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by | Nov 22, 2023

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Heritage Residence Pte Ltd: A Renowned Developer Preserving Singapore’s Heritage

Heritage Residence Pte Ltd A Renowned Developer Preserving Singapore s Heritage

Heritage Residence Pte Ltd is a renowned developer who takes pride in preserving Singapore’s rich heritage while providing top-notch hospitality to travelers.

As a leading provider of retreats for leisure travelers, Heritage Residence offers guests a unique experience in the heart of Singapore’s neighborhoods.

With numerous awards and accolades under their belt, including the Rate Guarantee Award, guests can expect exceptional service and luxurious accommodations.

The property boasts a range of amenities including a swimming pool, complimentary parking, and access to Hotel NuVe Heritage.

With both freehold heritage and modern shops and residences available, Heritage Residence caters to both lovers of traditional charm and those seeking a fusion of heritage and modern aesthetics.

Guests can indulge in a stroll through the nearby Heritage Walk, located just moments away from landmarks such as City Hall.

This allows guests to embark on a nostalgic journey through the city streets, juxtaposing the charm of bygone eras with the bustle of modern city life.

The central location in the CBD makes it an ideal choice for city dwellers, with convenient access to City Square Mall and Mustafa Centre.

Heritage Residence Pte Ltd aims to provide guests with amazing travel experiences, combining the luxury of their accommodations with a holistic eco-luxury living experience.

With a strong commitment to the community, Heritage Residence is involved in various community aspects, including a community farm and a community funding model.

Partnering with Frasers Hospitality and Edmund Tie & Company Hospitality Management Services Pte Ltd, Heritage Residence ensures genuine and impeccable hospitality.

Their portfolio includes Fraser Residence and Fraser Residence River Promenade, which are renowned for their leading eco-luxurious serviced residences.

Whether it’s long-stay residence rates or luxury 5-star hotel residences, Heritage Residence caters to a wide range of travelers, including budget-conscious and culture-urban travellers.

The property welcomes fully-vaccinated travelers and is situated in the desirable Marine Parade neighborhood, known for its quaint and cultural charm.

From the breathtaking coastal retreats to the dining spaces that serve as liminal spaces between the city and tranquility, Heritage Residence offers an ideal retreat for those seeking a tranquil yet accessible haven.

With a 12-story service apartment tower consisting of apartment suites and a 34-unit townhouse endowment project, Heritage Residence showcases its expertise in both residential and institutional projects.

Conveniently located near train stations, including Lavender train station, the freehold condominium development stands as a landmark in the area.

With a strong emphasis on preserving Singapore’s heritage and providing unparalleled hospitality, Heritage Residence Pte Ltd is a name synonymous with excellence in the industry.

Heritage Residence: A Legacy of Enriching Lives Through Thoughtful Real Estate Developments

Heritage Residence Pte Ltd is a distinguished developer in Singapore that has made a name for itself by preserving the nation’s rich cultural heritage through thoughtful real estate developments.

With a deep appreciation for Singapore’s history and architecture, Heritage Residence has embarked on a mission to create properties that not only provide comfortable living but also pay homage to the city-state’s authentic heritage.

Each property by Heritage Residence is carefully chosen to ensure that it harmoniously blends with the surroundings and preserves the cultural heritage of the area.

These properties often feature elements of authentic heritage architecture, seamlessly integrating the old with the new.

Whether you are looking for a property to buy, rent, or invest in, Heritage Residence offers a wide range of options that cater to diverse needs.

Near Heritage Residences, you will find a wealth of amenities, including historical sites, cultural hotspots, and green spaces.

Living in a Heritage Residence property means being immersed in the rich tapestry of Singapore’s heritage, where the past and present coexist.

Heritage Residence’s Commitment to Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices

Heritage Residence understands the importance of sustainability and eco-friendly living in today’s world.

With a focus on eco-luxury living experiences, the developer incorporates sustainable practices into its properties to ensure a greener future for generations to come.

From the selection of building materials to energy-efficient systems, Heritage Residence strives to minimize its environmental footprint.

Residents of Heritage Residence properties can enjoy state-of-the-art eco-friendly amenities, such as smart energy management systems, green spaces, and water conservation initiatives.

Living in a Heritage Residence means embracing a lifestyle that is not only luxurious but also environmentally responsible.

Experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and sustainability in a home that you can be proud of.

Heritage Residence’s Dedication to Preserving Singapore’s Architectural Heritage

As Singapore continues to modernize, the threat to its architectural heritage becomes more pronounced.

However, Heritage Residence stands firm in its dedication to preserving the city-state’s unique architectural heritage.

By carefully restoring and revitalizing heritage buildings, the developer ensures that the essence of Singapore’s history and culture is not lost.

Heritage Residence places great emphasis on maintaining the authenticity of these buildings while incorporating modern conveniences and amenities.

Through meticulous restoration and preservation efforts, Heritage Residence brings new life to these architectural gems, allowing future generations to appreciate and cherish Singapore’s rich heritage.


In conclusion, Heritage Residence Pte Ltd is a renowned developer that goes beyond creating real estate developments.

Through their commitment to preserving Singapore’s architectural heritage, they have created a legacy of enriching lives and promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

If you are looking for a property that combines luxury, history, and a strong sense of community, Heritage Residence is the developer to consider.

Key Takeaways

  1. Preserving Singapore’s Heritage: Heritage Residence is dedicated to preserving Singapore’s rich cultural heritage through its real estate developments.
  2. Careful Property Selection: The developer selects properties that blend seamlessly with their surroundings and preserve the cultural heritage of the area.
  3. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly: Heritage Residence focuses on sustainability and eco-friendly living, incorporating green practices into its properties.
  4. Sustainable Amenities: Residents can enjoy eco-friendly amenities, including smart energy management systems and green spaces.
  5. Restoration of Architectural Heritage: The developer is committed to preserving Singapore’s architectural heritage by restoring and revitalizing heritage buildings.
  6. Authenticity with Modern Comforts: Heritage Residence maintains the authenticity of these buildings while adding modern conveniences.
  7. Diverse Property Portfolio: The developer offers a wide range of property options, catering to various needs and family sizes.
  8. Prime Locations and Convenience: Heritage Residence properties are strategically located near MRT stations and essential amenities.
  9. High-Quality Finishes: The developer uses high-quality materials and thoughtful interior designs to create luxurious living spaces.
  10. Investment Potential: Heritage Residence properties offer attractive investment opportunities due to their prime locations, strong track record, and commitment to long-term value appreciation.

Exploring Heritage Residence’s Exquisite Properties

Exploring Heritage Residence s Exquisite Properties

Heritage Residence’s Diverse Portfolio of Properties Catering to Diverse Needs

Heritage Residence takes pride in its diverse portfolio of properties that cater to a wide range of needs.

Whether you are a small family looking for a cozy apartment or a larger family in need of spacious living spaces, Heritage Residence has a property to suit your requirements.

Their projects feature a variety of apartment units, each designed with different family sizes and lifestyles in mind.

With an emphasis on family-friendly living, Heritage Residence offers properties that provide ample space for children to grow and play.

The apartments have well-designed layouts that maximize functionality and comfort.

From open-concept kitchens to spacious bedrooms, every detail is carefully considered to create a welcoming and functional home for families.

Heritage Residence’s Prime Locations near MRT Stations and Amenities

One of the key advantages of choosing a Heritage Residence property is its prime location.

The developer carefully selects neighborhoods that are not only rich in heritage but also conveniently located near MRT stations and amenities.

For example, the Marine Terrace neighborhood offers easy access to the Marine Terrace MRT station, allowing residents to effortlessly connect with the rest of Singapore.

Living in a Heritage Residence property means having essential amenities right at your doorstep.

From shopping malls and supermarkets to schools and parks, everything you need is just a short walk or train ride away.

This convenience enhances the overall quality of life, making Heritage Residence properties a sought-after choice for discerning homeowners.

Heritage Residence’s High-Quality Finishes and Thoughtful Interior Designs

When it comes to the finishes and designs of their properties, Heritage Residence prides itself on providing nothing but the best.

The developer uses high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

From imported marble flooring to designer fixtures, every detail is carefully selected to create a luxurious and stylish living environment.

Thoughtful interior designs further enhance the overall ambiance of Heritage Residence properties.

Their expert team of designers pays attention to every aspect, from the color palette to the placement of furniture.

The result is a space that exudes sophistication and comfort, allowing residents to truly feel at home.


In conclusion, Heritage Residence offers a diverse portfolio of properties that cater to various needs.

Their prime locations near MRT stations and amenities provide convenience, while their high-quality finishes and thoughtful interior designs create a luxurious living experience.

For those seeking an exquisite property that combines heritage and modern living, Heritage Residence is the developer to consider.

Unveiling the Investment Potential of Heritage Residence’s Properties

Unveiling the Investment Potential of Heritage Residence s Properties

Heritage Residence’s Properties as Attractive Investment Opportunities for Savvy Investors

Heritage Residence’s diverse portfolio of properties not only caters to the needs of homeowners but also presents attractive investment opportunities for savvy investors.

With Singapore’s real estate market being highly sought-after, investing in Heritage Residence properties can offer significant returns in the long run.

The key advantage of investing in Heritage Residence properties is their prime locations.

These properties are strategically situated near MRT stations and essential amenities, ensuring high demand from potential tenants.

The convenience factor attracts both local and expatriate renters, making it easier for investors to find reliable tenants and generate a steady rental income.

Additionally, Heritage Residence has established a strong reputation for delivering successful property developments.

With a track record of quality and excellence, investors can have confidence in the developer’s ability to deliver properties that appreciate value over time.

This track record further strengthens the investment potential of Heritage Residence’s properties.

Heritage Residence’s Strong Track Record of Successful Property Developments

Heritage Residence has a proven track record of successful property developments, further solidifying its position as a trusted developer.

Each project undertaken by Heritage Residence is meticulously planned and executed, ensuring that the properties are not only visually appealing but also built to the highest standards.

Investors can take comfort in the fact that Heritage Residence has a reputation for delivering properties that meet the evolving needs and expectations of homeowners.

By consistently exceeding market standards, the developer has established itself as a reliable and reputable brand in the real estate industry.

Heritage Residence’s Commitment to Long-Term Value Appreciation and Rental Yield

Heritage Residence understands the importance of long-term value appreciation for investors.

By carefully selecting prime locations and employing high-quality finishes and thoughtful interior designs, the developer ensures that properties appreciate value over time.

This commitment to long-term value appreciation benefits investors looking to maximize their returns in the future.

Furthermore, Heritage Residence’s properties offer attractive rental yields.

The strong demand from tenants, coupled with the developer’s focus on creating functional and luxurious living spaces, ensures that investors can command competitive rental rates.

This combination of value appreciation and rental yield makes investing in Heritage Residence properties a wise financial decision.

In conclusion, Heritage Residence’s properties present attractive investment opportunities for savvy investors.

With a strong track record of successful property developments, a commitment to long-term value appreciation, and the potential for high rental yields, investing in Heritage Residence properties is a strategic choice for those looking to make smart investments in Singapore’s real estate market.

Heritage Residence: Your Gateway to a Vibrant and Convenient Lifestyle

Heritage Residence Your Gateway to a Vibrant and Convenient Lifestyle

Heritage Residence’s Properties Located near Renowned Primary Schools and Educational Institutions

Heritage Residence understands the importance of education in shaping a child’s future.

That’s why their properties are strategically located near renowned primary schools and educational institutions.

This ensures that families who choose to live in Heritage Residence can provide their children with quality education without having to travel long distances.

By having these educational institutions within proximity, parents can save time on commutes and have more quality time with their children.

This convenience factor, coupled with the reputation of these schools and institutions, adds value to the properties and makes them even more desirable for families.

Heritage Residence’s Convenient Access to MRT Stations and Public Transportation

One of the major advantages of living in Heritage Residence is the convenient access to MRT stations and public transportation.

Singapore’s MRT system is known for its efficiency and wide coverage, making it the preferred mode of transportation for many residents.

With Heritage Residence’s properties strategically located near MRT stations, residents can enjoy seamless connectivity to different parts of the city, including business districts, shopping centers, and recreational areas.

This not only saves time but also reduces the reliance on private vehicles, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Heritage Residence’s Proximity to a Host of Amenities, Shopping Centers, and Recreational Facilities

Heritage Residence offers a lifestyle with heritage appeal while providing easy access to a host of amenities, shopping centers, and recreational facilities.

Residents can enjoy the convenience of having everyday necessities, such as supermarkets and clinics, just a stone’s throw away.

For those who enjoy shopping and dining, Heritage Residence’s proximity to shopping centers provides endless options for entertainment and indulgence.

Residents can explore a wide variety of retail outlets, gourmet restaurants, and trendy cafes, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Moreover, Heritage Residence is situated in a neighborhood that offers recreational facilities, such as parks, sports complexes, and community centers.

This ensures that residents have ample opportunities to stay active, socialize, and engage in recreational activities with family and friends.

In conclusion, Heritage Residence offers more than just beautifully designed properties.

With its strategic location near renowned primary schools and educational institutions, convenient access to MRT stations and public transportation, and proximity to a host of amenities, shopping centers, and recreational facilities, Heritage Residence provides residents with a vibrant and convenient lifestyle.

Whether you are a growing family or an individual seeking a well-connected and vibrant community, Heritage Residence is your gateway to a fulfilling and enriching living experience in Singapore.

Heritage Residence: A Community of Heritage and Modern Living

Heritage Residence A Community of Heritage and Modern Living

Welcome to Heritage Residence, where the echoes of Singapore’s rich heritage meet the contemporary comforts of modern living!

Heritage Residence, developed by the esteemed Heritage Residence Pte Ltd in Singapore, stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of heritage and modernity.

By seamlessly blending the charm of the past with the allure of the present, Heritage Residence has created a unique community that offers a truly remarkable living experience.

Nestled in the heart of Singapore, Heritage Residence’s properties serve as enclaves of heritage and modern living.

Each property beautifully showcases the rich history and cultural significance of Singapore while incorporating all the modern amenities you would expect for a comfortable lifestyle.

From meticulously preserved colonial architecture to stylishly designed interiors, Heritage Residence properties exude an unparalleled elegance that captivates both residents and visitors alike.

But Heritage Residence is more than just a collection of exquisite properties.

It is an embodiment of a vibrant community spirit that fosters a strong sense of belonging and connection among its residents.

Through various community events and initiatives, Heritage Residence encourages interaction and collaboration, creating a warm and supportive environment for everyone.

Residents have the opportunity to form meaningful connections, celebrate traditions, and create lasting memories together.

Heritage Residence is also dedicated to enhancing the well-being of its residents.

With a focus on creating a healthy and invigorating lifestyle experience, the community boasts an array of amenities that promote physical and mental wellness.

From expansive green spaces for strolls and outdoor activities to state-of-the-art fitness centers and wellness centers, Heritage Residence offers residents a haven to rejuvenate and thrive.

In conclusion, Heritage Residence, developed by Heritage Residence Pte Ltd Singapore, is not merely a housing development but a meticulously crafted community that blends heritage and modern living seamlessly.

With its commitment to fostering a vibrant community spirit and dedication to enhancing the well-being of its residents, Heritage Residence stands as a shining example of a community that celebrates the best of both worlds.

So, come and experience the charm, elegance, and vibrant living Heritage Residence has to offer – a place where heritage and modernity come together in perfect harmony.

Heritage Residence’s Properties as Enclaves of Heritage and Modern Living

Heritage Residence’s properties are more than just traditional homes; they are enclaves of both heritage and modern living.

These properties seamlessly blend the charm and elegance of historical architecture with the convenience and comfort of contemporary amenities.

Each residence is carefully designed to preserve the rich heritage of the community while providing residents with a modern lifestyle.

Along with the aesthetically pleasing exterior, these properties offer innovative interiors that cater to the needs of the modern homeowner.

Beyond the physical aspects, Heritage Residence fosters a strong sense of community, encouraging residents to come together and create a harmonious environment.

These properties truly embody the perfect balance between preserving heritage and embracing the modern way of life.

Heritage Residence’s Commitment to Fostering a Vibrant Community Spirit

Heritage Residence is deeply committed to fostering a vibrant community spirit within its premises.

Recognizing that a strong sense of community enhances the overall living experience, Heritage Residence encourages residents to engage in various activities and initiatives that promote a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Whether through organized social gatherings, community events, or shared recreational spaces, Heritage Residence creates a welcoming environment that encourages interaction and connection among residents.

With a focus on preserving and celebrating the diversity of its residents, Heritage Residence recognizes the importance of community assets and actively supports the development and maintenance of these valuable resources.

By valuing and promoting community spirit, Heritage Residence ensures that residents feel a strong sense of pride and belonging to their shared living environment.

Heritage Residence’s Dedication to Enhancing the Well-being of Residents

Heritage Residence is deeply committed to enhancing the well-being of its residents.

The primary focus of Heritage Residence is to provide a healthy living experience that promotes physical and mental wellness.

The community is designed to offer invigorating experiences and a high-quality lifestyle experience for all residents.

With an emphasis on green spaces, residents can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature, encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Heritage Residence strives to create a nurturing environment that supports the overall well-being of its residents, ensuring that they lead fulfilling and enriching lives.


Heritage Residence Pte Ltd Singapore Conclusion

Heritage Residence Pte Ltd Singapore is a condominium located at 2 Sin Ming Road.

Registered with the company number 200608053G, it is an exempt private company limited by shares.

The company’s current operating status is live, and its principal activity is in the service industry.

Built-in 2006, this freehold development is situated in District 15, specifically in the Siglap area.

With 19 units, Heritage Residence offers residents a central location and easy access to various amenities and attractions.

One of the highlights of Heritage Residence is its proximity to Tao Nan School, one of the nearest primary schools in the area.

This makes it an ideal residence for families with children who prioritize education.

It is worth mentioning that Heritage Residence Pte Ltd’s registered office can be found at the Amtech Building, 159 Sin Ming Road, #06-05.

For any inquiries or further information, interested parties can reach out to the company through their provided contact details.

With its convenient location and attractive features, Heritage Residence Pte Ltd Singapore continues to be a sought-after and desirable place to live.

The recent development and growth in the area, coupled with the various amenities and services available, make it an attractive choice for individuals and families alike.

For those interested in exploring the surrounding area, the district of Siglap provides a diverse range of options.

From charming shops and local eateries to recreational facilities and parks, residents of Heritage Residence will find plenty to discover and enjoy in this vibrant neighborhood.

In conclusion, Heritage Residence Pte Ltd Singapore offers a desirable location and a comfortable living experience.

With its freehold status, it provides a sense of security and stability.

Whether it’s the convenience of nearby schools, the central location, or the numerous amenities, Heritage Residence presents an excellent choice for those seeking a new home.

Please note that this information is current as of the time of writing and may be subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Heritage Residence Pte Ltd?

Heritage Residence Pte Ltd is a residential development company. 

Where is Heritage Residence located?

Heritage Residence is located at 101 Lorong L Telok Kurau, Singapore. 

How can I contact Heritage Residence?

You can contact Heritage Residence at +65 575625 or through the contact information provided on their website. 

Is Heritage Residence a rental property?

No, Heritage Residence is not a rental property.

It is a residential development company. 

Can I buy a property from Heritage Residence?

Yes, you can buy a property from Heritage Residence.

They have properties available for sale. 

Are there any reviews available for Heritage Residence?

Unfortunately, we do not have information about specific reviews for Heritage Residence at the moment. 

Is Heritage Residence near any primary schools?

Yes, Heritage Residence is near several primary schools.

Some nearby primary schools include St.

Stephen’s School and CHIJ Katong. 

Who is the holding company of Heritage Residence?

What is the current operating status of Heritage Residence?

The current operating status of Heritage Residence is live. 

Is there any information available about the Heritage Residence development?

Yes, there is information available about the Heritage Residence development.

You can find more details on their website or through their contact information. 

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