Orchid Park Secondary School

by | Jun 24, 2022

Orchid Park Secondary School

Orchid Park Secondary School Logo

Know About The Departments In Orchid Park Secondary School

Orchid Park Secondary School got founded on the grounds of Woodlands Ring Secondary School in January 1999. The pioneers had a stellar staff of 16 people and a student body of 360 people. The principal and teaching staff established a lofty vision and a noble goal to set the path for the new school on these premises, driven by a strong sense of purpose.

The Orchid Park Secondary School 4As – Attendance, Attentiveness, Assignments, and Attire – encompassed core ideals. The historic relocation to the school’s premises at No.10, Yishun Street eighty-one took place on Monday, September 13th, 1999, with the foundation solidly in place.

Orchid Park Secondary School, already known for its outstanding discipline, was about to take off, guided by – the school’s – modest yet powerful slogan, “Onward and Persevere.”

Orchid Park Secondary School Entrance

Enterprise Initiatives

The ART ROCK CAFÉ, the school’s first foray into the world, opened its doors on 13 – April – 2002. Art Rock Café’s speciality was bubble tea, which was popular. It’s a small company run by students after school. THE WARDROBE, which has a massive collection of period and dance costumes available for loan to other schools, is another example of the school’s entrepreneurial spirit.

The mission of the Department of Craft and Technology

To provide a learning environment that fosters self-directed lifelong learning, creativity and invention, resourcefulness, and accountability. With the recent focus on innovation, students are encouraged and guided to investigate the potential for innovation while using their creative skills. 

The following are the basic principles that guide the teaching of literature:

Orchid Park Secondary School Classroom

1. Personal Relationships

Students get taught to talk about, enjoy, and value the materials they read. Students’ interactions in the classroom are structured to allow them to engage with texts, generate individual responses – chat – discuss and analyse other points of view and views.

2. Appreciation of Criticism

Students get taught how to apply crucial abilities to critical reading and writing – and how to produce critique answers – get supported by textual evidence.

3. Meaningful Relationships

Students are encouraged to make – connections between literary texts and their own life, the world around them, and other texts. Students – were given opportunities to engage with a wide range of literary texts throughout the three genres of prose, poetry, and drama, set and written in various situations and from many regions of the world, to enable the above and develop a love of literature.

Orchid Park Secondary School Ground

The mission of the Department of Mother Tongue

Students who get connected to their Mother Tongue cultures and are comfortable conversing in their Mother Tongue languages will – get nurtured.

The Mother Tongue Languages department aims to instil a passion for their mother tongue languages and cultures in our students by immersing them in a welcoming learning atmosphere and providing them – with high-quality language education.

About the Department of Physical Education

Orchid Park Secondary School’s PE curriculum gets designed to help students develop motor skills and fundamental values to learn, participate in, and enjoy various physical activities and sports. Every kid can continue to participate in and pursue physical activities and sports of their interest and ability if they have a variety of physical competencies.

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