Simei MRT

by | Jun 5, 2022

Simei MRT

simei mrt entrance

Simei MRT: Everything You Need To Know About Them

The East-West Line’s Simei MRT Station (EW3) is an above-ground station (EWL). It is situated in the same-named planning subzone, in the heart of the Simei housing development, between Simei Street 1 and Simei Street 3.

Simei station, and the estate it serves, is a Pinyin romanization of four Chinese beauties, each named after one of four ancient Chinese ladies. The Pan-Island Expressway – the two estates got carved out of Tampines South in the 1980s. The station serves the Simei estate’s population, providing access to nearby commercial malls (Eastpoint), community amenities (such as Changi General Hospital), schools, and housing projects. Other portions of the estate get served by passing-through bus routes.

Meta Description:

Tampines South was the name of the area before the station got built. Simei MRT was renamed Tampines South in 1985, just before the station opened in 1989. 


The Simei MRT gets renamed to reflect its new location, which was within the Simei estate. The station lacked platform screen doors, as did other above-ground stations erected during the East-West line’s initial construction. Half-height Platform screen doors got – put into service on 3 July 2011 after successful testing at Jurong East, Yishun, and Pasir Ris stations. In 2011, the platform’s ceiling got also fitted with high-volume – low-speed fans.

East-West Line (L3) Platforms:

Simei station features an island platform configuration with two elevated East-West Line platforms. For the safety of commuters, half-height Platform screen doors are erected at the platform edge and retrofitted with High volume, low speed (HVLS) fans to keep people calm. A barrel vault roof style – like most on the Eastern side of the East-West Line, provides for a roomy interior that is easy to maneuver.

Expected train arrival times and messages get shown on Passenger Information Systems, which are plasma display panels positioned at each platform. Tactile flooring aids the sight-impaired in getting from the platform to the station exits.


Faregates for automatic fee collection and offers access between the station’s paid and unpaid sectors, including at least one bidirectional wide-swinging gate for passengers in wheelchairs, carrying heavy objects, or those traveling with prams.

Commuters can buy tickets for single or many travels through General Ticketing Machines, like TransitLink Add Value Machines, accept contactless card transactions. The station office serves as a Passenger Service Centre, where commuters may inquire about travel options.

  • Station Services
  • Ticket Concourse (L2) and Ground Level Retail Shops (L1)
  • Ground-level Public Toilets (L1)
  • Ground-level ATMs and self-service machines
  • Station exits have bike racks.

Simei MRT station is an above-ground MRT station on the East-West line in the Tampines planning area of Singapore, located in the heart of the Simei housing development, bordered by Simei Street 1, Simei Street 3, and adjacent to Eastpoint Mall. Simei, a residential area inside Tampines New Town, is served by this station.

Simei station, and the estate it serves, is a Pinyin romanization of four Chinese beauties, which got named after four ancient Chinese ladies.

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