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by | May 25, 2022

Kong Hwa School

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Imagine How Kong Hwa School Provide Education To Students

The Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (SHHK) established the Kong Hwa School in 1953. The SHHK committee members realised the critical need for education and the severe shortage of schools in Singapore shortly after the Japanese occupation. The school locate on Guillemard Road, where it first opened.

After Lee Kong Chian donated a $300,000 personal donation, Kong Hwa School renamed ‘Kong Chian School.‘ The Chinese adage ” (gung qián yù hu), which means that the school wants its pupils to be top achievers, preserve their ancestors’ honour, and do things for the benefit of future generations, was used further justify and support the name.

Physical Education Programs

PE lessons meant to be entertaining and robust kids, gain knowledge, attitude, and abilities as fundamental as throwing and catching, various folk dances and games concepts, to ensure that every Kong Hwa School is physically active and fit. As they play, dance, exercise, and engage with their classmates, students learn to live and display values such as fair play, sportsmanship, teamwork and for others, addition to mastering motions, dance, and rhythm. PE does play a crucial role in the pupils’ overall holistic development, paving the way for them to be inspired and led to live a healthy and active lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

Carnival Sports in PE 

Carnival provides a venue for students to expose to a range of sports and games not offered at school. The students can use the fundamentals and game abilities they learned in PE class to play the games. Aside from having a good time, morals are emphasised throughout the game to foster good sportsmanship.

The following sports and games have been hand-picked for each of the levels.

  • P1 – Golf
  • P2 – Bowling
  • P3 – Tchoukball
  • P4 – Inline Skating
  • P5 – Sports Chanbara
  • P6 – Bossaball

The Department of Pupil Management 

 Provide a holistic education Pupil Management Department seeks to develop the moral, social, and emotional dimensions. The following are primary foci of the Pupil Management department in developing the moral; social, and emotional domains of pupils:

A holistic approach to health and happiness

  • The well-being of the kid is a requirement for learning
  • growth and development that is healthy
  • early intervention and prevention


  • a healthy and safe learning environment

Citizenship And Personality Education

The CCE curriculum strives to instil values and develop social and emotional capabilities in our kids so they can succeed in a rapidly changing and globalised world. It helps children grow by teaching them about the values that define Singapore society and encouraging them to care about the world they live in and show empathy in their interactions with others.

Identity, Relationships, and Choices big themes that students learn about when it comes to values. These are dispersed among six domains, starting with the individual and progressing to the family, school, community, nation, and world. CCE Guidance Modules – Education and Career Guidance (ECG), Sexuality Education, and Cyber Wellness (CW) – also cater to students’ social-emotional and developmental needs.

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