Punggol Primary School

by | May 27, 2022

Punggol Primary School

Punggol Primary School Singapore

Types Of Education In The Punggol Primary School

Performance, excellence, and achievement are all represented by the star symbol. The shape is of a human body springing forward, implying a dynamic leap in response to societal changes in Punggol Primary School. Self-discipline, Teamwork, Affection, and Responsibility are the four essential values of our institution. Patience importantly, passion and resolve – the foundations of pride represent the heart. To represent the desire to exceed expectations portion of the heart edges out of the star.

Meta Description

The former Hai Sing Girls’ High School transformed into Punggol Primary School in January 1995. The school relocated to its current location in March 1998 

Home-based education

Home-based Learning (HBL) is a critical component of our kids’ education. The goal of HBL is to help students become self-directed learners who are in charge of their education. It also ensures that learning continues in the event of a scheduled or unplanned school closure. To this end, our school is dedicate to providing the resources necessary for our students to have a positive learning environment at home in Punggol Primary School. Our teachers use the Active Learning Framework to create engaging Asynchronous and Synchronous lessons that allow students to continue communicating with teachers and peers. We use the Student Learning Space (SLS) as our core e-learning platform and supplement it with other tools.


Transform teaching and learning to meet the needs of the twenty-first century. We think that outstanding teaching and learning is the foundation for instilling a love of learning. A well-designed and well-enacted lesson that can encourage our students to interact and create with one another while simultaneously empowering them to learn independently will allow for not quality learning but fun. Technology provides us with numerous chances to assist the required level of quality teaching and learning, in which learning can occur at any time, place, pace, or path. Our students develop into Future-ready and Responsible Digital Learners a result of procedure.

Ambassadors for Cyber Wellness

The Cyber Wellness Ambassadors’ responsibilities include:

  • As a responsible online user set an example for others to follow.
  • Create authentic items to share with their classmates to teach and advocate.

Our ambassadors are hired and taught starting at the P3 level and progressing through the P6. Students have learned ICT knowledge a result of COVID-19, but they are still vulnerable to online threats and risks. As a result, the training online provides the ambassadors with the necessary sensitivity and attentiveness in dealing with these threats. Students continually reminded to exemplify their activities online and offline, guided by the Cyber Wellness Principles of Sense – Think – Act. Our teachers have switched the training to an online format using Zoom and SLS.

Physical Education Program

Physical education provides a real-world context for young children and adolescents to learn and practise 21st Century Competencies (21CC), values, and aspirations that aid in character development. As a result, Punggol Primary School’s physical education programme includes: As students work on common goals and complete activities, they have the opportunity to form emotional and social bonds. As they combine attitude and value formation with behavioural change, students can feel a strong social bonding with others and a sense of closeness with the environment.

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