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Everything you need to know about the Hortpark

HortPark is a park-based one-stop gardening resource center that combines horticulture-related, recreational, educational, research, and retail activities. It also functions as a plant and gardening resource center, giving planting ideas and solutions a venue for the horticulture industry to exchange best practices and display garden designs, goods, and services. Hortpark is popular with gardeners, families, and community organizations looking for a peaceful place to unwind and also frequented by nature lovers who like exercising along the Southern Ridges.

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HortPark is a 22-acre (9-hectare) park and garden in Singapore’s southwest. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong cut the ribbon on it in December 2007.

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Features of HortPark:

The garden retail and workshop section of Greenhouse HortPark get divided into two halves: the garden retail and workshop area, which get located near the visitor’s service center, and the garden retail and workshop area, which get placed near the visitor’s service center. The Plant Story, which also runs a cafe on the property, is in charge of the garden shop. The Workshop section, on the other hand, is where HortPark holds its workshops.

Hort Centre:
This two-story structure, which also acts as the park’s visitor services center, is one of the park’s most prominent attractions. The Green Roof and the Lifestyle Corner are two of the gardening attractions. The flora-inspired furniture complements the residences by presenting internal landscaping and lifestyle gardening ideas, making them ideal for green roof planting.

Hands-On House:
Hands-on House is a laboratory with a secure outside display space. It is a comprehensive learning center with a classroom-like ambiance that is a must-see for everyone interested in health and wellness.

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Hort Lawn:
It is the hosting platform for various outdoor activities such as workshops, bazaars, and festivities, and it gets located near the Hort Center.

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Events at HortPark:

    • Through various fun-filled events like a marketplace, design competitions, and garden displays, the Annual Community Garden Festival honors Singapore’s gardeners’ enthusiasm and abilities.
    • A pleasant day activity is Gardener’s Day Out. It gets held to improve gardening skills and raise environmental awareness. Gardening Bazaars are also available at the event, with discounts and special deals on gardening items and equipment.

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Etiquettes and Tips:

    • Permission gets required for anyone who wants to have their BBQ or camp at one of HortPark’s authorized campsites.
    • Those who want to go running, skating, cycling, or using a personal mobility device should stay on the authorized tracks not to disturb other park visitors.
    • It’s critical to keep noise levels down so that people may enjoy the park’s tranquility.
    • Drones are not permitted to fly in all parks, so keep an eye out for ‘No Flying’ signs.
    • Smoking gets not permitted in the park; please follow the no-smoking signage.
    • Always properly dispose of trash and keep the park tidy.
    • If you’re traveling with a group, don’t bring more brochures than you need and divide them evenly to save waste.
    • Do not disturb any wildlife and keep a safe distance away from them at all times.
    • Dogs should not bring into nature reserves or parks because they scent to mark areas, disrupting the movement of natural wildlife.

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