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The National Institution of Singapore (NUS) is Singapore’s flagship university, a renowned global university centred in Asia that offers a worldwide approach to teaching and research, concentrating on Asian views and expertise.

It has a comprehensive curriculum that includes multidisciplinary courses and cross-faculty enrichment. With their different social and cultural viewpoints, over 38,000 students from 100 countries enhance the community. NUS also aims to foster a friendly and inventive atmosphere in its community to encourage creative business.

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The National University of Singapore is renowned for high-impact research in life sciences, biomedicine, engineering, social sciences, and natural sciences.


NUS is home to three of National University of Singapore five Research Centres of Excellence (RCE), focusing on mechanobiology, quantum technologies, cancer, and water, and a partner in a fourth RCE focusing on environmental life sciences and engineering. The Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) and the Worldwide Alliance of Research Universities are two international academic and research networks in NUS participating (IARU).


We have developed an integrated research method at NUS, which brings together scholars from several domains.

We have created eight integrative research clusters using the combined strength of our faculties, schools, research institutes, and centres: health innovation; ageing; energy, environmental, and urban sustainability; risk management and financial system resilience; smart nation; materials research; ocean and offshore research; and Asian studies.

NUS houses three of Singapore’s five Research Centres of Excellence (RCEs), focusing on quantum technologies, cancer, and mechanobiology, and is a partner in a fourth RCE focused on environmental life sciences and engineering.

In 2019, NUS research received over S$750 million in funding and produced over 10,000 research papers.


To Make the most of NUS’ outstanding employer reputation and the career help we provide our students and graduates through the Centre for Future-ready Graduates and lifelong learning programs.

Is there any financial help or scholarships available to overseas students?

NUS is one of Singapore’s most prestigious educational institutions. The institution has created many scholarship programs to assist domestic and international students. Although there are a limited amount of foreign student scholarships available, the university covers the vital of its applicants.

Highlights of NUS Scholarships

Approximately 90% of all NUS scholarships get meant to cover the entire tuition cost or a portion of it. The majority of scholarships are given to students after they are accepted. Note qualified research students get advised of their status in May or October, depending on their admission cycle.

Services for students

The Office of Student Affairs takes advantage of every opportunity to provide and support the NUS student community in all aspects of student life outside of the classroom, including student services, housing admission, and residential life, student organisations, student leaders’ training, community engagement, integration and service-learning, student support and wellness, and disability support.

Housing assistance

Residential Colleges (which offer a residential living experience intertwined with unique academic programs), 

Halls of Residence (known for their rich co-curricular activities and experiential learning outside the classroom), and 

Student Residences are the three types of residential options available to full-time NUS students (opportunities to participate actively in campus-wide activities and interact with peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures).

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