Rochor MRT

by | Jun 8, 2022

Rochor MRT

rochor mrt corridor

Everything You Should Know About  Rochor MRT

The Rochor MRT station is an underground MRT station in Rochor, Singapore, on the Downtown Line (DTL). 

The station locates between Sungei Road and Rochor Canal Road and serves places like Sim Lim Square, The Verge, LASALLE College of the Arts, and Tekka Centre. SBS Transit is in charge of the station.

When the DTL Stage 2 (DTL2) was revealed in July 2008 station was initially announced. The station’s construction, which began in 2009, was one of the DTL’s critical projects, requiring repeated realignments of major highways and the Rochor Canal while being built in soft coastal clay. Architects61 designed the station, which opened on December 27, 2015, alongside the DTL2 stations.

rochor mrt concourse  

About Rochor MRT 

It served sections of the bustling Bugis, Rochor, and Little India districts and was built beneath Sungei Road and Rochor Canal Road. Shopping malls, office, and retail mixed-use complexes, restored shophouses, and LASALLE College of the Arts are all close to the station. Diverting the Rochor Canal and erecting the station underneath the future North-South Corridor and Rochor Canal presented substantial engineering hurdles.

rochor mrt


On July 15, 2008, the Rochor MRT station was part of the Downtown line Stage 2 (DTL2) project. In June 2009, SsangYong Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd was awarded Contract 921 for the design and construction of Rochor station and tunnels for S$803.3 million (US$552.3 million). The station’s construction is set to begin in the third quarter of 2009, with a 2015 completion date. Because of the project’s complexity, this contract was one of the most expensive to be awarded on the DLT2 project. The Rochor Canal, which previously ran between Rochor Canal Road and Sungei Road, was temporarily redirected to a 150-metre (490-foot) canal box construction.

rochor mrt stairs  

Station layout

The ceiling patterns serve as navigational aids for the station.

The station, designed by Architects61, was intended to be functional but aesthetically beautiful, blending in with its surroundings and serving as a paradigm of modern transportation infrastructure. The station’s platform and ceiling pattern are inspired by the interior of a circuit board, with the digital lines indicating “fluidity” and “dynamism” due to its location in an area recognised for the arts and technology. With directional lines etched into the design, the ceiling patterns serve as wayfinding features. The open design facilitates movement and improves the visibility of the platform and concourse. The entrances are also integrated with other kinds of transit to promote public transportation.

rochor mrt lift  

Station design

LASALLE College of the Arts students were commissioned to create an artwork Tracing Memories of the MRT’s Art-in-Transit Program, which displayed the shaft station’s lift. Local vintage objects were drawn using pencils, mono-printing, or digitally assembled to mimic a motherboard in the artwork bought at the neighbouring Thieves’ Market. The artwork creates to balance modern technology with the sentimentality for tradition and history that Singapore’s younger people felt.

Station Services

  • DTL concourse public restrooms
  • DTL Concourse Retail Shops
  • ATMs
  • Station exits have bike racks.

rochor mrt station facade  

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