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Sengkang General Hospital is a public hospital in Sengkang, Singapore.

Sengkang General Hospital (abbreviated as SKH) is a governmental hospital in Singapore. The 1000-bed hospital opened on August 18, 2018, and it primarily serves the people of northeast Singapore, including Sengkang, Punggol, Hougang, and Pasir Ris. Sengkang Health is in charge of the facility.

The hospitals, which provide regular hospital services as well as community-based care, are part of Singapore’s master plan to ensure that all Singaporeans have access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. Sengkang General Hospital also collaborates with primary care doctors, polyclinics, and intermediate and long-term care providers to give people in northeast Singapore with more community-based treatment.

Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) is an important element of Singapore’s master plan to deliver high-quality, accessible treatment for the region’s healthcare requirements.

SKH is a SingHealth acute care hospital that offers a broad range of specialized clinics and is co-located with Sengkang Community Hospital. SKH’s team of doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals practice multi-disciplinary and team-based care, providing patients with a seamless transition from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitative and community care, all delivered in a healing environment, in keeping with our mission of achieving better health together.

We also work with polyclinics, general practitioners, and other healthcare providers to provide longer-term care for chronic disease management through follow-ups with patients and ensuring timely and appropriate access to specialist care for acute and complex cases as part of the hospital’s efforts to provide integrated care for patients.

Residents in the north-east now have easy access to national specialty services closer to home, thanks to a collaboration between SKH and the National Heart Centre, National Cancer Centre, Singapore National Eye Centre, National Dental Centre Singapore, National Neuroscience Institute, and KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.


The Sengkang General Hospital was initially announced in 2011 at a Committee of Supply (COS) address by the then-Minister of Health, Mr Khaw Boon Wan.

The original completion date was set for 2020, however in December 2011, Minister of Health Mr Gan Kim Yong said that it will be pushed back two years to 2018. The hospital’s groundbreaking ceremony took place on October 27, 2013.

Sengkang General Hospital had its formal inauguration on March 23, 2019.

Sengkang General Hospital was built just for you and your family.

We have a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare specialists that are passionate about providing treatment and empowering individuals to take charge of their own health and healthcare. You will get seamless and continuous care at our hospital campus, from initial diagnosis through treatment and follow-up, as well as longer-term rehabilitative care, all in a healing atmosphere. We collaborate with healthcare partners to offer better care for you and your family outside of the hospital.

We want all Singaporeans, young and old, to have access to high-quality community care. We do a lot of things to keep people well and healthy, and one of them is preventive health. Our healthcare goal includes not just treating but also avoiding illnesses. We want to help people live longer and healthier lives. We solicited citizens’ opinion in the north-east on what they would want to see in a hospital before even building the groundwork for the facilities. We solicited community comments on hospital design, learned about residents’ healthcare requirements, and had meaningful discussions that helped us build an integrated hospital development that actually meets the community’s needs.

We concentrated on creating a hospital that is centered on prevention and extends beyond medical treatment. Our purpose, “Better Health Together,” and vision, “Healthy Living. Fulfilling Life,” were created to lead and keep us on the correct track. From ‘I’ to ‘WE’ – from Illness to Wellbeing – our care philosophy is centered on prevention and wellness.

Our objective is supported through community participation, health awareness campaigns, educational programs, and screening initiatives. Even before the hospital opens its doors, the hospital team has formed collaborations with community-based organizations, general practitioners, and other healthcare partners in the northeast to promote healthy lifestyles and raise awareness about preventative care. Additionally, during health screenings and roadshows held at community centers and faith-based organizations such as mosques and churches, our physicians and healthcare team have given health lectures on the treatment of chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

We’re thrilled to be your healthcare partner, supporting and collaborating with you on your path to better health!

Clinical Governance at Sengkang General Hospital: Safety, Quality, and Standards

Clinical governance is the process of collectively monitoring and analyzing the quality of patient care with the goal of achieving long-term improvement. Clinical Governance at Sengkang General Hospital is based on our objective and vision as an organization: to improve the quality of life in the North-east by supporting in the delivery of comprehensive, informed, and comforting care in the community.

Clinical Review Program: The clinical review team examines clinical notes and alerts departments to concerns with patient safety and quality of treatment. The clinical review program strives to enhance patient care procedures and serves as a method for reducing clinical risks and ensuring that protections against poor treatment are in place.

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