Johor Bahru Singapore RTS link

by | Aug 18, 2022

Johor Bahru Singapore RTS Link

Singapore–Johor Bahru RTS Link map

The Johor Bahru Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS Link) is a transnational rapid transit system that will bridge the Strait of Johor to connect Woodlands, Singapore, and Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Johor Bahru Singapore RTS Link map will have two stops, with Bukit Chagar station serving as the Malaysian terminus and Woodlands North serving as the Singaporean terminus. Co-located customs, immigration, and quarantine will be available at both stations. 

After the KTM Intercity Shuttle Tebrau, the RTS Link will be the second rail connection between the two nations whenever it is constructed. The shuttle trains and railroad line connecting JB Sentral and Woodlands Train Checkpoint are anticipated by the RTS Link. The Malaysian section’s construction began on November 22, 2020, and the Singaporean section’s construction on January 22, 2021.

Planning and construction

When Singapore’s communications minister Mah Bow Tan stated that the Woodlands Extension, currently a part of the North-South line, would be built to facilitate such an extension, the idea of a Mass Rapid Transit between Singapore and Johor Bahru initially floated. Both nations supported and agreed on the idea’s basic concepts. The fast transit system was again reconsidered and suggested on May 24, 2010, at the Singapore-Malaysia Leaders’ Retreat. The  Singapore–Johor Bahru RTS Link map Causeway would be less congested and have better communication between the two countries thanks to the RTS will connect Tanjung Puteri, Johor Bahru, and Singapore. It intends to be in use by 2018.


The RTS Link, a light rapid transit line, is currently being planned and built between Singapore and Johor Bahru. The route is designed as a high-volume shuttle service that runs directly from Singapore’s Woodlands North station to Johor Bahru, Malaysia’s Bukit Chagar station. Colocate immigration facilities in Bukit Chagar and Woodlands North support the RTS Link. Before boarding the train, passengers must clear customs in both countries at their point of departure. The line anticipates opening by the end of 2026 due to planning stage delays. The project will likely cost RM10 billion (S$3.24 billion) in total.

Aligning the route

The Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) station with the same name is next to Woodlands North, where the RTS Link’s Singapore terminus is situated. The Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) station is connected to the Malaysian terminus at Bukit Chagar, which is close to JB Sentral. For passengers to clear customs of both nations at the moment of departure, co-located immigration facilities were constructed next to both terminus stations. The line is 4 kilometres long (1.3 km in Singapore and 2.7 km in Malaysia). Except for a brief subterranean portion going to Woodlands North station of the route was built on overground viaducts. North of Bukit Chagar station, in Wadi Hana, is where you’ll find the rail depot.


 Singapore and Malaysia decided to develop a Rapid Transit System Link between Johor Bahru and Singapore, boosting connectivity between the two nations, on May 24, 2010, at a Leaders’ Retreat attended by leaders both. With facilities for Customs, Inspection, and Quarantine located on the Singapore side rapid transit system link public transportation services in both Singapore and Johor Bahru. Singapore officially announced in June 2011 that the RTS Link’s terminus would be located in Woodlands North, where it will connect to the upcoming Thomson Line. 

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