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Exceptional Features Of Kallang Riverside Park

Kallang Riverside Park is a riverside park that is sometimes never known. Riverside Park, where Singapore’s longest river meets the Kallang Basin, is a serene refuge that most visitors pass through on their journey to and from Marina Bay and the Geylang, Kallang district.

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Stamford Raffles, the creator of modern Singapore, may have first arrived in Singapore in Kallang Riverside Park rather than the Raffles landing pad on the Singapore River.

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Raffles reportedly instructed his ship’s carpenter, Chow Ah Chi, to lead the way to plant the British East India Company flag on mainland Singapore and landed at the entrance of the Rochor River in Kallang, according to Cho Clan documents. On Chow’s route, Raffles also arrived at Kallang Basin is called Kallang Riverside Park.

Singapore’s 7-hectare park is a famous water sports destination. Gym equipment, as well as running and cycling pathways, are available as exercise facilities. The park is a 5-minute walk from Lavender MRT Station, 10-minutes from Kallang MRT Station, and 15-minutes from Stadium MRT Station or Nicoll Highway MRT Station. The park is within walking distance of bus stops on Kallang Road and Crawford Street. At the end of Kampong Bugis, there is a public car park.

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The eastern section of Kallang Riverside Park on the east bank of the Kallang River is not connected quickly to the rest of the park; park visitors may access the rest via the pathway at Sir Arthur’s Bridge along Geylang Road. A pedestrian bridge connects the center portion of the park (on the west bank of the Kallang River) to the west part of the park (on the west bank of the Rochor River); the latter is to the Paseo Maritimo and the Centro Marina.

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Gasworks Area:

Kallang Riverside Park is also the online home of the historic Kallang Gasworks. The Kallang Gasworks generated piped gas tanks for the country from 1862 to 1998. There used to be four gas tanks at Kallang Gas Works. The skeleton of the tanks can still be seen at the historic site today. Kallang Riverside Park is also home to the Kallang Rivergreen Building and has several restaurants and shops.

Originally, supplying gas tanks to a few street lights. Even if street lights were gradual with electricity, the preference for gas tanks remained strong due to the housing boom and the requirement for gas tanks for cooking and water heating. In 1997, Senoko Gasworks, often called CityGas, took over gas manufacturing in Singapore.


With various bird species in the region, especially during the migratory season from September to March, nature enthusiasts should look for tiny egrets and grey herons. Relax beneath a coconut tree, have a picnic, and enjoy the calm lake for those who want to avoid the rush and bustle of the city.

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Other activities:

Kallang Riverside Park is on both banks of the Kallang River and is a sanctuary for water sports lovers and adrenaline addicts. The park provides hours of pleasure on land and in the water with its exercise equipment, running and biking pathways, and water sports. Alternatively, dine in the park’s alfresco café or cheer on the players in the park’s water sports events. Anglers can cast their rods into designated fishing zones to catch their big catch.

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