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Everything we do at HMC Church gets centered on Jesus. In His mighty Name, we sing, pray, and preach. Jesus Christ is our past, present, and future focal point. Making Jesus Christ a central figure in our lives is why we are here. We love to learn more about you if you are new to HingHwa Methodist Church.

Services We Provide


Each Saturday at 5 o’clock there is a church service. To help people spiritually connect with God, with one another in healthy relationships, and with the world via service, Connect@5 was created in HingHwa Methodist Church. It is about reaching out, impacting lives, and changing values with God’s help. The service’s objective is to see lives changed.

The congregation will develop a new way of thinking through Connect@5 and a new heart and mind that reflect Christ. We expect to experience a shift in our spiritual development, impact marriages, families, and progress through the sermon instruction and x’pressoul (buzz group interaction).

At the connect café, which opens at 4 pm, coffee and doughnuts get offered before the service. It is a chance to meet more individuals. All worshipers get invited to a fellowship supper held on the fourth Saturday of each month.


We could occasionally find it challenging for a believer to handle life’s difficulties. God has called this family, and we want to extend our FELLOWSHIP to you. We can go through life alongside our friends as victorious believers rather than lone wanderers due to strong fellowship supported by genuine friendship. It might be your hangout if you’re trying to find someone to talk to

We adhere to the Great Commandment, which also commands us to love God and our neighbor as ourselves. Here at our service, we strive to strengthen our FAITH and develop more like Christ. We have a robust mentoring program to develop our leaders and Strengthen our people in the word of God. The “uncles” and “aunties” at this place forcefully establish the children’s beliefs.

Chinese Worship

The Lord’s Supper Sunday and prayer gathering get held on the first Sunday every month. The birthday party and fellowship luncheon follow worship. Growth Classes get on the second and fourth Sundays of each month (Bible Study Classes). The gathering Sunday is the third Sunday of the month. After service, join the group to share a meal and enjoy breakfast together. The Chinese Ministry’s motto is “Imitate Christ, Be the Master’s Disciple,” to inspire believers to uphold the Great Commandment and carry out the Great Commission.

Xinghua Worship

An American missionary preaching in the Fujian province of China’s Xinghua in 1911 recognized the spiritual needs of the Xinghua people as far away as Nanyang and built the Methodist Xinghua Yintian Taoist Church in Singapore, which was nearby at the time. Sugai Road has replaced “Icing Bridge,” the gathering place for the Xinghua people. By God’s grace, the church was extended and transferred to its present location in 1941, thanks to the united efforts of the previous pastors and congregation. The church has gradually introduced Chinese and English worship in addition to the original Xinghua Yin worship by the educational system change to become acclimatized to society.

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