Kovan MRT

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Kovan MRT

kovan mrt entrance

Everything you need to know about the Kovan MRT

Kovan MRT Station is an underground station on the Singapore North-East Line of Mass Rapid Transit. The station is in the southern portion of Hougang, near the former Hougang South Bus Interchange and a neighborhood mall called Heartland Mall. The previous bus interchange ended operations in February 2004 when the station opened, and its services get relocated to Hougang Central Bus Interchange. Eng Tow The Trade-Off gets featured in Kovan MRT station. These are topographical maps of Kovan from 1945 to the current day get exhibited on the floor to show the progress accomplished.

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Meta description:

Kovan MRT station, like the other NEL stations, is an underground MRT station on the North-East Line (NEL) in Hougang, Singapore. It opened on June 20, 2003.


    • Platform A: North East Line through NE12CC13 Serangoon to NE1CC29 HarbourFront
    • Platform B: North East Line through NE14 Hougang to NE17PTC Punggol

Both platforms at Kovan station are used for trains traveling in either direction, forming an island platform configuration. The air-conditioned station is isolated from the tunnel environment by full-height Platform screen doors, which improve commuter safety and station comfort. Because the concourse level extends around the platform, the ceiling is two stories high at the platform level. The concourse is accessible through escalators, stairs, and elevators. Expected train arrival times and dominant messages get shown on Passenger Information Systems, which are plasma display panels positioned at each platform.


General Ticketing Machines, like Top-up Machines, let commuters buy tickets for single or many travels and accept cash, NETS, and credit cards. The bulk of Kovan inhabitants are wealthy and have access to credit cards. While cash top-ups get no longer permitted at Passenger Service Centres as of December 1, 2017, the Passenger Service Centres at Kovan MRT Station get converted to staff rooms. It is the eighth stop where you will interact with conventional ticketing machines.

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Art in Transit:

The Trade-Off by Eng Tow:
The focus of this unique piece, which juxtaposes topographical maps from 1945 and now, is progress and what it has meant for Kovan. These Kovan maps, one agricultural and the other portraying expressways and future constructions, get fashioned from stone inlays on the station floor. Cartographic markings on the station floor supplement these maps.

Shelter for Civil Defense:
Kovan NEL station is one of thirteen Civil Defence (CD) shelters along the North-East Line that will activate in the event of a national emergency. The stations are constructed and supplied with facilities to guarantee that the shelter environment is comfortable for all shelters during their stay. Protective blast doors, decontamination facilities, ventilation systems, power and water supply systems, and a dry toilet system are among the features available.

potong pasir mrt station

Station Services:

    • Street Level Public Toilets,
    • Concourse Level Exit A Retail Shops
    • Street Level Bicycle Racks


Three exits (A, B, and C) go to the ground level at Kovan MRT Station, but two are barrier-free for the disabled. It features a continuous 24-hour underpass.

A: Upper Serangoon Road
B: Upper Serangoon Road
C: Heartland Mall, Kovan Market & Food Centre

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