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Kent Ridge Park is a historical park where one of the final battles for Singapore during World War II took place. It is a terrific spot for families and history fans to learn about our country’s background. The Bukit Chandu Museum, located at one end of the Canopy Walk, provides an opportunity to learn about WWII history. Visit the B memorial plaque get created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the conclusion of World War II and to remember the end of the Civil War. Warm up at one park’s 20 exercise stations before hitting the slopes. Kent Ridge Park is renowned among environmental enthusiasts for its natural greenery and diverse species.

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Kent Ridge Park is a 47-hectare public park between the National University of Singapore and the Singapore Science Park in Kent Ridge, Singapore. Because of its preserved ecosystem and diverse plant life, it is a favorite destination for bird watchers and eco-tourists.

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A natural pond filled with turtles and fish may be on the park’s east side near the valley. Sunbirds, doves, squirrels, alligators, and white-crested thrushes may be on the Canopy Walk, a 280-meter elevated walkway that links HortPark to Kent Ridge Park. You’ll hear chirping and insects buzzing as you wander the park’s meandering trails to the two ponds at the foot of the mountain, which are around the groves of Tembusu, Adinandras, and Dillenias. Alternatively, you may get magnificent views of offshore islands like Pulau Duran Darat from numerous locations. Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, HortPark, and Labrador Nature Reserve are all part of the Southern Ridges.


Reflections at Bukit Chandu, the only remaining black and white colonial bungalow at 31K Bukit Chandu, once used as accommodation for top British Army officers, has been refurbished and transformed into a WWII war museum honoring the war and those who perished fighting in it. There were two smaller homes under 31K at the time, but they were demolished in 1 to make space for a public parking lot. Outside the museum, there are three life-size sculptures and a plaque honoring the Malayan regiment and commemorating the lives of the fallen.

The Pasir Panjang Historic District includes Kent Ridge Park, Labrador Park, and the War Museum and is on the World War II battleground in western Singapore. They memorialize a crucial part of Singapore’s modern history, together with Fort Siloso in Sentosa and The Battle Box on Fort Canning. A memorial depicting the region where the 1942 Battle of Pasir Panjang took place is near the top of the ridge.

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The National Parks Board manages the park, which is available to the public daily. Except for the War Museum, admission is free. The park is accessible by Vigilante Drive and Pepys Road off Pasir Panjang Road. Most of the park’s remaining natural area is secondary forest, which contains flora endemic to Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia as tembusu, Angsana, white-leaf fig, pulai, Singapore rhododendron, pitcher plant, cicada, and aerial simpoh.

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