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Pasir Ris Park has long been a popular weekend destination in the East. It’s no surprise that the park has always been a favourite for weekend getaways and vacation retreats, thanks to its lovely beachfront environment, adequate shade provided by old trees, and a nice breeze coming in from the shoreline.

The Pasir Ris Park Playground locates in the park stretch in front of Elias Road. It is accessible by the vehicular route or the Sungei Api Api connector. The Pasir Ris Park Playground, like the park located, is quite large. Each play area gives a sneak peek into the next, promising something fresh to explore and find just over the rise.


Meta Description

Pasir Ris Park is a seaside park in Singapore’s eastern district. It is 70 hectares in size and partially built on reclaimed land.


On August 23, 1986, the park’s first stage officially opened. This part on the theme “Children’s Holiday” cost S$500,000 to construct and was designed for children of various ages, with different types of equipment for each age group.  The park had already attracted more visitors, particularly youngsters, official opening. Work on Fair Weather Sunday, which spans 32 hectares (79 acres), began in 1988. A vantage point, picnicking facilities and a mangrove area with wooden boardwalks include designed for less taxing activities strolling. The end of the 1980s, the park expanded to include a maze and Phase 4, a 7.7-hectare (19-acre) area.


The throne of the hill

The centrepiece of the Pasir Ris Park playground is a hill surrounded contour lines. A polygonal rope climbing apparatus is at the summit of the slope. 

Red climbing ropes adhere to the blue frame of the tower like a spiderweb.

Climbers reach the summit rewards with a silver serpentine slide that transports them from the structure’s top to the bottom of the slope. A brilliant red, rectangular rope tunnel can found on the slope. On one end, it smartly makes the hill’s slope, while on the other, it has a sloped climbing net. Another bridge made of rope and metallic poles is available for the kids to try.

A terraced knoll faces the hill. Three entrances have been equipped with brightly coloured climbing grips to assist small children in reaching the knoll’s summit. Two slides enable a rapid return to the knoll’s base after you’ve arrived.

An octet of tubular pipes runs between the hills. The historic Rope Pyramid, an emblem of Pasir Ris Park Playground in the past, sits tiredly beneath a canopy of trees behind these.

Playground for Transportation

A soft foam-floored play area locates next to the “King of the Hill” play area. Vehicles and all things in motion are the focus here. There’s a spring swing disguised as a hydroplane, a spaceship impatiently awaiting a crew of young astronauts.

The primary play structure in the area is also equipped with a steering wheel and dashboard for imaginative play, continuing the vehicular/transport motif. There are also two see-saws, one with four seats and other with two seats

 and two climbing structures. The Transport Playground goes well with an earlier one just up the hill transport with a sailing ship and a cheerful-looking fire engine.


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