Hougang Neighbourhood

by | Jun 10, 2022

Hougang Neighbourhood

hougang neighbourhood village

The Hougang Neighbourhood’s Best to Know

Hougang Neighbourhood today is a vast cry from what used to be pig-rearing fields and communities. Hougang is a Hokkien and Teochew name that means “river finish.” Stories from the past will tell you about the lively fishing villages and Chinese opera performances, jewels of neighbourhood classics that will warm your heart. Many landmarks survive alongside trendy new-age establishments that maintain this small town young at heart, although it has been undergoing redevelopment since 1977. Here’s the definitive Hougang Neighbourhood pocket guide to discovering Singapore if you’re looking for new experiences.

hougang neighbourhood

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is a must-see in Singapore’s Hougang Neighbourhood. This museum houses 2000 objects and artefacts relating to the evolution of living organisms, such as plant species, orchids, animal fossils, and human fossils. Thousands of people visit the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum each year.

hougang neighbourhood mall

Drunken Rabbits

5 Drunken Rabbits is one of the busiest bars/restaurants in Pasir Ris, Singapore, serving authentic Italian and Mexican light fare and a wide selection of wines. It offers outdoor seating as well as takeaway alternatives. Its full bar offers a wide selection of wines and light fare for an enjoyable family meal. This restaurant is also ideal for late-night food and exploring the nightlife. Travellers enjoy its authentic recipes.

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Café & Bar Wildseed

The Summerhouse, a well-known Seletar airport restaurant, has a cafe and bar. It’s on the first floor and makes for a great area to gather with family and friends for an evening get-together. It is a relaxed eatery that serves delicious food and a variety of unique alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink mixes. Pastries, cakes, and waffles are among the delectable cuisine options on the menu. The diners rave about the original Kaya Toast and freshly prepared coffee.

The Former Queen

It was known as Wembley Cinema and Ritz Cinema until being renamed Queen’s Theatre in 1939. From 1930 to 1982, it served as the main entertainment centre, with people flocking to see a movie or two.

Although it has now become a historical landmark with Palladian and Renaissance-style architecture, it nonetheless serves as a reminder of Britain’s colonial rule in the country.

hougang neighbourhood park

Coney Island Park

Another animal sanctuary in the Punggol region is Coney Island Park. Many flora and animals, including 80 different bird species, can be found in this wildlife reserve. This park is ideal for bird viewing because of its large variety of bird species. This ecological park prioritises water and energy conservation and natural resource recycling.

Dullers Point

It is a terrific hangout for card trading enthusiasts who meet for a couple of games and impromptu rendezvous to bond over games. It is one of the top attractions in Singapore. Meet with other card collectors and gamers, swap cards, and play games all day. On a Singapore holiday, the business also hosts regular game evenings.

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