Marsiling Neighbourhood

by | Jun 12, 2022

Marsiling Neighbourhood

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Want To Know About The  Marsiling Neighbourhood?

The Marsiling Neighbourhood environment, like most of Malaysia’s neighbouring regions, was occupied by settlements in the surrounding area and was densely forested with gambier and rubber plantations. In the late 1980s, commercial urbanisation began in Marsiling. 

Marsiling Villa inspires; wealthy businessman Lim Nee Soon’s personal property (the namesake of yet another Singaporean estate, Yishun) to turn to influence Lim’s homeland, Maxi village in Guangdong province, China.

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Stay in Marsiling

Marsiling Neighbourhood is still considered a symbol of the traditional Singaporean lifestyle, despite years of modernisation. Despite its higher than average population density, the housing apartments are nevertheless seen as a large and more affordable option than modern HDB homes.

The Housing Development Board (HDB) began rehabilitating ageing apartment towers in the late 1990s. Residents of Marsiling are given the option to renovate the estate with shaded pathways, amphitheatres, re-tiling of void decks, and upgraded playgrounds as part of the Interim Upgrading Program. It included not the building of new elevators to serve every floor but the addition of an extra room at the back end.

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Marsiling – Consume

Most Singaporeans don’t visit the Marsiling neighbourhood until they’re on to JB in Malaysia. The neighbourhood is close to the Woodlands Checkpoint restaurant selections competitive in Malaysia in terms of pricing. Many of these remain hidden in the cosy confines of HDB complexes, while the well-known ones have revealed online foody.

At 19 years old, Hong Ji Claypot Bak Kut Teh Marsiling Lane is a low-cost pork dish with a sweet, herbaceous flavour. The stand sells steaming bowls of pig soup scented with Chinese angelica root, often known as dang gui. Citrus By The Pool, located at Woodlands Swimming Complex, is a welcoming cafe.

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Drinking – Marsiling

Cheval Cafe Bar Bistro is a European cafe set against a scene of lush vistas and galloping horses that offers the most soothing ambience to chill in. The establishment takes drinking culture seriously, with live music, darts, a pool table, and an enormous drink menu. Rabbit Owl Depot is so well-known for its waffles that they offer waffle and pancake batter in pints and house-made gelato. Slurp ice cream in the cafe and perhaps select a flavour to complement a drink. It includes a Chai Latte Chocolate flavour produced in collaboration with Bondi Chai Singapore. Keep an eye out for seasonal flavours like Mandarin Orange Gelato.

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Move – Marsiling

Marsiling benefits from the many transit options available in the area as a suburb of Woodlands. Marsiling serves by both buses and the MRT and is located along Woodlands Avenue 3 and next to the North-South line’s Woodland’s expansion bracket.

Marsiling’s location at the crossroads of rural Kranji and urban Woodlands justifies its unique bus lines that serve not only the city the western districts of Singapore, including Bukit Panjang and, by extension, Bukit Timah Road.

The estates of Marsiling are served by bus services 170 and 160 before heading into Malaysia via the checkpoint.

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