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by | May 25, 2022

Kheng Cheng School

Kheng Cheng School Logo

How Kheng Cheng School Developing The Students?

Madam Lim Peng Tuan, the school’s founder, arrived at Shrewsbury Road, a rural region bordering Newton and Moulmein, in 1910 and established the school. Madam Lim was approached by a scholar, Mr Tan Cheo Teng, in 1922 about starting a school. She accepted because she viewed this as an opportunity to impart education to the youngsters in the neighbourhood. Although she had only a few years of education and was not affluent, education was the only way out of poverty. Madam Lim named her school  Kheng Cheng School, which means “to raise the youths” in Teochew. It is a name that continues to inspire us to this day.

International Chess

The  Kheng Cheng School International Chess Club emphasises character values such as tenacity, perseverance, and respect fostered through competitions and interactions among club members. In the early 1990s, the Chess Club found intend to foster intellectual games. Chess, a ‘thinking’ game, helps members develop tenacity, self–discipline, and self–confidence. It also requires players to practise logical decision-making and reasoning. Members have the opportunity to reach new heights of excellence through an enjoyable learning process. At the Nationals, compete in the Individual and Team Chess tournaments, representing the school.

Culture and Language in English

The EL Adventurers’ Club strives to pique students’ interest in English language learning through exciting and engaging activities, to improve oracy and confidence in public speaking.

The Club objectives are to:

  • through fun and engaging activities, instil a passion and appreciation for the English language
  • give kids a platform to express their personal opinions and creative abilities

Writing fractured fairy tales, producing short movies, cooking and writing recipes, and playing instructive word games are a few things that engage. Students can also compete in public speaking competitions and engage in school events.

ECG Programme

The Educate. Cultivate. Guide (ECG) programme at KCS focuses on preparing our students to excel in the twenty-first century. The ECG@KCS programme is a school-wide initiative. School-based CCE sessions, KCS students will complete an ECG module each semester. It is to help our students prepare for an unpredictable future. The courses raise awareness of new and developing occupations skills and dispositions required for them.

The following are the elements of our strategy:

  • Educate yourself on the many vocations available in Singapore.
  • Cultivate: Recognize and cultivate personal traits such as hobbies, skills/aptitudes, and values.
  • Be assisted in understanding the many skill sets required in the field of work.

Cub Scouts

In January 2016, KCS launched the Kheng Cheng Kestrel Cub Scout Unit, ushering in a new era in history. Scouting instils sound ideals and life skills that contribute to a person’s complete development. Scouting places a strong focus on duty and service. We teach our Cub Scouts to accomplish a good deed every day and through service while remembering the Scout Promise and Law. We believe in delivering a quality programme to our Cub Scouts through a variety of activities are fruitful, productive, and meaningful. Through fun and action, we hope to prepare every Cub Scout to confront the challenges future. Scouts have several opportunities to lead, collaborate, and serve others.

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