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Seletar TMC initially began holding services at Seletar Air Base. Sunday school, WSCS, MYF, and worship services were all held at the church. At Seletar Air Base, Rev. S.S. Bakiyanathan and Rev. Subramaniam from the Tamil Methodist Church founded the Seletar Tamil Methodist Church.

The Lord has graciously provided us with a place of worship at St. Georges Chapel on Changi Loyang Avenue since 2005. We also like to recognise and to Rev. Lona Khoo, a former pastor of the Living Hope Methodist Church, who helped make the transition to St. Georges Chapel possible. Since 2005, we have been worshipping Changi.


Every Sunday, our service begins at 8 a.m. Rev. Prabhu, Rev. Vinson Samuel, Pastor T. Jeevanantham, Rev. C. Saravanan, and Rev. James Nagulan were the pastors chosen. The Singapore Land Authority is owner of the church properties (SLA). The SLA has two co-tenants: Maranatha Presbyterian Church and Seletar Tamil Methodist Church.At Bethesda Bedok Tampines Church in 2013, with the assistance of the former bishop Dr Rev. Robert Solomon, we launched Bedok Preaching Point. Every Sunday, the worship session begins at 5 o’clock. At the preaching point, some development seen in Seletar Tamil Methodist Church.

Sunday scholastic

The only objective of the children’s ministry is every youngster in God’s Word. The professor focuses on making the students genuinely understand the rich teachings behind each Bible tale and each Biblical figure examined, maintaining Proverbs 22:6 as their primary motivation. Worship children are introduced to various new songs and regularly remember Bible scriptures. The ministry serves people from the age of two to eighteen. While preteens engage in Biblical character studies, preschoolers engage in activities like singing, colouring, and artwork. Through engaging lessons focused on one specific book of the Bible at a time, the teenagers delve into the Word.

Young Methodists Fellowship (MYF)

As the young adults join postsecondary institutions and consider life-changing decisions regarding careers and lifestyles, the youth ministry continues the work of the children’s ministry. Through twice-weekly Bible studies that offer a forum for participatory discussion on topics near and dear to their hearts, the youngsters given the skills necessary to make wise decisions in light of their identity as Christians. From 13 to 25 years old, this ministry serves youngsters.

Society of Christian Service for Women

At Tamil Methodist Church, Short Street, the Women’s Society of Christian Service actively participates in church activities. All females are welcome to partake in society’s different activities.

While the programmes may range from fundraising activities to missions trips, Bible studies to Bible quizzes aim to encourage all women to pursue active and satisfying Christian lives as they take on numerous roles as caregivers, breadwinners, daughters, mothers, and wives.

Formation & Nurture

All of the Scripture inspired by God and is used for reproof, instruction, correction, and training in righteousness so that the man of God may be skilled and prepared for every good task. Through Christian Fellowship and Education, Discipleship and Nurture (D&N) support the believer’s personal and spiritual development. Children who attend Sunday school learn about, develop a love for, and strengthen their faith. Youth Bible studies held regularly.

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