Hindhede Nature Park

Hindhede Nature Park

All you need to know about the Hindhede Nature Park

Hindhede Nature Park in Singapore is an excellent place for a quiet hike with your family. It is close to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which has well-defined trails and a simple promenade. It is an excellent choice for families, children, and novice climbers. Keep a watch out for the banded woodpecker, clouded lizard, and plantain squirrel when out for a stroll because it’s a terrific spot to observe wildlife. The beautiful Hindhede Quarry, located at the park’s far end, is the park’s popular feature. Hindhede Nature Park Singapore gets tucked away at the foot of Bukit Timah Hill. Here, swings, fun trampolines, and a zip line get built-in vast and easy ways to create brief play zones. On the other hand, go for a hike through the recreation center’s different paths and try to identify the facility’s many tenants. Hindhede Nature Park Singapore is an excellent “open-air study classroom” for educators to lead activities because of its diverse flora and fauna.

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It was established in 2001 from the Bukit Timah Visitor Centre into the park, looping around to the Hindhede Quarry 90 meters away.

Hindhede Nature Park Footbridge

Hindhede Nature Park Has Some Interesting Sights

Hindhede Quarry:
Enjoy a stroll through the park, and the view of Hindhede Quarry gets located at the park’s far end.

Interesting fauna at Hindhede Nature Park:
Try to spot the park’s residents if you visit Hindhede Nature Park. The Banded Woodpecker, Greater Racket-tailed Drongo, and Plaintain Squirrel are among them. Teachers might use the space as an outdoor classroom to perform their classes.

Hindhede Nature Park Gazeebo

Hindhede Nature Park: Quick Tips for a Visit

Here are some suggestions for visitors to the Nature Park:

    1. Avoid the heat by going early or late in the day.
    2. A round in Hindhede Nature Park takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes.
    3. The Visitor Centre provides amenities such as restrooms.
    4. Bring some money if you wish to have a drink from the vending machine after your walk.
    5. Apply insect repellent to your skin.

Hindhede Nature Park Stairs

Show Consideration for Others:

    • Obtain a permit before holding your BBQ or camp at our designated campsites. 
    • Stay on track. 
    • Use our park amenities with care and regard.
    • Keep noise levels low.
    • Be a responsible pet owner. 
    • Park where you should. 
    • Look for ‘No Flying’ signs in our parks and Nature Reserves. 
    • Do not smoke.

Hindhede Nature Park Playground

Assist in the preservation of our environment:

    • Waste should dispose of properly. Everyone must keep our parks clean. Littering not only degrades the appearance of our garden but also poses a risk to the wildlife. Please dispose of your trash in the appropriate containers available around our parks.
    • Contribute to trash reduction. Consider giving out a bunch of leaflets instead than carrying one per individual. After that, ensure that the brochures are returned in good condition so that others might benefit from them.
    • Stay on the marked trails. On our nature walks, stay on the path and don’t stray. If you leave the pathways, you risk upsetting and trampling on our flora and fauna.

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