Holy Innocents’ High School

by | Jun 22, 2022

Holy Innocents' High School

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All You Need To Know About Holy Innocents’ High School

Holy Innocents’ High School (HIHS) is a Singaporean Catholic school. The school, which was from 1892, offers secondary education leading to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level test in both the Express and Normal (Academic) streams, as well as the Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) streams to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level.

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Tao Nan School, one of Singapore’s first Chinese mission schools, was founded in 1892 as Holy Innocents High School. They teach the Bible and classical Chinese. The school’s name changed from Tao Nan to Holy Innocents’ High School in 1920. It denotes purity, sanity, and innocence. A two-floor building with a 12-classroom facility was 7.25 kilometres from Upper Serangoon Road in 1957.

Our Mission: 

To prepare students to be compassionate and moral citizens dedicated to serving God and society.

Our Vision: 

The Courage to Lead and the Compassion to Serve in a Christ-centered community.

Our Values: 


We recognise and recognise the importance of continuing to learn and improve.

We will not give up on our quest for greatness.


We endeavourneighboursutilisingcentred to be ethically decent in our words and actions.

We value truth and simplicity.


We value ourselves, others, and the environment.

We show our gratitude to our neighbours utilising,.,

Holy Innocents High School Auditorium

Co-curricular activities:

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) are a vital aspect of our students’ overall education at  Holy Innocents’ High School. Each student must attend one of the following CCAs:

  • The Group for Visual and Performing Arts
  • Sports Uniformed Teams
  • Societies and clubs

These activities allow kids to build leadership and life skills while connecting with their classmates and pursuing their interests and hobbies. Students will also find their interests and abilities while building values and competencies that equip them for a quickly changing world.


Holy Innocents Catholic Elementary School and College get linked with Holy Innocents High School. Students at Holy Innocents Elementary School who pass the PSLE and choose the high school as their first option in the deployment exercise will be able to attend high school. If a high school student chooses Catholic Junior College as their first option in the admissions process, they will receive extra points, subject to JC eligibility.

Holy Innocents High School Singapore

Important School Regulations:

  1. Singaporean students are to sing the national anthem and swear the oath. Students will take the promise by pressing their right fist on their chest.
  2. Students must wear the approved school uniform, allow with no changes.
  3. Male students must be well-groomed, clean-shaven, and have no facial hair.
  4. No weapons may get carried by any student. They are also not permitted to handle anything that resembles arms or is to hurt others.


Our faculty adopt an integrative approach to media education, grounded in the School’s Applied Learning Program in Journalism and Broadcasting, to educate our students to succeed in the twenty-first century. Students are taught and graded utilising numerous media tools and platforms in English lessons. In close collaboration with the national EL curriculum, our instructors collaborate in teams to construct courses and assessment activities for respective levels. The class is centeredrecognize recognise current concerns, and us, es the platform of multimodal literacy. It is necessary to develop their comprehension abilities and help them gain an awareness of the world around them by instilling essential moral values.


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