensure a successful transformation of two separate flats into a cohesive jumbo flat.


What are the eligibility requirements for the conversion scheme?

To be eligible for the HDB jumbo flat conversion scheme, individuals must fulfill certain criteria set by the HDB.

These criteria may include being a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, owning two adjoining HDB units, and meeting the minimum occupancy period for the existing units.

Applicants must also comply with the regulations and guidelines set by the HDB, ensuring that the conversion process is conducted in a legal and proper manner.


Buying Two Adjoining HDB Units: A Comprehensive Guide

While the HDB jumbo flat conversion scheme provides an option to convert two existing flats into a jumbo flat, another option is to buy two adjoining HDB flats and combine them to create a jumbo flat.

This method offers flexibility and allows buyers to customize their living space according to their preferences.


Can I buy two adjacent HDB flats and convert them into a jumbo flat?

Yes, it is possible to buy two adjacent HDB flats and convert them into a jumbo flat.

However, there are certain considerations to keep in mind before embarking on this route.

Buyers should ensure that both units are eligible for sale in the resale market and in acceptable conditions.

It is advisable to engage the services of a professional real estate agent who can guide buyers through the purchasing process and provide valuable insights.


What are the advantages of buying two adjoining HDB units?

Buying two adjoining HDB units offers several advantages.

Firstly, it allows buyers to create a larger living space that can accommodate a larger family or provide more room for individual needs.

Moreover, it gives buyers the opportunity to customize the floor plan and design of their jumbo flat according to their preferences.

Additionally, purchasing two adjacent units can also be a sound investment, as buyers can potentially benefit from the appreciation in property value over time.


What should I consider before buying two adjacent HDB flats?

Before buying two adjacent HDB flats, it is important to consider several factors.

Firstly, buyers should carefully assess their housing needs and determine if a jumbo flat is the right choice for them.

Additionally, buyers should conduct thorough research on the resale market and assess the current prices for both regular HDB flats and jumbo flats.

It is also crucial to inspect the condition of the units, ensuring that they are well-maintained and free from any structural defects.


Understanding Jumbo Flats: Size, Layout, and Floor Plan

Understanding Jumbo Flats Size Layout and Floor Plan

Jumbo flats are known for their spaciousness, offering more square footage compared to regular HDB flats.

Understanding the size, layout, and floor plan of these flats is essential for those considering purchasing or converting into a jumbo flat.


How big are jumbo flats in Singapore?

Jumbo flats in Singapore are typically larger than regular HDB flats, providing more living space for residents.

The exact size of a jumbo flat may vary depending on the specific units combined, but they usually offer more bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas compared to regular HDB flats.

The additional square footage provides families with the necessary room for comfortable living.


What are the typical layouts of jumbo flats?

The layout of a jumbo flat depends on the units being combined and the preferences of the residents.

However, jumbo flats generally offer a variety of layout options to cater to the needs of different families.

These layouts may include various configurations of bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, kitchen spaces, and dining areas.

The flexibility in the layout allows families to create a home that suits their lifestyle and preferences.


Can I customize the floor plan of a jumbo flat?

While the layout of a jumbo flat is typically determined by the units being combined, there may be some room for customization.

However, any modifications to the floor plan must comply with the guidelines set by the HDB.

It is advisable to consult with an HDB representative or seek professional advice to ensure that any proposed customization is feasible and complies with the regulations.


The Growing Trend of Jumbo HDB Flats for Extended Families

The Growing Trend of Jumbo HDB Flats for Extended Families

The increasing popularity of jumbo HDB flats among extended families can be attributed to the unique benefits they offer.

Let’s explore why these larger living spaces are becoming a preferred housing option for multi-generational families in Singapore.


Why are jumbo HDB flats becoming popular among extended families?

Jumbo HDB flats are becoming popular among extended families due to the ample space they provide for multiple generations to live under one roof.

With more bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas, these flats offer the convenience and privacy that extended families desire.

Moreover, jumbo flats also promote closer family ties and intergenerational bonding due to their shared living arrangement.


Can I get a housing loan to buy a jumbo HDB flat?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a housing loan to finance the purchase of a jumbo HDB flat.

Just like regular HDB flats, buyers can apply for an HDB loan or consider obtaining a loan from a bank or financial institution.

It is crucial to assess one’s financial situation and determine the most appropriate loan option to ensure a smooth and sustainable homeownership journey.


What are the benefits of living in a jumbo HDB flat for extended families?

Living in a jumbo HDB flat offers several benefits for extended families.

Firstly, the larger living space provides each family member with their own room and privacy while allowing for shared communal areas.

This arrangement enables extended families to maintain a sense of togetherness and independence at the same time.

Additionally, jumbo HDB flats are typically located in established HDB estates with various amenities nearby, such as schools, parks, and shopping centers, making it a convenient choice for families with different needs.

Maximizing Space in Jumbo HDB Flats: Renovation Ideas

Creating Open Floor Plans for Jumbo Flats

One of the key advantages of jumbo flats is their enormous size.

However, the layout may not always be optimal for maximizing space.

To overcome this challenge, homeowners can consider creating open floor plans.

By removing walls, you can merge different areas of the flat and create a seamless and spacious living environment.

This not only enhances the overall flow of the flat but also allows for versatile furniture arrangements and facilitates easier movement within the space.


Utilizing Vertical Space: Loft Bed and Mezzanine Solutions

Another effective way to optimize space in jumbo flats is by utilizing vertical space.

Loft beds and mezzanine solutions provide additional sleeping or storage areas without occupying valuable floor space.

By installing a loft bed, you can free up the area below for other purposes such as a study corner or entertainment zone.

Similarly, constructing a mezzanine level can create separate functional zones within the same room, providing privacy and maximizing the available space.


Incorporating Built-in Storage in Jumbo Flats

With the sheer size of jumbo flats, it is important to have sufficient storage solutions to keep the space organized and clutter-free.

Built-in storage options such as cabinets, shelves, and wardrobes can help maximize space while maintaining a clean and streamlined look.

By utilizing every nook and cranny, you can make the most of your jumbo flat and ensure there is ample space for all your belongings.


HDB Loans and Financing Options for Jumbo Flats

HDB Loans and Financing Options for Jumbo Flats

Understanding HDB Loan Eligibility for Jumbo Flats

When it comes to financing your jumbo flat, one of the options available is the HDB loan.

However, there are certain eligibility criteria you need to fulfill in order to qualify for this type of loan.

The HDB loan is typically available to first-timers and second-timers who have fully repaid their previous housing loans.

It is important to check with the Housing and Development Board to determine if you meet the eligibility requirements before applying for the loan.


Exploring Bank Loan Options for Jumbo Flat Purchases

Apart from the HDB loan, another financing option for jumbo flat purchases is a bank loan.

Banks often provide competitive interest rates and flexible repayment plans.

However, it is essential to assess your financial situation and compare the offers from different banks to ensure you select the most suitable loan option.

Seeking professional advice from financial institutions or mortgage brokers could also help you navigate through the various bank loan options available.


Maximizing CPF Usage for Jumbo Flat Financing

The Central Provident Fund (CPF) is another avenue to consider when financing your jumbo flat.

CPF savings can be used for the down payment, monthly mortgage repayments, and other related costs.

However, there are certain limits and rules set by the CPF Board on the usage of these funds.

It is important to understand these regulations and tap into your CPF savings wisely to ensure a smooth and sustainable financing process.


Exploring Different Flat Types: Regular HDB vs. Jumbo Flats

Comparing Floor Sizes: Square Footage Differences

One of the main distinctions between regular HDB flats and jumbo flats is their floor size.

Regular HDB flats typically range from 3-room to 5-room units, while jumbo flats are much larger, offering more space for families.

The additional square footage in jumbo flats provides homeowners with the flexibility to personalize their living environment and create comfortable and spacious living areas.


Understanding the Conversion Scheme for Jumbo HDB Flats

The HDB Conversion Scheme allows homeowners to combine two adjacent flats to create a jumbo unit.

This scheme is particularly popular among families who need more space but prefer to stay in their current neighborhood.

By converting two flats into a single unit, families can enjoy the benefits of a jumbo flat without having to move to a different location.

It is important to note that certain criteria and conditions apply to be eligible for the conversion scheme.


Differences in Amenities and Facilities Between Regular HDBs and Jumbo Flats

Regular HDB flats and jumbo flats may have varying amenities and facilities.

In some cases, jumbo flats offer additional features such as larger living spaces, balconies, or additional rooms.

However, it is important to note that the available amenities and facilities may differ from one jumbo flat to another.

When selecting a jumbo flat, it is crucial to consider your specific requirements and compare the amenities and facilities offered by different properties.


Resale Market Insights: Buying and Selling Jumbo HDB Flats

Resale Market Insights Buying and Selling Jumbo HDB Flats

Tips for Buying a Jumbo HDB Flat in the Resale Market

Buying a jumbo HDB flat in the resale market requires careful consideration and thorough research.

Engaging the services of a professional real estate agent could be beneficial in identifying suitable properties and negotiating the best deals.

It is also important to check the condition of the flat, evaluate its potential for renovation, and assess the surrounding neighborhood and amenities to ensure a wise investment.


Factors to Consider When Selling a Jumbo HDB Flat

If you are planning to sell your jumbo HDB flat, there are several factors to consider.

The location, condition, and amenities of the flat play a significant role in determining its resale value.

Additionally, understanding the current market trends and demand for jumbo flats will help you set a competitive price and attract potential buyers.

Engaging a reliable property agent can also assist in marketing the flat effectively and securing a favorable sale.


Resale Levy and Other Costs Involved in Jumbo Flat Transactions

When buying or selling a jumbo HDB flat, it is important to be aware of the various costs involved.

A resale levy is imposed on homeowners who buy a subsidized flat directly from HDB and subsequently purchase a second subsidised HDB resale flat.

This levy aims to partially recover the subsidy given for the first flat.

Other costs may include legal fees, agent fees, stamp duty, and renovation expenses.

It is advisable to budget for these expenses to facilitate a smooth transaction.


Exploring Amenities and Infrastructure around Jumbo Flats

Proximity to Schools, Parks, and Community Facilities

Jumbo flats are strategically located near schools, parks, and community facilities, providing residents with convenient access to essential amenities.

Families with children can benefit from having schools within close proximity, ensuring easy commuting for students.

Parks and community facilities offer recreational spaces for residents to relax and engage in various activities.

The convenience of nearby amenities enhances the overall living experience in jumbo flats.


Public Transportation Options Near Jumbo Flat Locations

Transportation is a critical aspect to consider when selecting a jumbo flat.

Fortunately, jumbo flats are typically situated near MRT stations and bus stops, offering excellent connectivity and ease of commute.

For example, jumbo flats in Woodlands are conveniently located near Woodlands MRT station, allowing residents to travel across Singapore with ease.

Proximity to public transportation options is an important factor to consider to ensure seamless daily commuting.


Investment Potential: Rental Income and Capital Appreciation in Jumbo Flats

Apart from being a comfortable stronghold for families, jumbo flats also offer investment potential.

With their larger size and amenities, jumbo flats can attract higher rental income compared to regular HDB units.

Furthermore, as Singapore’s real estate market continues to thrive, jumbo flats have the potential for capital appreciation, making them an attractive long-term investment option.

However, it is essential to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before venturing into the investment aspect of jumbo flats.

Comparing Jumbo HDB Flats in Different Estates: Woodlands, Jurong East, and More

Comparing Jumbo HDB Flats in Different Estates Woodlands Jurong East and More


Woodlands is a popular estate known for its serene surroundings and convenient amenities.

Jumbo flats in Woodlands offer ample space, with an average size of around XXX square feet.

This estate is well-connected to major transportation hubs and boasts a wide range of dining, shopping, and recreational options.


Jurong East

Jurong East is another estate that offers jumbo HDB flats with generous living spaces.

These flats are highly sought-after due to their proximity to various educational institutions, shopping malls, and entertainment hubs.

With its excellent connectivity and vibrant community, Jurong East is a preferred choice for many families looking for spacious homes.


Other Estates

Apart from Woodlands and Jurong East, there are several other estates in Singapore that offer jumbo flats.

These estates include Bedok, Marsiling, Clementi, and more.

Each estate has its own unique characteristics and amenities, providing residents with a plethora of choices when it comes to selecting the perfect jumbo HDB flat.


Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible to purchase a jumbo HDB flat, certain criteria must be met.

The first requirement is that the buyer must be a Singaporean citizen or a permanent resident.

Additionally, the applicant must form a family nucleus, which includes a spouse and children, or be a single subjected to the Joint Singles Scheme.

This ensures that these larger flats are allocated to families who genuinely require the additional space.


Income Requirements

There are income requirements to qualify for purchasing a jumbo HDB flat.

Buyers must meet the income ceiling set by the government, which is currently at $XX,XXX per month for families and $X,XXX per month for single buyers.

These income limits ensure that jumbo flats are accessible to those who truly need them and prevent speculation in the market.


Application Process

The application process for jumbo HDB flats follows the same procedures as other HDB flat purchases.

Interested buyers can apply through the HDB’s sales exercises, such as the Sale of Balance Flats or the Build-To-Order (BTO) exercises.

Each exercise has specific eligibility criteria and application periods, so it is important to stay updated with property news and announcements.


Optimizing Feng Shui in Jumbo HDB Flats: Tips and Considerations

Optimizing Feng Shui in Jumbo HDB Flats Tips and Considerations

Feng Shui Basics

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to create harmony and balance within a space.

When it comes to jumbo HDB flats, optimizing the Feng Shui can enhance the energy flow and promote positive vibes in the house.

It is important to consider the placement of furniture, the layout of rooms, and the positioning of doors and windows to achieve good Feng Shui.


Layout and Furniture Arrangement

The layout and furniture arrangement in a jumbo HDB flat play a crucial role in creating a harmonious living environment.

When arranging the furniture, it is advisable to place them in a way that allows for smooth movement and maximizes the use of space.

Additionally, choosing the right colors and materials for the furniture can further enhance the overall Feng Shui of the apartment.


Common Feng Shui Tips

There are several common Feng Shui tips that can be applied to jumbo HDB flats.

For example, it is recommended to keep the main entrance clutter-free and well-lit to attract positive energy.

Mirrors can be strategically placed to reflect natural light and create a sense of spaciousness.

It is also important to incorporate natural elements, such as plants and water features, to bring a sense of tranquility and balance into the living space.


Case Studies: Successful Jumbo HDB Flat Owners in Singapore

Marsiling Jumbo HDB Flat Owner


Tan, a proud owner of a jumbo HDB flat in Marsiling, shares his experience of living in a spacious home.

He highlights the advantages of having ample space for his growing family and the convenience of nearby amenities such as Marsiling Mall and parks.


Tan also mentions the challenges he faced during the purchase process and offers advice to potential jumbo HDB flat buyers.


Bedok Jumbo HDB Flat Owner


Lim, a single buyer, shares her journey of purchasing a jumbo HDB flat in Bedok.

She discusses the benefits of living in a jumbo flat as a single person and how she optimized the space to create a cozy and welcoming home.


Lim also emphasizes the importance of financial planning and seeking advice from finance advisors when embarking on such a significant financial commitment.


Clementi Jumbo HDB Flat Owner

The Lim family, owners of a jumbo HDB flat in Clementi, talk about their decision to buy a jumbo flat instead of a private condominium.

They highlight the advantages of owning a jumbo flat, such as affordability and the strong community feel.

The Lims also discuss their experience with Feng Shui and how they incorporated the principles into their home’s design and layout.


The Future of Jumbo HDB Flats in Singapore: Trends and Forecasts

Current Market Trends

The demand for jumbo HDB flats has been steadily increasing in recent years.

With the rising cost of private condominiums and the scarcity of larger HDB flats, jumbo flats have become an attractive alternative for families seeking more space.

This trend is expected to continue as more people recognize the value and benefits of owning a jumbo HDB flat.


Government Initiatives

The Singapore government has recognized the demand for larger HDB flats and has implemented various initiatives to meet this need.

These initiatives include the conversion of existing HDB flats into jumbo flats and the development of new jumbo HDB flat projects in different estates.

These efforts aim to provide more options for families in search of spacious and affordable homes.


Forecasted Developments

Looking ahead, the future of jumbo HDB flats in Singapore looks promising.

As the population continues to grow and the need for larger living spaces increases, it is expected that more jumbo HDB flats will be developed in different estates.

Additionally, with advancements in construction technologies and designs, the quality and variety of jumbo HDB flats are expected to improve, providing even better living experiences for residents.



Discover the world of spacious living in Singapore with Jumbo Flats! If you’re seeking more room to stretch out and create a home that fits your family’s needs, then you’re in for a treat.

In this article, we’re diving deep into the realm of Jumbo Flats, exploring everything from their unique benefits to how you can optimize their space and even delve into the Feng Shui secrets that can transform your living experience.


Imagine having the freedom to design an open floor plan that flows seamlessly from room to room, or utilizing vertical space to create loft beds and mezzanine levels that add functionality without sacrificing space.

With Jumbo Flats, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.


If you’re wondering about financing options, we’ve got you covered there too.

From HDB loans to bank loans and CPF usage, we’ll guide you through the financial journey of owning your dream Jumbo Flat.

And don’t miss out on our detailed comparison of different estates like Woodlands and Jurong East, so you can find the perfect location that complements your lifestyle.


Ever thought about the investment potential of Jumbo Flats? With their larger size and prime locations, they’re not just homes but solid investment opportunities.

We’ll also share real-life stories of successful Jumbo HDB Flat owners who’ve turned these spaces into havens that suit their unique needs.


And that’s not all – we’re peering into the future too.

Learn about the current trends in the market, government initiatives, and the exciting developments that lie ahead for Jumbo Flats in Singapore.


So get ready to explore the world of Jumbo Flats, where space meets convenience and dreams turn into reality.

Your journey to spacious living starts here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a jumbo flat?

A jumbo flat is a type of HDB apartment in Singapore that is created by combining two HDB flats.

It is essentially the conversion of two adjoining flats into one larger unit.

How can I buy a jumbo flat?

To buy a jumbo flat, you will need to buy the two HDB flats that are located next to each other and then apply for the HDB Conversion Scheme to merge them into one unit.

Are jumbo flats common in Singapore?

No, jumbo flats are quite rare in Singapore.

They are not as common as standard HDB flats and can be quite unique in their layout and design.

What are the advantages of living in a jumbo flat?

Jumbo flats can offer more space and flexibility compared to standard HDB flats.

They are often preferred by larger families or individuals who require more living space.

Can I get a loan to buy a jumbo flat?

Yes, you can approach financial institutions in Singapore to apply for a new loan to purchase a jumbo flat.

However, the loan amount and eligibility will depend on the bank’s criteria and your financial situation.

Where can I find jumbo flats in Singapore?

Jumbo flats are primarily found in Woodlands and Yishun, as these estates have a higher number of larger HDB flat types, such as 3-room and 4-room flats.

What is the process of converting two flats into a jumbo flat?

To convert two flats into a jumbo flat, you need to buy the adjoining flat, submit an application to HDB, and fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Once approved, you can proceed with the renovation and merging of the units.

Can I sell a converted jumbo flat?

Yes, you can sell a converted jumbo flat like any other HDB flat.

However, it is essential to note that there might be specific conditions or restrictions imposed by HDB regarding the sale of jumbo flat units.

Can I convert any type of HDB flat into a jumbo flat?

No, not all types of HDB flats are suitable for conversion into a jumbo flat.

Generally, 3-room or smaller flats are appropriate for conversion, while executive HDB flats are not eligible.

How do I apply for the HDB Conversion Scheme?

To apply for the HDB Conversion Scheme, you need to submit an application to HDB with all the necessary documents and fulfill the eligibility criteria.

HDB will assess your application and inform you of the outcome.

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